Twilight appealing to Horror Film buffs?

AMC, American Movie Classics, recently interviewed Kellan Lutz and me. The thing they wanted to know was if Twilight could  have crossover appeal to the horror audience.  You can read the article on AMC and the full interview on interviewer, Tom Blunt’s blog. The good news is we actually convinced a very skeptical writer…turning people on to Twilight, one skeptic at a time!

Ropes of Silicon wonders if Twilight can appeal to guys.  We all know it can and does. In fact, tomorrow, we are doing a major SALUTE TO THE TWILIGHT GUYS!  Given that the Twilight Comic Con video, currently available on the Twilight movie official page, was a HUGE success at the male-dominated Comic Con in New York, it certainly has male appeal in the action sequence department…and we don’t just mean the ballet studio.

Also check out Portrait Magazine’s 30 under 30, (link removed due to porn spam) go an vote for your favorite, eligible  Twilight Cast member. Thanks to Natasha for the heads up!

Hollywood Backlot has some behind-the-scenes, candid Twilight photos and the promise of more.


  1. YAY for Twilight.. can it be december now please?!?

  2. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats Twilight!!!!!!!! BTW if you go see Speed Racer you will see the Twilight Trailer!

    Actually I saw SPeed Racer this weekend and so did my nephew and there  was no trailer={

  3. Meredith says:

    You can vote for the entire Twilight cast, you don’t have to choose one member… actually, the only single Twilight cast member I see is Cam Gigandet… but scroll to the bottom of the list and you can vote for “Twilight Cast”

  4. Meredith says:

    oh… maybe that’s what you guys meant. my bad πŸ™‚

  5. Difficile de garder sa concenration devant une telle image!

    “Isabel, what’s wrong?”

    Love the photo!

  6. wow, that guy was reeeally against the whole idea of the movie and then, bam! the trailer! and even he seems to have been warmed to the idea…

    twilight will be amazing. Catherine won’t let us down, and neither would Stephenie.

  7. Ragnhild says:

    There’s only that one photo, right? That one where they are sitting in the tree? ’cause I can’t find other photoes…

  8. Be My Escape says:

    It is just the one for now. It seems there will be something else tomorrow.

  9. tomo i cant wait that long! grrr! i need my twilight fix!

  10. Jackson Rathbone… dewy? huh?

    Great interview, by the way! Beware, skeptics! We are EVERYWHERE!

  11. yh i felt a bit sorry for jackson! i didn’t like the guy doing the article much but i suppose the film industry’s not about being nice! The Twilight cast are soo going to win that poll!

  12. Natasha says:

    They spelled Rob’s last name wrong AND dissed him!
    That’s appalling.

  13. Daniela says:

    I read all the articles and all i can say is that it has happened to all my male cousins, every time one of them comes to my home i show them the trailer and it hasn’t been one of them who hasn’t said: LET ME WATCH IT AGAIN PLEASE! WOW! I want to watch that movie!.. haha I wish the twilight cast win that poll.. i’ll be voting for them everyday!

  14. Piggyboo! says:

    Okay Looooook how much twilight cast has got in that Portrait magazine thingy ….?!?
    WOW almost everybody esle is at 0%

    Shows how much they rule πŸ˜›

  15. Dimples says:

    The AMC article was great. Good job on converting the crusty reporter, Pel! You were very eloquent.

  16. Watershock says:

    go vote for the twilight cast!
    currently they are #1!!! lets keep them there, and it a win by a landslide!!

  17. inspiredbytwilight says:

    Loved your interview PEL!

  18. Guys certainly do read the books. πŸ™‚ I read them myself and I know of a good 8-10 other guys that have also read the books and loved them.

  19. Alright Edward he has read the books and he knows of 8 to 10 other guys!! I love the photo with them in the tree. can’t wait until tomorrow there will be more pictures! It says on the LA Times link “Exclusive ‘Twilight’ photos coming soon” *squeels* Happyness!

  20. i think robert fits edward. i didnt think at the very start of the book. but then i looked at the pictures and i think he fits it perfuct! and kristen fits bella! like she was meant to be her. i knew from the start that that was her and i loved it! a all the other people fit their part, except for charlie. i rather have someone else play him!

  21. Just want to give a warning for those going to the 30 under 30 site, I went there and got an inappropriate pop-up and I do have a very good protection for those kinds of things.

    So, be wary. :O

  22. Thank you for this wonderful recap!! I so wanted to be there but couldn’t, so this allowed me to feel like I was there a little bit now. Thank you!! Γ’β„’Β₯

  23. BoysfromBooks says:

    i think, if they add a bit more scary-ness to the movie, a few horror movie people would enjoy it…but just the horror part


    **snort** on the 30 under 30 you vote right? and then you scroll down to see the results…they’re all under 10% ish. and then you see “The Twilight Cast” with over 30%!!! LOLLZZZ! haha. keep voting! we’ll knock their socks off!! =D

    can’t wait for the hollywood backlot sneaks! thank you guys so much!

  24. Haha the only way horror fans would enjoy this is if they’re also fans of fluffy romances XD

  25. Thanks for the heads up on the Portrait Magazine voting! xD We were at 1460 when I voted, and less that an hour later we’re at 1770. I have a WICKED strong feeling we’re gonna win! πŸ™‚

  26. I really liked the Ropes of Silicon article. It was intelligently written, and didn’t bash either the book or movie. And while I don’t entirely agree with him on some points, I thought he really did make an effort.

    It also made me want to check out The Twilight Guy. *grins and runs off*

  27. icky vicky says:

    It is good that the dudes know twilight is good. My freinds all got thier BFs to read it, and most of them liked it!!!!!!LOL!!!!!

  28. imaginary says:

    Just to let you know the link is still there for Portrait Magazine in the comma after 30.

  29. hey guys, the link is still there. and the porn. just saying, you might want to do somthing about that.

  30. Andrea Leigh says:

    i love twilight guys! i support them all the way!

  31. Bethany says:

    Currently, in the 30 under 30 the Twilight cast has 43% and the next closest is Jared Padelecki with 11%, so yeah, Twilight’s winning in a landslide.

  32. i smile at silver volvos says:

    oh my lord! twilight cast is winning by a landslide!!! πŸ™‚
    by the way seeing as the lexicon removed the link for the voting (for obvious reasons of course) you can still vote by searching portrait magazine on google and when you do that there aren’t any inappropriate pop ups. at least there werent when i went on the site.
    –natasha: where did they spell roberts name wrong and diss him??

  33. 2068 votes!

    Holy Freakin… Spidermonkeys! That’s… Well, that’s just bizarre! I mean, this really was just posted TODAY!

    We have some serious OBSSESSED fanbase here. And there’s no way I’m going to be an exception! xD Gosh, I love Twilight fans.

  34. marissa says:

    I may be wrong here, but I think the LA times pictures from the Hollywood Backdrop have been posted. I just checked the link, and there were 24 super cool pictures to look at! Most of them were of Rob and Kristen in the tree, and let me tell you, they look really awesome, you guys should check them out….My favorite was a cute picture of them talking in between scenes πŸ˜‰

  35. OME… the la times pics…..robert looks SOOOO hot!!!!!

  36. i love the pics on the Hollywood site!!! They’re really cool. Poor rob and Kristen with all those wires. Definite groin chafing hahaha. XD

  37. ooooop i seemed to have skipped this this morning

  38. Cynthia says:

    For some reason I can’t view the photos on the Hollywood site =/

  39. All I know is, if you like good writing and good stories your gender shouldn’t matter. I’m a 27 year old guy who loves Twilight. I have an entire art blog dedicated to all the work I have done because of the inspiration the series has offered me.

    I go to art school in Portland and one of my professors let me do a bunch of designs from the books. I’m going to The Host signing next week and I can’t wait to meet Stephenie.

  40. my_edward;) says:

    the 30 under 30 thing? they didn’t completely remove the link for anyone who still wants to vote. look close and you’ll see it if you haven’t already

  41. duitch junge says:

    Vas is das??? dUMM, ARGERY KLEINER JUNGE!!

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