Twilight movie Doubles

While on set we had the opportunity to meet many people.  It takes a great deal of talent to make a movie possible.  From the doubles/stand-ins, to the sound, to the lighting, to the props and transportation.  Every person on set is vital to the filming process.  Here are a few Twilight movie doubles we met on our journey.  Without them, shooting this film would have been very difficult.  We present our salute to the Twilight Movie Double…

See the video here.



The person behind Katie in the opening interview is actually physically holding the tent down.

"What does a double do exactly?"  I am glad you asked.  A double stands in place of an actor during lighting and scene staging.  They do not do stunts.  Thats what stunt doubles are for.  Doubles are often used in scenes where the actors face is never seen.  For instance in wide shots.  Doubles allow film makers the freedom to experiment with scenes without having to use the "talent" for non speaking, non acting situations.  Particularly with underage actors doubles become EXTREMELY important because the actor can only spend so much time on set.  So they have to use them judiciously.  And in the case of Twilight, the underage actors on set are great in number, which included Kristen up until a month ago.

I hope this answers your question!  *goes to rock out to Eminem some more*



  1. colette says:

    yeah first comment i love love love it!!!

  2. KayBay says:

    -claps- Yay doubles! Why weren’t comments allowed before?

    Cause I was fixing the code and didn’t want to read 10 "Why isn’t it working posts"  LOL   ~Cocoa

  3. sparkilingskin says:

    jacbos double looks really cold

    poor guy

  4. that was great. salute!

  5. That’s cool! Way to go stand ins!!

  6. KayBay says:

    Ah, smart move, Cocoa, considering that probably would have been my comment. xP

    Glad it’s working now! =)

  7. Woah.. that’s cool. : D
    Never thought that there were so many doubles for a movie. X_x

  8. Fatimeh says:

    i’m sure it would be amazing being a double or stand in.
    lotsa fun!

  9. Thank you Lexicon! It’s so funny to see the actors doubles. I mean, I know that in the final product we’ll hardly tell the difference between the “real” and “fake” ones, but seeing up close how they’re actually nothing alike is awkward in a funny, amusing way.

    Did that make any sense at all?

    Oh dear, I think I’m losing it.

  10. Yay!! I love those guys…..they seem really down to earth. =)

  11. great video!!! Everyone looks soo cold!!

    And omg!! I havent heard that song in years!!!

    Thank you Lexicon!!!!!

  12. Yay! Loved the video! Great job! THANK YOU!!

  13. Yes we salute you! That song was so perfect for the video! LOVED IT!

  14. CSBARR says:

    awesome! so neat to see so many of the ‘other Cullens & characters’!

  15. Yeah, I saw the comments weren’t allowed at first and I thought, “well that’s mean. Why can’t we comment?” But now it’s fine!

    I loved the interviews! Is it weird that Katie (Kristen’s double) is how I imagined Bella to look more so than Kristen? Don’t get me wrong, I love Kristen as bella, but Katie just looks like the image I had in my head more… πŸ™‚ Thanks for posting this!!

  16. Awesome, the doubles seem like really cool people :’D

  17. VampGirl says:

    Ugh!!!!!!!!!!! It says ”were sorry this video is no longer available” UGH UGH UGH!!!!!!!! Anyone kno how to fix it?

  18. rofl i love the music!
    katie and kristen seem alot alike haha.
    and poor jacobs double he looked so cold, and like shocked haha.
    i love the lexicon.

  19. lindsey says:

    i dont understand what doubles do… why cant the actors do some stuff- like stand in the crash scene or whatever… i really want to know so if someone wants to inform me…

  20. VampGirl says:

    Lindsey: I think is has something to do with not wanting get the real actors/actresses hurt… U know, just in case something goes wrong…

  21. lindsey:
    These people are trained proffesionals, plus they have to do stunts and things in the movie that may be slightly dangerous. One of the stunt doubles actually got a concussion in the fight scene he was filming. The actors just act and the doubles are trained specifically to do all the cool running/fighting stuff. Does that explain it? I mean I’m not the best explainer out there……

  22. VampGirl says:

    Yeah, I think ur right Fatima.

  23. Twifanatic Amanda says:

    That’s awesome, you guys got to talk to a lot of people!

  24. xKatieXCullenx says:

    Ooo, cool. The music you used is hilarious. All the stunt doubles seem down-to-earth. πŸ™‚

  25. Nice music lmaoo

  26. Sheila says:

    haha…I got picked to try out for Angela’s double..Oregan was too far a drive, so I declined the offer…it would have been nice, though…

  27. latifa says:

    the video doesnt work anymore πŸ™

  28. wow. That was really cool that you guys did that. πŸ™‚

    So.. stand ins, eh? Hmm… *starts planning next acting move* :P:P

  29. Fatimeh says:

    3minem! lol
    and doesnt the teaser trailer come out today?
    or is it tomorrow?

  30. lindsey says:

    yup i understand- you are both wonderful explainers… πŸ™‚

  31. VampGirl says:

    Fatimeh: The trailer is already out.

  32. MareBear says:

    That was great.

    I just wanted to say…Eminem was an EXCELLENT choice for music. I started laughing when it was playing. So fitting.

    Thanks for all the extra “insides”! And for standing out in the cold so we could see the set! You ladies rock! Summit invited you, right and then did they tell you what you could do? ie, the interviews with the…etc? How fun!

  33. christina says:

    nice music choice! lolll loved the video! that was nice hearing things from the doubles and the p.a.! πŸ˜€

  34. Cullengirl says:

    You know what? I think that the P.a. for Peter facinelli was the one in the very first promo. pics that came out! Does anyone else see that? Go watch the video again, pause it when it shows his face, and then open another window and look at the promo pics with Peter. I’m telling you guys its Roman and not peter. He said he started out as a photo double. Not that thats a bad thing! I just thought that was neat. Ha ha. Can’t wait for december 12!

  35. Fatimeh says:

    vampgirl- the "sneak peak" of the teaser trailer is already out. the actual teaser trailer is supposed to either be out today or tomorrow. i just don’t know which day. there was a countdown on "" but its not there anymore.

    No, that is a common misnomer.  The teaser trailer is the trailer that will show on  The count down is till the site goes live.  You will not see a full length trailer till late summer at the earliest.  ~Cocoa

  36. melissa says:

    eminem teehee…
    please stand up, please stand up. :]

    katie seems so sweet.

    but, i dont see why angela gets a stand-in.

  37. imaginary says:

    Fatimeh, the correct website is not They look the same at first but ony the one has the countdown.

  38. Fatimeh says:

    lol thank you guys.
    i was just a bit confused..

  39. Katie looks so sweet…it’s weird because i think the way she talks is completely different from Kristen

  40. mMmMarren says:

    that was actually alot more interesting than I thought it was gonna be. Nice to hear from everyone else involved in the film. Nicely done Lexiconers!

  41. Andrea Leigh says:

    i think that angela’s double actually looked a little bit like christian, but that video’s great! jacob’s double was freezing!

  42. christina says:

    a new video is up on mtv of the fan’s reactions! πŸ˜€

    Thanks, we got it.  We will post it in a bit.  ~Cocoa

  43. VampGirl says:

    Oh I guess I was wrong I thought that was the real trailer… I guess I didn’t know what they ment by ‘teaser’ trailer. OK I know now, Thanx Cocoa!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. michelle says:

    Thanks for this! I’ve always wondered what stand ins did exactly. I think it’s great that you’re recognizing everyone that worked on the film aside from the main actors. πŸ™‚

  45. Ashley says:

    I love it! You guys are awesome! πŸ™‚ I have been a stand in & double for Anne Hathaway & it was so much fun!!! Lots of work goes into movies!!! πŸ™‚

  46. Katie has a lot of the same mannerisms as Kristen, like when she looks away and nods her head and furrows her brow, maybe i’m overly observant. but she also seems a lot more comfortable with the interview.

  47. Kristina_Rose says:

    Katie looks nothing like Kristen…Ah well I’ve seen that before, but it amuses me that they look like the same person on film.

  48. Hellish Red Devil says:

    Let’s hear it for the doubles! πŸ˜€

  49. Why is that "Are you a Vampire" ad ALWAYS at the top of the screen?

    Its just a google ad. ~Cocoa


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