She Knows

SheKnows has posted a precursor article on the Twilight phenomenon.  They will be posting an interview with Stephenie on May 23rd.  Be sure to check back when it’s posted.


  1. That was a great nutshell article about the phenomenon. I really think the author captured what this craze is about.
    It is so nice to see Twilight everywhere now. I was amazed at the IMDB site not only was Twilight on the front page but was listed first!
    I am truly enjoying being a part of this great fandom.
    I cannot wait for May 31st & August 2 & December 12 – wow this year has been & will continue to be amazing. Thank you Stephenie!

  2. icky vicky says:



  3. 3rd WOOHOO!!!!

  4. isnt that the same trailer that’s been circling the web for a week?

  5. icky vicky says:

    IDK, Fatima, but now that you mention that, ….hhmmmm….

  6. twilightislife says:

    mhmm, good stuff!

  7. cant wait

  8. Edwardlover says:

    The 23 is my last day of school!!

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