scullingonsquam final shooting day

Scullingonsquam has updated her blog to tell you all about her exciting final day on set.  But before we give you that link.  We would like to salute our fair friend Maggie! 

Ode to Maggie’s Socks

The waves, they crashed upon the shore
Taunting us vampire lore
In every direction we dared to looked
The water gushed from cranny and nook

We thought the day would be a joy
But clearing skies were just a decoy
The wind soon picked up the tents
Away with Dorothy we almost went

Up to camp the Director cried
Before the rushing of the tide
Alas the cries were barely heard
For shoes and boots soon were submerged

Up to our knees the water came
Rushing and flowing in true La Push fame
But what of our feet now richly soaked?
And our aching cold bones that now croaked?

Here lies the story of title proclaimed
For Maggie, the prepared, soon exclaimed
I have spare socks for your soaking feet
For she, like Mike, had packed complete

Into her Poppin’s bag she dug
In search things to make us snug
Out came fresh socks and jacket too
Then BeMyEscape smiled and knew

To Maggie’s socks gratitude would flow
She even gave them the name Cleo
They warmed her feet while others froze
She watched their goose bumps as they arose

By the end of the day the socks met their fate
For nothing can best the Portland climate
Not even heroic socks like these
That gave their life for an admin’s ease

So stand this day in solemn salute
To a girl and her socks who stood resolute
To help this fandom on its mission
And helped us survive the severe conditions

The End.

And now we give you…Scullingonsquam for your reading pleasure! 

See Maggie highlighted on her University’s website here!


  1. lol! I love the poem! “Cleo” huh? We all appreciate your wonderful reporting on our beloved Twilight!
    Thank you so much for your dedication.

  2. That is awsome! You guys are so cool!!!!!!!!
    OH, and i officially salute you!!!!


  3. christina says:

    thanks so much maggie!!

  4. Lovely poem!! Here’s to maggie!!

  5. iluvtwilight says:

    “not to mention the work that will begin soon on New Moon”

    OMG has it been confirmed they’re doing the other movies?!

  6. Summit and Stephenie’s management are hammering out the details, we expect news in the short coming months.

  7. No confirmation yet… but of course they’re all thinking about it, just no confirmation and no work has yet begun on it yet. Sorry!

  8. Be My Escape says:

    I would just like to say how grateful my feet were for Maggie’s socks!!! Trust me I was becoming part amphibian I was so soaked.

  9. Natasha says:

    nice poem!

    and i love reading your reports, maggie!
    they’re so vivid and comprehensive!

  10. jummmmi says:

    You really should be a poet!

    Funny story. Twilighters and socks seem to be connected in any way^^

  11. Ambereyes says:

    Maggie is our hero!!! 😉

  12. QUEENCROWN says:

    i love how you say her socks gave their life. That is too funny!

  13. jummmmi: Haha, there should be a fanfic with socks/twilighters.

    OK, bad joke.


  14. Very nice poem! 🙂

  15. Hahaha, oh wow, I just noticed the little space ships and the alien gun shooting the hearts that say “The Host”. So adorable! I’m on page 253 of The Host now… it’s amazing so far!

  16. Ha. I really wish i could’ve been Scullingonscuam. I badly wanted to visit the set of twilight and meet the actors/actresses, plus talk to them and the crew. I wanted to get the feel of the atmosphere. Ahhh!! But they stopped shooting the film, so i’ll just be happy to see the movie later.

  17. VampGirl says:

    LOL!!!! That poem was awesome. Go maggies socks!!!

  18. SOCKS! yay. lol. Awesome ode, ladies!
    (My poodle’s name is Cleo!)

  19. i know isnt it?? I LOVE IT!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  20. Hellish Red Devil says:

    “Ode on a Grecian Urn” ain’t got nothing on “Ode to Maggie’s Socks.” 😉

    Thanks, Maggie, for the always entertaining set reports you have provided us with! I’ve enjoyed them greatly. 😀

  21. IloveJacob says:

    I wish I was that good at poetry! Thanks for being so dedicated!

  22. Nadiya says:

    O wow good for you Maddie!!!!!!!!!! Go maddie…………………………the poem was awsome but i didnt really get who wrote it?

    I wrote it, its in omage to Maggie sharing a pair of dry socks and a jacket with our Admin BeMyEscape after we were caught in the rushing tide up to our knees.  Maggie si a wonderful girl.  We are glad we got to share our day with her.  ~Cocoa

  23. Nadiya says:

    Thanks your a great writer

  24. ah socks…how I love socks…

  25. That poem was pure excellence!

  26. TopazTearz says:

    That was a really good poem. Hats off to whoever wrote it. And a huge salute to Maggie for being a wonderful person and sharing her twilight set experience with us!!

  27. Out-Of-The-Shadows says:

    I salute you! That was pure excellence! Twilighters and Socks…Nice… It all happend with Mike Welch and his loss for socks…Hee hee, seriously become a poet!

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