Multiple ways to enhance your Twilight Obsession

Twilight Teez still has great tee shirts, but they are now expanding their jewelry business. They previously brought you Bella’s bracelet, he only officially approved version of the bracelet authorized by Stephenie Meyer.  Now they are creating a new product, Bella’s engagement ring.  They have a survey up and need your help so they can make some decisions on where to go with this product. Chime in and give your opinion on their survey.

Tired of Twilight videos being all over the place? Chris and Geo over at Twilighters have come up with a great solution. Introducing TwilightTube!  Kudos to Cris and Geo, check them out!

We mentioned earlier this week how Stephenie was featured on NPR’s Fresh Air. Well, now there is a link. Thanks Adalia.

The LA Times has an article on the Twilight Movie. EDITED: We have been given a tip  that the Sunday LA Times print edition will have an exclusive, never seen before photo. So, if you live in the area, it’s worthwhile getting the paper.


  1. Jewelry buisness?! THAT’S AWESOME.

  2. TwilightTube is so awesome! i’m tired of trying to look all over on YouTube.

  3. elizabeth says

    if only i could spend money on that ring… lol. and twilighttube is awesome ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks!

  4. Do any of us really need to enhance our twilight obsession?

  5. Those prices are ridiculous.

  6. BoysfromBooks says

    those prices ARE ridiculous. if that seems so much to us, and its not real diamonds, think what EDWARD spent!?!?!
    *sigh* first the bracelet, now the ring…and i cant get either!!!
    the survey was really confusing…what, 2 questions?
    thank you TwilightTube! that will be sooo much easier. whenever i search for twilight things on YouTube, i always am looking at trailers made by fans…not exactly movie stuff =/
    so now i dont have to! =D
    i’m gonna cry those prices are so mean! (slightly sarcastic)

  7. hmm…is it just me, or is not working?

  8. Why can’t I get to Twilighttube?

  9. BoysfromBooks says

    haha all this enhancing our twilight obsession could be unhealthy for us =] our rooms will be flooding with twilight clothes, jewelry, books, posters, etc…lol
    (sorry for the double post)

  10. I think your right erica it’s not working for me either. ๐Ÿ™

  11. Erica no it isn’t!!!! Well it isn’t for me either! Why oh why isn’t it working! I want to check out jewelry that is over priced but good!!!! arararara!

    Guess I will just have to go without *Sigh*.


  12. I think we overloaded twilighttube lol

  13. I hate how the ring sizes only go up to a 9. I wear a size 10, so I guess I could get a 9 and just resize it, but what about the fans out there who have bigger fingers? I just found that kind of weird and unfair.

  14. yeah, i think Tanit is right. probably too many people are checking it out right now…
    hmm…i guess we’ll just have to see it later. ๐Ÿ™

  15. Well that would make sence…I really hope it works for us later!

    There’s hope!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Mary Alice Cullen says

    If only i could buy the stuff.

  17. I’ll tip of my boyfriend about this. It better be pretty!

  18. yea, twilighttube isn’t working for me either. :'(

    I agree, those prices are way to high. I’ll never be able to get one ๐Ÿ™

  19. Guess Who? says

    yay! listen to the NPR link because *cough cough* i’m in it ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. I bought the bracelet… and if the ring is as good as that was… i deffinatley want to buy it.
    Although, the prices are abit too high for someone my age…. im gunna have to beg ๐Ÿ˜›

  21. Totally excited about the ways to increase my twilight obession, my boyfriend will not be please :). But wow those prices are way to high for the rings, no one is really going to be able to afford them.

  22. Awww, the real one is so expensive! If I could I’d buy it. But I’m sure the fashion one will be awesome! Twilight teez you rock!

  23. Allie Cullen says

    the twilight tube link isn’t working…

  24. wow…extreme prices!! but all worth it!!

  25. AWESOME!!!!

    u know what? they should have a contest 4 us so we could try to win the ring…the ACTUAL ONE! that would be sweet!!!!

  26. Boo_Boo_Bella! says

    Rosie thats the same idea as the Zoey 101 thing with the necklace

    but thats an alright idea, but with Twilight being a future hit, they won’t do it

  27. yeah i know Boo_Boo_Bella

  28. I’m getting one of the signature editions when they are available.

    Not the real diamond or real gold because I can’t afford that, but the other.

  29. anna mae says

    yay !
    I’m so excited that they finished the ring !
    I can’t wait to buy it. (:
    It’s kind of expensive, but soooo worth it !!

    and TwilightTube doesn’t work for me either, but i think it’s a fabulous idea.

  30. Is it for Sunday’s paper?

  31. silentcamisado says

    Which paper is it for? Saturday or Sunday?

  32. JordanaCullenx3 says

    ok…i just read that la times article…but the cullens are deff. NOT the most popular people in school. hm..maybe the changed that ?

  33. Michaela says

    for some reason TwilightTube isn’t loading on my internet explorer.. do you know why?

  34. Those rings are over priced. My obsession is making me go broke. I never knew obsessions could be pricey!

  35. I wish they had a picture of it! And twilight tube isn’t working, yo!

  36. VampGirl says

    PLEASE DON’T MAKE SOME STUPID PLASTIC RING, I WANT IT TO BE REALISTIC!!! Btw Twilighttube is an awwwwweeeeeessssssooooooooommmmmmmeeee idea!

  37. VampGirl says

    Oh! Sry I didn’t see the link… I guess they definetly aren’t going to make a stupid plastic ring… But I don’t think I can afford the real thing. CRAP!

  38. The Weasel says

    I’m so sick of the constant “that ring is too expensive and overpriced” comments. Have any of you actually looked at real engagement rings? GOOD QUALITY starts at several hundred to over a thousand dollars. Most nicer ones are about two grand. Not to mention this is a specialty made and designed ring. They have to make up for the price of the materials, the time and process, etc. It is not overpriced, next time you’re in the mall check out prices for engagement rings or check out QVC and HSN. Sure, I can’t afford the real diamond one, but I think it’s far from overpriced. I’ll probably end up with the CZ one. I’m sorry for this rant but I’m getting really ticked off at the way this fandom acts when something is given to us (not to mention approved by Stephenie Meyer herself) because God Forbid we have to pay more than twenty dollars for something of GOOD QUALITY endorsed by the author. Don’t kick a gift-horse in the mouth, at least we have someone willing to take the time to make these things. We could have nothing at all. And at very least, you can be happy that we’re finally going to see a picture of how Stephenie imagined the ring.

  39. VampGirl says

    Why doesn’t work? Is my computeer just being stupid?

  40. VampGirl says

    I’m not saying it’s overpriced, The Weasel, I’m just saying I can’t afford it.

  41. The Weasel says

    And I never said you specifically, I’m referring to the comments people have been making further up on the page, as well as on the TwilightTeez site, and on various other message boards.

  42. VampGirl says

    Oh sry…

  43. obsessiontothextreme says

    HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! twilighttube is not working!!!!!!!!!!!


  45. Reddo Mayte =) says

    Does Anyone Know Why Twi-Tube Ain’t Working?

    I think it is an awesome idea… If it worked… Maybe we have overloaded the server… Wouldn’t be surprised to be honest ๐Ÿ˜‰

  46. La tua Cantante says

    I hope they make it look kind of more victorian style.
    This is what i mean..something similar to this!!!
    This is my favorite style and this is kind of how I invisioned or wished bellas ring looked like!!! I like all of these.but you have to scroll down to see all these!!!

  47. is there going to be a way for people who don’t live anywhere near LA to see the picture??
    i feel left out.

  48. angela!: lol….me too.

    to everyone else: no, obviously its not just you that is having problems with twilighttube. i havent been able to see it yet either, and ive been trying since this morning…
    im sure the site is just having problems and they’ll probably fix it soon.
    i suggest you just keep checking back every now and then to see if its working…

  49. angela: you’re totally right…
    And as for bella’s engagement ring.. yay!! It’s not going to be plastic!!!

  50. zoey cullen says

    twilight tube link isnt working =[ and does anyone know if you can get the twilight bracelet here in the UK i want one soooo badly!