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Rachelle Lefevre had a short interview on E!News.  An official clip was not availble.  But there is a recording of it on youtube.

Kaleb, the Twilight guy has posted a video blog page of his journey through reading the books.  Be sure to read his wonderful tribute to Stephenie as the Ultimate Mom (Make a comment and tell him what you think!)  as well as some of his favorite comments leading up to the article.  For those of you who missed our Salute to the Twilight Guy, you can read it here.

Pel is, at this moment, working to put together the Salt Lake signing report.  We should have that for you either late tonight or early tomorrow.  Alphie and Pel had a wonderful time.  A special thank you to the lovely ladies of the SLCTA group who played host to them on their trip. 

Edit: Geeks of doom has listed Twilight as a must read before seeing the movie. (Thanks to Roki for the heads up.)


  1. iluvedwardthemostest says:

    the twilight guy’s are awesome!!!
    rachelle lefevre is great as victoria!!!

  2. yay!!

  3. hahah the twilight guy video is hilarious!

  4. twilightislife says:

    All is great and coolio stuff!

  5. radlove says:

    mine is one of his favorite comments! it’s the one about the perfect guy. he’s so awesome, that article was amazing.

  6. “Well honey, I’d go straight for your aorta!”

  7. I heart Kaleb! Thank you to him for that wonderful tribute!!

  8. i love rachelle she’s so great- personality, herself, everything is just great and fun about her

  9. Sprtygal says:

    Pel & Alphie, you ladies work so much for our benefit! THANK YOU THANK YOU for keeping up with all these news stories and signings.

  10. Natasha says:

    It makes me so happy when Twilight gets publicity!

    I can give a non-canon tidbit to Geeks of Doom *cough-flying-in-treetops-cough*

  11. Rachelle is gorgeous! o.O

  12. Shannon says:

    eeeeeeek! one of my quotes is in TwilightGuy’s best of the best.

  13. Yay! One of my quotes was used too as Kaleb’s favourites. It’s the one where we all now dream of being ‘a Stephenie Meyer’.

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