Reelz Transcripts and the Leaky Cauldron

Reelz releases the transcripts from interviews conducted while on set.  You will find many of your favorites there!

The Leaky Cauldron posts a Robert Pattinson news round up.  We are happy to share the excitment of having this great actor in both fandoms.


  1. betty sue says:

    It just seems that HP site is way behind in making any reports on this. I know of other HP sites that have reported on Robert Pattinson and Twilight weeks ago.

  2. Love Leaky. 😀

  3. Fatimeh says:

    woooohhhh this is awesome.
    its funny reading the interviews
    because the whole thing is like.

    “umm… know.. uh well..”

    hahah they are awesome.

  4. Selina says:

    … Taylor keeps saying ya know and it is bothering me…

  5. bunches says:

    WoW, is it just me or does the visitors on the Leaky Cauldron get touchy about HP? I couldn’t help but read some of the comments and find the derrogatory statements about SM’s writing rather bothersome. It’s cool if you don’t like the subject matter, but some of those comments seemed too personal of an attack on her writing ability.
    I’m rather educated and found the books to be sweet and sincere in their dialog. Edward is from a different time and his lines would carry a bit of cheeziness that guys today would not utter.
    Get a grip guys and consider character developement before you zap a writer for the lines their character says.
    I’ll stop PMS’ing now….sorry, it just has to be said.

  6. edwardcullenistotallyhot says:

    There’s a lot of ‘ya know’ in the transcript, especially in taylor’s interview >_>

  7. The made Embry Sam’s younger brother?! That’s what it says in the Reelz transcripts (and they spelled Uley incorrectly). I guess they won’t bring up the thing with Embry not knowing who his father is and how that influences the pack. I don’t mind, it just means that they really can’t go into too much detail about character’s backgrounds.

  8. ha ha ha

  9. christina says:

    love the interviews on reel..but there was a lot of ya knows, and ums, and uhs! lol i think they were all cold and that slurred their speech. XD

    i read the leaky couldron article…i knew about everything in it lol but i decided to read it anyway..and i wish i wouldn’t have read some of those comments. they got me irritated lol but i just stopped looking at them just like the lexicon said..there’s going to be a lot more hate coming out once this get’s bigger, we just gotta ignore it. i hate how some people judge a book before they read it..sigh.

  10. icky vicky says:

    Who do you think is gonna be cuter in the movie: The dude who is playing Embry or the dude who is playing Quil?

  11. The transcripts from reel were a little poorly put together dont you think? I dont know, I am just … unimpressed.

    Maybe the interviewer didnt know how to ask the right questions to get good responses from the actors? The majority of the responses were a little lackluster.

    I did laugh though at Kristen getting asked about the whole girl power movie thing and she’s like “oh my contact, so not brown eyes”. hee. Love her

  12. *sigh* the comments on leaky made me a little irritated. i mean, yeah sure stephenie isn’t a “perfect” writer when compared to rowling. cuz, you know, rowling is perfect [sarcasm]. i think a lot of hp fans just have a hard time stepping out of the magical box they live in. they have a hard time understanding that there will be books after harry potter that will have fans as devoted as them. jeez… i’m a hp fan! i moved on! and i found twilight! and i love it! 😀 [sorry i had to vent a little and i figured, what better place?]

  13. omg, in Taylor’s interview it got so annoying because after every single word he said, he would say ‘ya know’ lol
    but thats okay i guess because if i was being interviewed i would probably keep saying a word over and over again, lol

  14. roberta says:

    god, all the “ya know, ya know, ya know” got dead annoying =S

  15. mmmm…I doubt everyone said yah know…more like you know. Ugh. The transcripts were interesting but they would have been easier to read if they were cleaned up a little.

  16. why do they all say ya know every other word?????
    Very frustrating!

    apart from that how cool is it to read what they say! NIce that they have the time to talk!:)

  17. roberta says:

    and about the Leaky thing: I wanted to comment but then my STUPID computer deleted it all… I’ll type it all again later. i think some of the comments are really sad. =S

  18. haha, i honestly couldn’t read the rest of the interviews because of all the ‘ya knows’. they were driving me crazy!!

    as for the hp vs. twilight…
    i don’t get why it’s such a big deal haha. i’m a big fan of twilight and harry potter. they’re two COMPLETELY different stories, and have nothing to do with each other. the fighting is a little immature lol.

  19. I read the article at the leaky cauldron and then read some of the comments and became a little upset because some were not even giving Twilight a chance or Stephenie and she dosen’t deserve what some people were saying about her writing. I read HP before Twilight and loved it. It was just really upsetting.

    Oh by the way guys this is a place to post comments about the topic not a place to complain about how many “ya knows” used.

  20. NenaCullen says:

    Wow… those coments at the leaky are mean! It saddens me, because I am a fan of both HP and Twilight and I don’t get why people can’t just get along.

  21. Twifanatic Amanda says:

    Sara: Embry could be Sam’s younger brother is what they’re talking about haha so they’ve obviously read all the books, I think that’s so great. They were like our dad’s promiscuous ohhhhhh

  22. YA KNOW? haha. ahh sorry but that was getting me annoyed. other than that it was good to read (:

  23. ugghh i can’t stand glenn beck..he is soo ignorant, i guess i’ll have to deal with him for an hour

  24. ooopss wrong section

  25. Jessicaaa says:

    geeze. how many times can a person say ya know in one sentence…or run-on?

  26. Yeah, I agree with the whole thing about HP vs. Twilight. I love Harry Potter, it’s actually the first book that got me into reading. I used to be on Leaky all the time before the series finished and before I discovered Twilight. Now that I go back and read the comments, it honestly makes me feel bad as an HP fan. I mean, if they don’t like the books then they don’t have to comment. I really don’t think if a Twilight website posts anything about HP that any of us Twilight fans would bash Rowling like that, because we know how much of a great writer she is, and how much people respect her. Which is how we feel about Stephenie.

    I don’t like it, but would have to agree with a lot of people when I say that most HP fans just don’t like the idea that another series has so many fans that are just as dedicated to these books as they are to their own. 🙁

    Sorry about the rant…I had to get it off my chest. 🙂

  27. The ‘you know, umm, ”
    is annoying.

  28. I think Rob was abetter Cedric then Edward, but maybe thats just because I am a bigger Harry Potter fan. But what do expect from major HP fans? Of coarse they will greatly favor HP. Twilighters (or howver twilight fans are called) do the same thing over Twilight being compared to Harry Potter.

  29. LeighAnn says:

    Well…um, as for Twilight fans getting irritated because some HP fans are mean…Twilight fans have been just as mean…That’s what you get with rabid fans (overly protective, defensive).

  30. Rosalind says:

    i totallllyy agree with those of you who think the leaky cauldron is being a bit biased. judging books by the cover… and yes those comments were horribly rude! i’m a harry potter fan AND a twilight fan but seriously those hp obsessed have no reason to attack our books. What did WE ever do to THEM????

  31. Nadiya says:

    Thats awsome im 2 tired 2 come up with a normal comment

  32. I’m very pissed off with the HP fandom on the Cauldron.
    They are very rude and they are criticising Stephenie’s writing. I wrote a very angry rant on myspace and I am still not over it. I can’t believe those comments. Most of the people that are abusing the books are admitting that they haven’t even read the books and are judging it on, very literally, the covers.

    I am very angry because I LOVE HP. But it isn’t on. You honestly do not see any of the Twilight fandom being obnoxious and talking crap about J.K. Rowling and her books. So why do they have to do it to us and Stephenie. Very, very, very aggravated child, I am.

  33. I’m an avid Harry Potter fan, and I love Twilight too but I must agree with you ilovespaceheaters [who also has an awesome MySpace URL].
    Some of the HP fans aren’t taking Twilight seriously, but LOADS ARE.
    Admittedly, they’re only getting into it because Rob played Cedric [

  34. i don’t like this! i just visited the page and read the comments and the HP fans are making bashing comments about twilight calling it “fan-fiction” and other stuff that are not so nice.
    we should not lower our selves to their level and start to bash harry potter. as twilight fans we know that Stephanie wouldn’t like that so i beg please don’t make any bashing comment about HP. i hate this. we respect the HP series why don’t they respect the Twilight books?
    this is so aggravating!!!!

  35. Guys, I love Twilight and everything, but give the HP fans a break (sorry but I’m one of them)

    Some of them are being truly inmature -rolls eyes- but others have actually made REALLY good points for not liking Twilight (don’t throw rocks on me! I like Twilight!) but I must say, some Twilighters have gone to our comment boards and called us nerds, wished us to die on an explosion, so the HP fans are not the only agressive ones.

    To end the note: HP fans are not jealous of Twilight! HP fans are searching for new things to read and, sadly, many of them have HATED Twilight. (My best friend for an instance). Some of them get annoyed because when one says he doesn’t like Twilight, people start throwing rocks at him.

    Well, I can’t wait to see that movie, I think it’ll be great!

  36. xdestinee619x says:

    hate this. we respect the HP series why don’t they respect the Twilight books?
    this is so aggravating!!!!

    yeah well i looove HP series. the book has nothing to do with those rude comments. jk rowling is not the one that posted them. w/e i was just mad about how this one person said that robert is wrong for thinkig that all love stories are abouts sex when thats not what he said. he said that hp is not technically a love story. which is true even though there are some parts, the love story is not the main idea. so that irritated me cause that one person assumed that twilight is so romantic because it was about sex when we all know we love that book because it doesnt incorporate that matter.

  37. I agree with Kim. I tried to get my friend to read Twilight and she read the first few sentences and hated it. she says that Hp is so much better. (Im sorry but I have to agree). If it wasn’t for Harry potter i might’ve not even picked up twilight so… I think you guys should be quiet about HP.

  38. Also some of the comments there are not hating on twilight. The few who are give a very good reason.

  39. Your post Twilight Lexicon » Reelz Transcripts and the Leaky Cauldron was very interesting when I found it over google on Saturday by my search for the leaky cauldron. I have your blog now in my bookmarks and I visit your blog again, soon. Take care.

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