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We have a couple of items to share with you tonight.  First up is an excellent article from a UK site called Times Online.   Once again Stephenie is compared to J.K Rowling, but the report hones in on the differences and how Stephenie has her own niche. 

“Everyone is looking for the next J.K. Rowling. It’s not going to happen. That’s just something that is never going to happen again. She was, is, something that will not be repeated.”

Also, there is a quote about the film which will answer the pressing question as to what the rating of the film will be.

“I put in a clause in the contract that the movie had to be PG-13 so I could go see it,” says Meyer.

Also, there was another Deseret News article about Stephenie and The Host that we need to share with you.  You can read it on line here

Since so many people are asking, there are currently 2,563,394 views on the Twilight Trailer at 10 pm EST which is not enough to beat out Indiana Jones.  Still an excellent effort on the part of a film "no one has heard of" according to some sources!

Lastly, in response to questions in our inbox, yes we know about the book New Dawn.  It is an unauthorized book of essays on the Twilight phenomenon that was put together by Borders. It features commentary  from upcoming writers who mostly are attached to Simon and Schuster.  It is not a preview of Breaking Dawn.  It is only available from Borders.


  1. hahaha i love how steph said the thing about PG-13.. i heart her 🙂

  2. i find it hilarious that stephenie has not/will not seen/see a rated R movie yet her two main characters’ movie portrayers bonded over a NC-17 movie.

    I’m not really sure what movie you are referring to? If it’s Romeo and Juliet the 1996 version was a PG-13 and the 1969 version was released prior to ratings, but it’s usually shown in high school English classes with little problem.Pride and Prejudice (2005) was rated PG and the prior versions were TV movies or made in the  1930’s and very tame.


  3. Eftsoones says:

    I agree with the PG-13 thing. I personalyl don’t like R-Rated movies. Some PG-13 movies push it for me. (call me a wus, I don’t care.)
    I love how she was bold enough to add it as a clause. I think that rocks!!

  4. Savannah says:

    Is New Dawn going to be available to purchase?
    If so when?

  5. Shame it’s only going to last an hour and a half though!

  6. I think rated R movies are funnier (mostly for teenagers). I recently saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It was great! Though nudity in rated R movies makes me feel awkward since i saw it with my boyfriend haha.
    Anyway, I love Borders! I’m glad i choose it over B&N.

  7. Claribel says:

    haha at the NC 17 movie comment.
    I dont really think she cares what the others do, its just her personal choice.
    A New Dawn definitely sounds interesting. It´s something I´m sure we all think about like, is it safer to date a werewolf or a vampire? lol or how Twilight is compared to Shakespeare, etc.

  8. fanpire says:

    Hahaha; PG-13 sounds great. The book is pretty clean, so a PG-13 rating fits well, especially for the younger audience who want to see the movie. Plus, parents won’t be like, “What? An R-rated movie? Hm…” Hahaha. I’m so excited– the movie will be great.

    Now, off to read those articles… 😀

  9. Claribel says:

    I would just like to add that I love Borders now after working at b&n i would get people who would say Borders is better. I am slowly leaning towards that direction. Especially after showing us Twilight fans such love =)

  10. Natasha says:

    Stephenie pwns.
    Seriously. She would be a BEYOND AMAZING RADCORE mom!
    Those kids of hers will be too popular with the ladies!

  11. Natasha says:

    And the “NC-17” movie was when Robert and Kristen saw Last Tango in Paris together.
    Not Bella and Edward. Though the though of Bella and Edward watching *that* movie gives me a fit of giggles.

  12. Has the cutoff for the teaser trailer record happened yet?

  13. Sarah (aka imhuntingforwitches) says:

    To sofia and Pel: I’m pretty sure that the “Last Tango in Paris” comment was a joke. You know, because it’s between a really old guy and a really young girl? An unlikely relationship? Haha, I really do think they were joking.

    Anyways; I’m glad to know that people are recognizing Stephenie now!

  14. LOL, Last Tango in Paris. “That’s really a metaphor for Bella and Edward’s relationship.” Rob is so funny!

    I love Stephenie. She sounds so sweet and honest. She really is a wonderful person.

  15. Claribel says:

    ok so I saw on one of the authors webpage or something that the publication date is June 2008. if anyone has a different date please let us know.

  16. Haha I would’ve loved a rated R movie =P For one thing, by the time the movie comes out, I’ll be 17 and can watch it “legally” by myself :’D

    By the way, I was wondering, what happened to the trailer thing? Did we come close? xD

  17. ahhhh, Okay, well I can legally go see the “PG 13” Twilight movie by myself. Not that I’m going to, I’m going with my friends. I’m glad that Stephenie put in that clause about it. I think she really wanted US to see it, you know the people in a certain age group who are most attracted to her books. Not that ANY rating would have ever stop e from seeing that movie this december .Lol.

  18. twilightislife says:

    i think the nc17 movie thing is to do with a movie Robert and Kristen saw and mentioned in an interview.

    thank goodness its going to be pg13, thanks Stephenie!

    well, Stephenie Meyer does have to be the next Rowling because shes THE Stephenie Meyer, and that is quite a feat!

  19. dazzled says:

    I hope they were joking about Last Tango in Paris!
    When I heard they “bonded” over that movie I was like CREEP!

  20. Caroline says:

    I agree with twilightislife: Stephenie is THE Stephenie Meyer! (I personally think that trumps Jk Rowling, but just an oppinion…)

  21. Im happy that its going to be PG13! Too bad we didnt win at least we can be second

  22. VampGirl says:

    My mom would sooooooo not let me go see it if it were rated R, thank god it was rated pg13! Btw STEPHENIE MEYER CAN’T POSSIBLY BE COMPARED TO ANYONE ELSE!!!!!! SHE’S JUST TO

  23. Harryfan says:

    Finally! An article saying the two can’t be compared. It is the truth. There can’t be another J.K. Rowling, and Stephenie is good at her genre too!

  24. Anything on Twilight Tuesday yet??

  25. Cant wait for the moooooooooooovie 🙂 🙂 🙂

  26. That was a good article. It described the differences between HP and Twilight. They are obviously two different type of books.

  27. Marsluvzedward says:

    Wait… i dont get it. Wat is new dawn? is it something we can buy????

  28. Jessikah says:

    Hm, Odd. I work at a Borders in Tennessee and this is the first I’ve ever heard of it. Although, I can ask one of my managers when I go in tomorrow.


  29. twilighter620 says:

    New Dawn?

    ha ha. Steph is funny with ratings.

  30. black and cullens says:

    hmmm….i actually think robert was serious when he said that they “bonded” over Last Tango in Paris. moreover, he gave the movie 2 kristen….lmaoo =D
    awww…..n i absolutely agree with most of the comments above – stephenie rocks! oh n btw, HAPPY B’DAY ROBERT!! (its officially the 13th in England) wow – he just turned 22!!

  31. The Weasel says:

    I agree the Last Tango in Paris thing was a joke. And just to set things straight, there is a rated R version of the film.

  32. understatement says:

    that article(just like almost every other article) says that only teen girls read it. i hate when ppl do that. i agree that MOST of the audience is teen girls but not ALL….i know guys and moms/parents who read twilight(and new moon etc.) and i also agree w/ stephenie. stop comparing her and j.k. rowling. i mean there is and always be ONE stephenie meyer and ONE j.k. rowling(unless they are going to be cloned, but i highly doubt that wut happen)they are BOTH great ppl

  33. LeighAnn says:

    Can’t beat Indiana Jones! Scared him for a minute though for sure, lol =) I wasn’t alive when the 1st 3 movies came out, but they’re some of my most favourite movies…

    I think Stephenie is honoured to be compared to JK Rowling (she said so herself in a couple of interviews). Both HP and Twilight fanbases forget that just because people are comparing the two authors doesn’t necessarily mean that they are exactly alike or that one is better than the other. It just means that there are some similarities, but it is not necessarily the whole story and there is no need to stress out about it. They’re both great.

    Although it is hard to deny that the HP series got a lot of young people to read and that the success of HP opened up the doors for a lot of the currently successful YA books that break demographic barriers. It is hard to say whether Twilight would have been as successful as it is without HP opening up the minds of readers young and old and hence opening up the doors for other authors. I’m not saying it is impossible, but it is hard to say otherwise simply because there is no evidence (things happened one way — i.e., HP came before Twilight — and we can’t go to an alternate universe or turn back time to see what would have happened without HP).

    This doesn’t mean that people who like HP necessarily like Twilight or the other way around. Without HP, maybe publishers would have been more hesitant to publish something like Twilight or maybe there just wouldn’t be enough interest in books from young readers or maybe older people would have just immediately dismissed a YA-target novel. They only have to see the success of HP and not necessarily read it to go and look at other novels.

  34. understatement says:

    also happy b-day to rob!! i know i already posted a comment but wut ev. ALSO ….um…..ive never heard of new dawn. can you buy it? is it already out?plz tell me if you hav any info….

    ~81 days till breaking dawn!!!~

  35. I can’t BELIEVE how many views we have racked up on the teaser on MySpace!!! That is just INSANE!! And in a WEEK!! We. Are. Truly. OBSESSED.

    Wish we’d beaten Indy though. 🙁

    But it’s alright. *runs off to watch trailer again anyways*

  36. Thank god it’ll be pg-13!!!

    Soooo…is there anything on twilight tuesday yet???

  37. LeighAnn:
    Everything you just said makes so much sense, my brain just did some sort of dance. Intelligence makes me happy :’D

    & I was just thinking about what you said the other day about HP opening up minds..
    It happened to the other way for me though; I read Twilight and found out that there actually are good books out there :’D So now, I actually find joy in reading X)

  38. I agree with the first quote.


    hmm guess no twilight monday today? 😛

  40. Whoa i think its great that stephenie meyer is staying true to what she believes in. I’m in the same religion as she is and i know the choice to not watch R movies is rough! She is amazing:)

  41. mogan :] says:

    :] its so good to see that someone finally sees that stephenie is in nooooo way comparable to j.k. Just because they are both big authors doesnt mean that they are the same. Also, I’d like to thank you guys for everything you do for us fans here at the lex. You guys rock soooooooo much and words cannot express how greatful I, for one, am for everything that you guys do for us. Thanks again!!!!

  42. mademoiselle.cullen says:

    ok i just saw like a cillion videos in youtube of twilight lol
    7 months
    just 7 months!

  43. alter eggo says:

    I’m glad that article points out that Stephenie Meyer is NOT the next JK Rowling, but she’s her own person. Sure, they’re popular books, and sure, they’re being made into movies, but the similarities really end there.
    Though the comparisons have never really bothered me. I can only imagine how flattered Stephenie must feel to be compared to JK Rowling. Who’s pretty much revolutionary.

    But I’m confused about New Dawn -what is it? Is it a book that’s actually being published? When is it going to be available?

  44. New Dawn? Sounds like Borders is trying to make a quick buck.

    Also, Pel, the comment Sofia made earlier in reference to the characters bonding over a NC-17 film, she was talking about one of the interviews when Rob and Kristen are being interviewed (i think it was one of the MTV ones) and they mention watching some NC-17 movie together.

  45. Just wanted to clarify that the Times online site is the on-line version of The London Times which is the most prestigious newspaper in the UK. It is the equivalent of The New York Times for the UK. If this article appears in the paper version as well -which I do not know because I don’t live in the UK- it is a very big deal! I have been actually wondering, for a while now, when The Times (London) were going to pick up this story. At last!!

  46. ibelieveinnargles says:

    “Everyone is looking for the next J.K. Rowling. It’s not going to happen. That’s just something that is never going to happen again. She was, is, something that will not be repeated.”

  47. saintos says:



    I typed harry potter on google and twilight teaser poster came out,bahahhaha.

  48. lil_voice1 says:

    By the way just so everyone knows Angus and Robertson (One of the popular bookstores in AUSTRALIA) is doing their annual “Top 100 Booklist”…..so it might be a good idea to go and vote!!!!!


    Thats the link ^^^^……you put in Meyer Stephenie into the Authors name part and its comes up with all the books Stephenie has at the moment!!!!!…..
    GO VOTE!!!!

  49. Just greeting our beautiful Robert a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We are officially the same age by one week! YES! lol

  50. To the Lexicon team:

    I´d like to point something small that I think will improve future entries. “Times Online” is the digital news outlet of the “The Times” newspaper. It should be referred as “online edition” or a similar term, not just an “UK site”. Some of us who work in the field might feel bugged about this detail.

    Thanks in advance for your consideration and once again, congratulations on all your work.


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