The Houston Signing Report From Bella_Cullen_13

So we got to the Signing at 4:45pm & the doors weren’t set to open until 6:00pm, the event not starting until 7:00pm. So we had some time on our hands.

When Sarah, JT & I got there, we were pretty close to the front [Picture of Line In Front of us Which is surprisingly short] [Picture of Line Behind us The line went behind that half wall & snaked around the whole backside of the school!], lots with fan shirts & cameras & stacks of books! We sat around for awhile, people occasionally walking by with their video camera, showing how long the line was. We got stopped by 2 Lexicon Lurkers with a video camera when they asked us ‘Edward or Jacob?’ Sarah screamed ‘Jacob!’ & I go ‘Edward!’. They saw our awesome shirts & sent a shout out to the Lex. I turned around & they read off the usernames on the back.

A little later, we saw a man drive by the front of the school in a volvo. I don’t think he thought he would attract much attention, judging by the confused look on his face, but soon enough fans ran to the car asking for pictures. He said ok as a line formed.

At about 5:30pm, some Barnes & Noble employees ran down the line, putting our names on post-it notes & placing them inside the cover so the books would be ready for Stephenie to sign & personalize them.

At 6:00pm, we were allowed to enter the school, the air conditioning was very refreshing as Sarah & I ran to the seating in front of the stage. We sat on the isle, center, 5th or 6th row back. We knew we had amazing seats.

As the high school cafeteria filled up, a couple of girls walked up to us asking for our picture because of our Lexicon shirts. We felt famous. Here is a Picture of the Front of the T-shirt & here is the back.

A few minutes before 7:00pm, a man came on stage & introduced Stephenie. She walked out & everyone started screaming & taking pictures like crazy.

Once the crowd settled down, she had a short introduction & then began answering pre-submitted questions. (These are paraphrased, but very close to what she has actually said. On some questions, there are videos to go with it. Please remember that I was in an audience & they are not always quiet or make comments while filming.)

In her introduction, Stephenie said that she was happy to be in Houston, the turnout was amazing. She said that she was invited to a party with George Clooney & several other celebrities on May 9th also, but felt that she couldn’t let her fans down which brought an immediate *aww* from the crowd.
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Next she talked about how she likes doing the Q&A because it’s stuff that she knows the fans want to hear about. She talked about when she goes on tours she likes to do public events rather than school events because those are kids that have to be there, not necessairily want to be there.
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She then began her Q&A portion.

Which Host characters are you most like & did you give them any of your quirks?
-She said of the two main characters, Wanderer & Melanie, she gave them each a negative aspect of herself & a postive aspect she wishes she had. With Melanie, it is that she is pretty ruthless & hardcore, but she is immensely strong emotionally & physically. With Wanderer, it is that she is perfectly compassionate & always has the right instinct, but she can be kind of a coward too.
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If they made the Host into a movie, Which actors would you like to play the main roles?
-She said that she likes to cast the characters in her head as she writes. She imagined an actress portraying Wanderer. She said ‘It would look like Golumn!’. She thinks that Matt Damon would be a really good Jared.
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Do you have a playlist for the Host?
-She said she was embarassed that her playlist wasn’t posted yet, but she does have one & she intends to email it to her brother to post it on her site after the book tour.
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Have you ever been involved in a love triangle?
-She said, surprisingly, yes. While in college, but she was the only one who knew about it & her three boyfriends were clueless.
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Do you write for a target audience?
-She said no. She writes her stories the way she pictures them & her agent says ‘I think this is an adult novel.’ & Stephenie just goes with it.
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What if you have a story people will be upset with?
-She said ‘I think this was a New Moon reference.’ She said she writes the way she thinks it will happen because if she tried to make everyone happy, it would be impossible. She keeps seeing the ‘If Stephenie does this, I will burn the book.’ or ‘If Stephenie doesn’t do this, I will burn the book.’
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Was that your eye on the cover of the Host?
-She said no. People get paid to be beautiful for the covers. And it’s not her hands on the cover of Twilight either. She says she has little or no input on the covers. The only real control she has over her books is what’s inside. The Twilght cover was to represent choice. ‘Should I eat the apple or not?’ Because it could be poisionous, everything has risks. The cover of New Moon has no symbolism, her agent just thought it would be pretty. She was actually in on the cover of Eclipse. The ribbon represents Bella trying to cut herself off from her human life in order to become a vampire. The few strands still connected to the other half represents that it is not as easy as she thought & there were still somethings she wanted to hold onto. She also says she was very involved in choosing the cover for Breaking Dawn.

Is Breaking Dawn the last book of Twilight?
-Stephenie said that this is one of her most difficult questions to answer because there is no ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to it. Breaking Dawn will be the last book from Bella’s point-of-view, but not necessairily the last of Bella & Edward or the Cullens.

Will there be a sequel(s) to the Host?
-She said she has thought about it, but she is not sure yet. She wants to take a year off after Breaking Dawn & write about anything that pleases her if it may be mermaids or whatever. She doesn’t know if everything she writes will be published, but she knows she will have more published works.

What is the hardest part of your job from the writing to going on tour?
-Stephenie says the hardest part is the editing which can take months & goes through the process several times. She said she first thought that an editor’s job was to go through & check her grammar & punctuation, but she was wrong. During editing, they give suggestions on the characters, plots & everything. When she was first editing Twilight, some of the editors thought that Edward should be invisible. They also thought that Renee should have been killed off.

What did you mean when you said that parents would understand Twilight better?
-Stephenie said that she meant that parents would be able to see Twilight like she did when writing it. Like ‘Why is Bella running around with this vampire?’ not ‘Edward is so hot!’

Within the mythical creatures, How does your religion influence your writing?
-Stephenie says that she doesn’t use her books as a form of discussion for religion, she writes from her personal experiences. Her life has always dealt with religion though.
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How does the movie compare to the book?
-She said she gets tons of questions about the movie & she felt like she should include this one because she knew we would all be fairly interested. She said that she would love it if the movie could be like Pride & Prejudiced as a movie, 6 hours long, word for word, but it can’t. It’s an hour & a half hour long movie so scenes will be combined & so will some characters like Ben & Eric unfortunately. Though some changes had to be made, she thinks the movie will turn out great.

How did you come up with the idea for the Host?
-Unlike Twilight she did not have a dream inspire this story. She was driving through the desert with no one to talk to & it just came to her. This is why the majority of the story is set in the desert.

After the Q&A, Stephenie left for the theater where her signing table was set up, expecting hundreds of Twilighters with their copies of her books.

The first couple of rows went filed slowly into the theater, the rest of us sat in the cafeteria untill it was our row’s turn to get in line (which seemed to take forever when you sit there.

We sat & talked to the people around us, reading random parts of Eclipse, to pass the time.

Once we were called up, it didn’t seem to take so long to get into the theater. Inside was a cart filled up with gifts for Stephenie.

Sarah went first, Stephenie noticed her ‘colorful arms’ from marker wars at school. Stephenie commented back "Looks like you lost!".

I brought my books up next as one of the helper’s noticed my shirt that said ‘Twilight Lexicon’. ‘Look, Lexiconers!’ she pointed out to Stephenie. ‘That’s really cool!’ Stephenie said back looking at me & Sarah’s shirts.

JT went up next, Stephenie first commented on how she thought it was brave coming to a public signing for Twilight/The Host. She said it was ‘awesome’ to see Twilight Guys!

After leaving the stage, Sarah & I joked about how we were going to cry & we actually ended up crying because we were overwhelmed that the most exciting thing had just happened to us.

We left along with many other Twilight fans, very excited with what we got.


  1. TeamRobert! says

    Sounds awesome!

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  3. oh. teehee. 2nd comment, above. Anyway, sounds really neat.

  4. Kristina_Rose says

    Sounds like fun I wish Stephenie would come to Michigan though.

  5. Oh awesome report! Thank you!

    I wish I was living in the US. 🙁

  6. I really enjoyed reading this

  7. Great report! Very detailed! I understand the crying thing, it took everything I had not to cry when she was signing my books, but on the way home a few tears escaped me! The adrenaline that you feel when you’re standing just inches away from your favorite author is amazing!! Thanks for writing this up and telling us everything that went on! 🙂

  8. Jacob_BlackFan101 says

    This sucks!!!! I could’ve gone because I live in Houston!!!! ;(

  9. OMG!! I am so mad i missed it! I was gonna buy a ticket, i live in houston, but it was during school so i couldnt but my teacher went and she said she might buy me the host the get it signed for me ^^
    but nice report, maybe it will help me later on in the future

  10. I went to this event too! And you did a great job describing all of the Q&A. The amount of details you have amaze me. You must have had two people with a pen and paper writing like there’s no tomorrow. XD Thank you very much for posting this because even though I was there to witness it all, It’s still good to have a written point of reference.

  11. Hey guys, I went to this signing too! I’m one of the twilight lurkers bella_cullen_13 talked about! Omg, I feel famous. It was an amazing night.
    Stephenie is so sweet and I can’t believe she actually gave up going to a party with George Clooney to see us. She’s amazing.

  12. Lexicon_Lurker1 says

    lol hey Kelsey! I was the other twilight lurker along with Kelsey haha. I do feel famous! I was the one that read them off the back of your shirt. : )

    We have video footage….we’re trying to figure out how to get it to you guys.

  13. NenaCullen says

    way to go Bella_Cullen_13! Nice shirts and awesome detailed story 🙂

  14. Kelsieeee says

    Great report. I can’t go to any (a shame) cause i’m in the UK, but i’ve started reading Host today.

    I was at Borders, and i asked the guy at the till where the book was. He came off with “the childrens section, the third row from the left, second row up and about 20 books in! Of course he was sending me to the twilight series. I was rummaging around thinking ‘this can’t be right it’s not aimed at children…’
    Five minutes later he came rushing up apologising saying ‘I’m sorry! I sent you to the wrong ones.’ He went and fetched it, and then said ‘don’t forget your free chapter of midnight sun to collect at the till!’
    So i went to the till, paid for the book, got the chapter of midnight sun, and as i was leaving he said ‘I bet you think i’m crazy for knowing where all Stephenie’s books are!’ He was awesome 🙂 (AND i applied for a job there while i was there. DISCOUNTS!) 😀

  15. aww, im from houston! sadface!

  16. CamberXite says

    Aww way to go Hailey!
    Those shirts were AWESOMENESS!!
    Im so glad you had an amaaaaaazing time!!
    Thank you for putting me on the shirt 🙂 It means alot!

  17. I was there! And I ending up crying because I was so overwhelmed too. ahhaha. Nothing exciting happened with my “Thank you” and “Your welcome” conversation with Stephanie Meyer though:(

  18. Yeah, she answered my question! She was amazing during the singing she talked to me for far too long about Ian …swoon! I told her my new tag line for her and she loved it, all the ladies thougt I should put it on a shirt! Edward has my heart but Ian has my Soul!!! It was so much fun!

  19. Bloodlust says

    Awesome!! I’m still terribly disappointed that I couldn’t go, but BC13 this is a great filler. Thank you.

  20. Symantha says

    My best friend and I were there! We had pretty good seats, too. I wore my BYU shirt since I just got back from my first year of where Stephenie went to college! And since we went to Eclipse Prom last year, we talked about that with her. She’s so awesome!

  21. How did I miss this???
    but why?!?!?…..I live in Houston………*tear*

  22. Justin B. says

    It took everything for me at the Fairless hills signing last year not to cry. She is so unbelievably nice and I am always amazed by everything she writes (The Host so far is excellent).

  23. I’m glad that Stephenie didn’t go with some of the ideas her publishers wanted like Edward being invisible and Renee killed?

  24. HAHAHA..when I was in High School..I had three clueless boyfriends too..See Steph- you always make me remember stuff and laugh!!!

  25. Is Breaking Dawn the last book of Twilight?
    -Stephenie said that this is one of her most difficult questions to answer because there is no ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to it. Breaking Dawn will be the last book from Bella’s point-of-view, but not necessairily the last of Bella & Edward or the Cullens.


  26. Hey guys! I feel really lucky to first go to the signing, but then I got to write about it & you guys liked it!
    For those that thought it was detailed, I left stuff out because I thought it was getting too long.
    Sarah actually was with me, but we didnt have any paper or pens & we tried to pay really good attention when the camera wasnt going, but we were kinda star struck.
    To the Lexicon Lurkers, Im glad you guys saw this! If you guys do get the video up, post it on YouTube, or send it to me on YouTube. I would really appreciate it.
    I was glad too that Edward isnt invisible because he wouldnt be as gorgeous & Renee is still here=]
    Im glad this made some of your days & it filled [Bloodlust] for what you missed.

  27. icky vicky says


    She is soooo deep about the books!!!! ( I mean i knew she would be deep about them, since she, well , wrote them…) She really surprised me !!! I never thought the covers would mean what they do! They make perfect sense, though!!!!!

    I actually liked New Moon. Even though it made me cry when Edward flat out told Bella he didn’t want her ( and that was beyond harsh) and how depressed and destroyed Bella was, Edward was just trying to protct her. Plus, it was pretty cool how much Jacob was there for her. Even though they get torn apart… BUT I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT THAT !!!!!!!!!

    Sry 4 wiggin’ out…. BUT DO YOU SERIUOSLY KILL OFF RENEE?!?!?!?!?!

    I do think it would be cool if Stephanie really did write about mermaids!!!!!!!!!!: )

  28. I am so disappointed I missed my city’s signing. It was the only non-ticketed event, and I missed it! From what I’ve heard about the lines, and also because of the fact I couldn’t exactly skip school to go to the signing, I’m kind of glad I didn’t go. Even though that fact violates the Twilighter inside of me.
    I’m just so glad that I got to go to the Eclipse signing, and that when she was there, she said to me, “Is your name Alice?” I nodded like a spaz.”That’s a cool name.” All this while she was signing my oops-we-got-an-early-shipment, I-read-it-a-week-before-it-came-out copy of Eclipse. I squealed and drooled the most of all of the fan girls there.
    Also, I really hope that she continues The Host series. It’s amazing!

  29. I was totally there!
    Me and my best friend live in San Antonio but we got my uncle to buy who live in Houston to pick up the books/tickets for us.
    We missed half of school and drove 5 hours to get there, but it was waaay worth it!!

  30. hee hee hee i could so be melenie/wanderer! I’m kinda an actress i’m still working on getting an agent and i plan on trying out for new moon or eclipse movie if they make them…

  31. i was so there. i almost died.

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