Interview With Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg

Melissa Rosenberg, who wrote the script for the Twilight movie, was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule (When you read the interview, you realize that this lady has multi-tasking down!) to tell us about writing the movie script.


Some highlights include:

"There’s nowhere I’d rather be than in a room full of talented writers, breaking story together. But it can also be a little like being crammed onto a submarine during wartime."

"I live in terror of writer’s block. I had it once, early on. It’s the complete loss of confidence. Horrible. The only way through it is to simply write."

"And of course, Catherine, whose work I absolutely loved, so I was a little intimidated meeting her. I went in and talked about how I thought the book could be structured. We discussed many different options, but the one thing we all completely agreed on was that the book was our bible. We would not veer off it."

Here’s the interview. Thank you again to Melissa, and thank you to Cocoa for acting as our interviewer.


  1. did she write the script?

  2. Yes she did. Fun stuff, I didn’t think it was that big of a deal to write the script, but now I see that it is.

  3. SWEET! 2ND!!!

    yes she did, Fatima…

  4. I like her “I recommend surrender” line… a lot, because that’s exactly what I intend to do! No need to struggle!

    Awesome, awesome.

  5. I’m glad they decided to completely stick to the book, they’ll realize in the end that it’ll make the movie so much better 🙂

  6. Awesome interview! She seems like a really cool person . . . and I feel secure about her having adapted the book; she really sounds as though she was dedicated to getting it “right.”

  7. Love how they will integrate “Clair de Lune” into the film!

  8. awesomeeeeeee =]

  9. Michelle says

    This was really great & I love her message to the fans.

  10. Mary Alice Cullen says

    Thanks for the interview!

  11. dancing in bella’s bedroom? I don’t remmber that scence… Oh well who cares. I’m happy their trying to do it right!

  12. Um, I can easily NOT dance to ‘I’ll take you there’ by The Staple Singers. UGH. Whose bad idea was that?
    Of all the song choices for Edward to try and get Bella to dance and *that* was picked. *shudders*

  13. VampGirl says

    I think it’s really great that there not gonna stray off of the book cuz if they did I’d be really MAD! I also hope they don’t leave anything out…

  14. Great interview. Thanks!

    I’d love to see that dancing scene *sighs*

  15. peacelovevampires says

    wow, she seems really down to earth! Im much more relieved about the film after reading the “our bible” part 🙂

  16. um, Mys. Duende?!?
    “‘I’ll take you there” wasn’t picked at all. She says:
    “…the scene changed and we wanted to fold in the Debussy piece that Stephenie wrote into the book, “Clair De Lune” [Clair, people, not Claire^^]. So the Staple Singers were out.”

    I’m so glad “Clair de Lune” made it into the movie. SO GLAD! YAY

  17. the dancing part is in edward room and they changed they’re mind they chose debussy…coolness

  18. inthemeadow says

    Is there any way you can change the java script so that the window can be larger? The font is too small, and when I make it larger, then i’m forced to constantly move the bottom bar to read it, which is very irritating. Thanks.

    Better?  ~Admin

  19. behappyhewhispered says

    I like her. She’s….saucy. She seems very distractable…just like I always imagined a script writer/editor would be. Like the casting and shes talking and then goes OH! And Jackson. I laughed. I like her. THANK YOU LEXICON YOU ROCK!!!!

  20. Dancing at Clair de Lune in Edward’s room? I think my brain stopped working.

    Seriously people, can it get any better than this? I think they’re making an EXCELENT job, even with the added or changed scenes!

    Kudos to Summit!

  21. alter eggo says

    If I doubted her before, I don’t now. I can’t believe she’s one of the writers for Dexter. I am a huge fan of that show, and it’s very well written.
    And it’s also an adaption, so that’s cool.

    The only thing that’s been niggling in the back of my mind, about the movie, is that Rosalie seems like she’s on friendly terms with Bella. But I think I get why they’re making her more chummy.

  22. enfennemore says

    Great interview. It really helps calm my fears about the movie.

  23. That was awesome! Its really interesting


    We are slacking (:

  24. Great interview!!!
    And dancing to Clair de Lune in Edward’s bedroom…adorable!!!

  25. Awesome interivew.

  26. Wow, I didn’t think this would be worth my time to read. But it was actually a very very interesting interview. Makes me wanna “surrender” (haha) and open my mind to the movie’s creative differences. I only hope that the rest of the fans will do the same, instead of picking out the “errors” when they go see it.

  27. Um, I’m having problems reading it too. It just shows up as purple/black paragraphs of dots, even when I zoom in on it. I’ve never had problems viewing interviews before..Help?

  28. I think they choose a great screen writer who can take her own thoughts but also Stephenie’s and turn it into a awesome movie and i think she understands a great deal of what Stephenie wanted the movie to be like

  29. heehee. i love it how everybody has special love for jackson. the writer, the photographer, everybody loves him! he must be a really cool guy.

  30. Lovely interview! Thanks for posting! I’m glad Twilight is in the right hands. =D

  31. icky vicky says

    Great interview! I wish I had that kind of multitasking skill! U go, Melissa!!!!!!!

    I hope this movie is worth all the hype. Not that I underestimate Stephanie, Catherine, Melissa, or any of the cast and crew, i swear! My greatest fear is that it will be the Eragon movie all over again, you know? Maybe i’m just nervous…

    Well, good luck to all of the cast and crew, good luck Melissa, and BEST WISHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  32. Hello, I’m sorry to intrude, but there’s something I think needs to be brought to the attention of the admins. Apparently, a few days ago you guys linked to a Twilight-related story that was featured on a Harry Potter website, which I’m not going to name for reasons I’ll explain in a moment. Unfortunately, a lot — and I do mean a LOT — of your site’s visitors followed the link to the HP site and began trolling the comments. Some of the Twilighters who visited were nice and respectful, but most of them were not. They were confrontational and abusive in their speech (one of them even made the lovely comment that s/he wished all Harry Potter fans would die in an explosion on the Hogwarts Express — charming, no?). I won’t pretend that some of the HP fans didn’t make inflammatory comments themselves, nor will I deny that some of them fed the Twilight trolls. However, the fact remains that the situation would never have gotten to this point if the Twilight fans had not felt the need to start trolling the comments of the HP site in question, and insulting HP and HP fans in the first place. As of today, at least one of them (who comments under the name Twilight Rocks) has started trolling not just the comments of the article you guys linked, but also the comments of other articles on the site. This is why I’ve decided not to name the site; I don’t want to encourage any other trolls who might read this and head over there to cause more trouble. I realize it’s too late for you guys to do anything about this situation, but I wanted to make sure you were aware of what was happening. I would respectfully suggest that next time you link to another HP site, it might be prudent to add a warning that trolling the other site is not acceptable under any circumstances. It’s not exactly making the Twilight Lexicon look good, nor is it making a lot of people who frequent the HP site in question want to read the Twilight books.

    Emma, I know the site, and it’s owner. We firmly do not support flaming under any circumstances.  I will say this however, there are tons of fans who are members on both sites, and sadly there are members on both sites who apparently lack manners and just plain good judgment. Bottomline they are both great books, in different genres and it’s not a contest to see which is better. The only way you can compare them is in a strong fanbase and in sales total(book-to-book) Frankly as a Harry  Potter fan with Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff tendancies I don’t get why people just don’t take a breather and act with better sense. 

    As to the issue at hand, we were not the only Twilight site that carried that story. Several sites did. It was also mentioned on the IMDB.  Who knows where the incoming people came from? If Melissa want to contact me and tell me that 75% of her traffic to that thread was via our link  and can I speak to my members I will, but I have had no such contact.  Just as on this site anyone who violates our TOS with flaming is banned, I’m sure the folks over at TLC can ban whatever they deem inappropriate on their site.  In as much as they haven’t contacted me, I assume there is no issue.


  33. i beleive saying that on HP is very rude, Emma K…

  34. I am excited for the film and interested in seeing how it will translate from book to script form.

    I would love to have a bound copy of the screenplay. That would be sweet.

    I’m meeting Stephenie Meyer here in Portland on the 20th and am super excited. I’m in art school and am currently doing a series of paintings based on the characters in her series.

    From what Stephenie has said not a lot of men go to her signings in comparison to women. I guess I’m gonna stand out.

    If anyone wants to see what I’m working on feel free:

  35. KATIEKAT says

    wow. lovely interview guys. thanks. i only read it to see if she screwed up the scropt, but it seems like she did a good job. and the OC was one of my faves.i miss it.

    EMMA-i know its sad. i’m a harry potter fan first, have been for almost 10 years, and lets just say that i will always respect both fandoms, even though i am more involved in twilight that hp.

    it just makes twilight fans look bad overall if they commented bad things about HP. i know of many HP fans reading twilight and they would never bash the twilight world. even if a few havent liked it as much as me.

    infact, i wouldn’t be here right now typing this if it wasn’t for Deathly Hallows comign out and needing the love of a new book to cure my post-HP “its all over” depression/

  36. KATIEKAT says

    Lobo Rojo: i have a thingy but it wouldn’t let me comment.
    wonderful art. love it. esp. JANE. its great!

  37. LeighAnn says


    yeah, it’s quite sad.

    i probably should have gotten used this by now as i’ve been participating/reading twilight forums/sites for a while, but i still can’t help being shocked/surprised by the hypocrisy of (quite a lot of) twilight fans, accusing others of being mean when they are being mean themselves (and sometimes even more so).

    on a related note (lol), melissa rosenberg was really cool in the interview =)


    Thank you very much!

    Yeah, the comment thing on my blog is weird sometimes. Jane is one of my favorite characters and I am going to paint that drawing with watercolor real soon.

  39. Wow that was really awsome interview and dancing in Edward’s room thing with Clair de Lune…..ADORABLE, think, the people who haven’t read the book go watch the movie and the beggining of the movie where one of the Cullens (Jasper?) tells Edward to kill her to get it overwith,someting like that,people are going to think that they are cirial killers 🙂 and then the dancing in Edward’s room….. AWSOMNESS!!!! my heart will melt…..(like it didn’t with Rob) 😀

  40. VampGirl says

    Well, I totally agree that people shouldn’t bash HP but I would be willing to bet that there were a lot of HP fanz bashing Twilight. And I also bet that that it’s VERY likely that an HP fan started it when they saw the name a Twilight fan commented as.

    -coming from a partial HP fan

  41. TeamRobert! says

    There’s a bunch of videos here with Robert in them. They’re about How To Be, which Robert stars in. Robert’s laugh is awesome at the end of this first one!

  42. From my experience, Twilight bashing and Stephenie bashing is very common on TLC comment threads for Twilight-related items… this was before any Twilight trolls showed up. That’s very sad and unfortunate.

  43. LeighAnn says

    i’m not saying hp fans weren’t bashing twilight or didn’t provoke the trolling. but just because hp fans are not being nice means that twilight fans have to be mean as well? it’s not really so much the bashing that is bothering me. it’s the hypocrisy — a lot of twilight fans don’t practice what they preach, so to speak. another thing is the naivety or the unwillingness to believe that a lot of twilight fans can in fact be very mean.

  44. Wow, when did fandom become so…rabid? Can’t it just stay as “OMG I LOVE TWILIGHT”, instead of “OMG TWILIGHT IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN THIS”?

  45. whoa, emma. that’s NOT very cool to blame it ALL on the lexiconers. still, i’m sorry it happened.

  46. Thank you for such a beautiful interview, Ms. Rosenberg. All your allusions to dancing and music were so lovely, they make me look forward to seeing the movie even more!

    And thanks, Lexicon!

  47. Samantha says

    Oh wow! I can’t wait to see him trying to convince her to dance *sigh*
    My crush did that to me once, I still swoon at the thought of it.
    Cool interview, thanks for that guys!

  48. Luna:

    I completely agree with you. I’m on both fanbases (HP and Twilight) and I simply HATE when people compare them. They’re extremely different, and I love them both to death.

    I don’t want to choose one, I don’t want one to beat the other, and I certainly DON’T want the fans to start a stupid war, specially not one based on hipocrisy.

    I hate competition.

  49. Oh, BTW


    I LOVE your work! Kudos to you! I’m an art student as well, but there’s no way I’m even near the awesomeness of your stuff. You have great technique and serious talent right there mate. Keep doing this fantastic art, that’s what we, twilighters/art students need! It’s actually really inspiring. Makes my fingers jumpy. I’m actually on the need to draw right now. xD

    Are you familiar with If you are, what’s your username so I can check you out?

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