The Lexicon Men’s shop


Do you have a special Twilight man in your life?  Check out our new Twilight Lexicon Men’s Shop with two newly designed shirts, by Ambereyes, for the man in your life!

And don’t forget to get a special Lexicon signing Tee before Stephenie comes to a town near you!  Grab a sharpe and head off to the signing to meet up with other Lexiconers and have them sign your shirt!


  1. haha Awesome!

  2. Danny Chipman says:

    “My marriage survived the Twilight encounter”

    HAHAH!!! I sure hope mine does! My husband cries for days when each new book comes out. (okay, not really, but he feels uber-neglected!)

  3. aaaah 2 bad i dont know any guys personally who have read Twilight

  4. My dad would always here me talk about twilight so he decided to read it for himself, and he liked it! we had an animated disscusion on twilight. fathers relate to charlie while younger guys feel for the younger cullens. im so glad that people recognize the male fans! to bad only two guys in my class have read the book…

  5. VampGirl says:

    Awww! That’s so sweet that they include men too. I think I’ll get one for my brother and my boyfriend! (they’ve both read Twilight) 🙂

  6. VampGirl says:

    Actually almost every guy in my class has read Twilight… (wether they read it on there own or me and my other twilight freak friends made them, u will never know….) LOL

  7. Caroline says:

    I’m sooo getting that for my boyfriend!!!! and he WILL wear it…(mwahaha)

  8. lol ..omg i need to get my boyfriend one of these shirts… i doubt he’ll wear it but i have until december to convince him to wear it on the night of the movie release…

  9. icky vicky says:

    I wish i had a Twilight man!!!!!!!!!!! Actually , I wish I had a man… :O

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