Mtv breaks down the trailer shot by shot

Larry has posted a blog about the trailer.  Go check out the play by play!  Make sure to comment and tell them what you think. 

Don’t Forget!!!

One of our favorite MTV bloggers wants you to Video blog your reaction to the trailer.  So make a video blog of your reaction and thoughts on the newly released Twilight teaser trailer.  Then pop on over to the MTV Blog and read how to upload your video. They are going to share some of the reactions on MTV in a piece that will air later this week. MTV is looking forward to seeing what you all think of the trailer.


  1. cool!! i’ll check it out!!

  2. How are you supposed to replicate fainting in front the computer screen?

  3. CastMeNotAway says:

    Great analysis from Larry!

  4. Takara says:

    Twilight Teaser and Twilight Tuesday…. AMAZING!

  5. hey 4th comment sorry ill actually go see the pics now….

  6. Rachel says:

    I love twilight tuesday on Monday!!!!!

  7. Corinne says:

    that’s an amazing breakdown he has!! he really is good at giving us fans exactly what we want.

  8. Natasha says:

    Why don’t they just call it Twilight Monday now? Not that I’M complaining…nope not sad at all!

  9. yes!!thats great!! thanx larry…..your a life saver…and yes kristen can totally act =)

  10. ChrissyNandez says:

    Gosh! I love his analysis.

    I didn’t even notice the cheetah growl thing. Hah! Amazing.

  11. Nice Larry !!!!! Love it. Lol. I want moooooore though!!!! I wanna see the kiss..

  12. Yay!! Twilight tuesday on monday!! woot woot!!!
    The analysis was great!! Larry is pure awesomeness…

  13. Meredith says:

    Great analysis on Larry’s part.

    However, we’ve already got the trailer, and I thought the Lexicon said we’d be seeing different stuff… is that no longer the case?

  14. lol “the stink-eye”

    And I doubt she gave you the stinkeye that’s just how her face looks, you know? That’s just her face.”
    gotta love juno.

    and Larry Carrol.


  15. Kristina_Rose says:

    You rock Larry! That play by play was amazing as was the trailor. I’ve been proud of myseld I hadn’t screadmed one at Twilgight news, but I sis today…twice.

  16. VampGirl says:

    Awwwwwesome!!! Thanx Larry! U rock!!!!!!

  17. yayy good analysis… except. ummmm…..

    -cough- big kiss? after the meadow scene? are we missing this??
    i’m hoping that the one in the trailer is either somehow not a kiss or, it’s after the first one.

  18. Thank you Larry! We all love you!

  19. Kizmet says:

    “Twilight Tuesday will also be something much anticipated!”
    question: is this it? not that it wasn’t awesome, but a breakdown of the trailer isn’t exactly something much anticipated…

  20. Twilighter Fanpire says:

    I think we all agree when i say ” TWILIGHTER LOVE U LARRY”!!!!!!

    i hope they put up alot of screen caps….

  21. Loved it but of course…are we STILL expecting more? I feel more coming forever reason…

  22. Jessie says:

    Larry should seriously be made MTV CEO or something!!! Amazing!!

  23. Allie Cullen says:

    haha. I could hear the “OMG” at the end!!! AWESOME!!!

  24. Teresa says:


  25. xoxgoodbye says:

    this is what we were all anticipating for? please don’t be lying to us…

  26. jordan says:

    Sweet! haha I love the “stink eye” ha ha. nice larry… nice 😉

  27. Twifanatic Amanda says:

    well they did give us the trailer, and now they’re just talking about it so yeah, this is it. I was like WHAT at first but then I realized that they were the ones who did the trailer sooooo yeah! WOOHOO for Twilight Tuesday…errr Monday

  28. Hey Lexicon, I’m pretty sure this isn’t Twilight Tuesday. Tomorrow they will be posting something new and different.

  29. Twifanatic Amanda says:

    Best deer desruction since Bambi haha

  30. ashley says:

    i guess Larry and i thought the same thing (as i said in my other comment)
    ~ with the scene at the end- i’ve been trying to figure out where the heck that is supposed to be. my first guess is that it isn’t in Bella’s room (because of the color, plus most of us have seen a little bit of what her room looks like) but that it’s Edward’s room. or somewhere in the Cullen’s house. The window, for starters is a hint, the hallway in the back looks like the hallway of their upstairs, the color white helps too (because Edward’s house is supposed to be light and open) but if you look-there are A LOT of books in there. and most look to be rather old…from 1917 perhaps? it looks like there are a lot of newspaper artcials or something hanging on the walls too. there is a computer also…and when they jump out of the window there are stones which makes it look like landscapeing… Also, the lines that they say help- in chapter 16 (Carlisle) when they are in EDWARD’S ROOM Bella said that she really didn’t find him (edward) scary at all. then he raised his eyebrows in disbelief and flashed a ‘wide wicked smile’ and said ‘you really shouldn’t have said that’-and then he grabbs bella and lands on the couch. so it is possible that instead of the couch they ran out the window??? .i don’t know-maybe my mind is wandering…also, when it has the whole bit with Edward and Bella and the car crash, look behind and you can see Eric, Angela, Jessica and Mike (holding an umbrella i believe). also, when it comes to edward by his Volvo you can see Alice and Jasper on the far right upper corner (Alice is holding an Umbrella).

  31. xoxgoodbye says:

    to twifanatic amanda: the trailer was first posted on myspace

  32. Claire says:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Twifanatic Amanda says:

    well yeah but they had it too, we don’t really know which came first, maybe MTV put it on myface…hahaha myface

  34. I think it’s Edward’s room. Bella’s room doesn’t follow the book either. Did you guys see the old looking books on the right?

  35. not impressed says:

    if that was it for twilight Tuesday then I can’t say I’m impressed.

  36. everytime i watch the trailer i keep seeing the deer as a kangaroo haha..the first time i watched it i thought “Edward goes to Australia?”

  37. Andrea Leigh says:

    ” Don’t you wish Stephenie would just appear here and take a bow or something? At least a little curtsy? OK, maybe not”

    ahaha i love larry ! =)

  38. In the most vivid display of deer destruction since “Bambi,” LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! HAHAHAHA!!

  39. that’s so awesome; though i already saw the stuff that he pointed out, but it’s still cool. 🙂

  40. Andrea Leigh says:

    ashley; i agree with you on that last part, i thought when bella said”im not scared of you” , etc. that he landed with her on the couch, and if im not mistaken alice and jasper knock on the door, and i think alice says” we’re just checking, we thought you were having bella for a snack and we wanted to see if you would share.” lol but im not sure. obv, its not that big a deal, the movie will have differences.

  41. Ashley:
    I’m guessing that it was either EDWARD’S room or CARLISLE’S office and yes, instead of landing on the couch, they jumped out of the window. I’m sure about that. I really loved all the books. Makes me feel homey …. ok im done.

  42. to ASHLEY and ANDREA: they were in Edward’s room at the time.

    btw, um i hope this isnt it for Twilight Tuesday.. as far as i remember there is suppose to be “something big”

  43. Edit: in the book is what i meant
    and to me, it looked like it would have been Edward’s room in the movie.

  44. Andrea Leigh says:

    okay, thats what i thought, thanks. =)

  45. Andrea Leigh says:

    oh, and cattt, i think for twilight tuesday tomorrow, their giving us a new update too, i think this was just something different. but im not certain.

  46. Nehrin says:

    Mmmm.. not interested 😉 It rox

  47. Oh, cattt: I thought it was Carlisle’s office! The old books, the desk, the computer, the papers and such…

    And I just have to say this: WHY IS EDWARD FLYING!?

  48. Meredith says:

    sarah: I don’t think he’s flying, i think it was just a big jump (like the part from earlier in the trailer). but that’s just a guess.

    not to sound ungrateful (cause how could i be?!) but i’d like to see something more for twilight tuesday tomorrow….

  49. Meredith: pause it right when Edward jumps up with Bella. His legs aren’t going UP, they’re horizontal. I swear, it looks like he’s playing Superman.

    (all right, I read that over and it sounded very petulant of me. I’ll be honest to say I probably broke five windows and the sound barrier with my shrieking for this trailer. But it has been bugging me.

    Just to clear that up.)

  50. Amanda says:

    He’s not flying.. didn’t he jump out the window with her in Eclipse? or maybe New Moon I’m not sure. But if you think about it, they are just adjusting his running to include some extended jumps, which make sense, with his strength and power of step he’d easily be able to jump and skim through the middle of the trees, using trunks on occasion to propel him forward.

    Just an idea.

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