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Just for fun, here is our Top Ten list of thing we learned while in Portland:

10. The donuts in Portland are not for "dunkin" but rather for "dippin."

9. You can visit China, Vegas, and Hollywood without leaving the city limits.

8. Portland…erm…"street people" could earn a living as comedians, hence the creative begging from one person on the off ramp of US80 and Hollywood who claimed he was too old to be a prostitute.

7. Beware of the Yeti.

6.  If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change.  Seriously. 

5. Splurge and buy yourself a decent road map – preferably one with ALL of the street names included.

4. Decent Rain gear is a must! Forget fashion and raid your nearest Marmot outlet before getting on a plane.

3. Get ready for alternating stoplights.  Can someone explain that one please!

2. Mike isn’t the only one who needs to remember to pack an extra pair of socks! (Or two… or even shoes!)

1. No need to dry your hair in the morning.  The "wet dog look" is unavoidable.

And now on with our show!




Our trip to the set began bright and early at 5am (it may have been that time on the west coast, but our bodies were still on Eastern Standard Time so it felt like eight!).  After a good home-style breakfast, which was essential given the day ahead of us, we began our 2 hour drive to the coast.  The morning was very cold and wet, so we were worried about the conditions we would face on the beach.  But nothing prepared us for the shock of what came next. And I quote…" Is that snow?" Yup that’s right….it was snowing!  BeMyEscape had to kick the SUV into four wheel drive to maneuver through the pass.  (The SUV was conveniently equipped with a button marked snow!)  There were even snow plows out the higher up we went.  Despite the sense of foreboding the snow brought, it was very beautiful as you can see. But luckily as we descended through the mountain pass, the snow turned back to rain.

Once we reached base camp, we decided to brave the storm and get out to take some pictures.  Having never been to First Beach ourselves, we relied on the pictures others had shown us for comparison.  The massive mounds protruding out of the water really did the trick for us.  (Being children of the 80’s, at this point we all noticed that rock formation bore a striking resemblance to the beach in Goonies!  Which was later confirmed by Kim on the front page.)

 We headed over to the set following the map and signs plainly posted on the route.  The drive was windy and the roadway was very narrow at times. At one point we were almost hit by a car that was flying around a blind corner. Yeah, having your life flash before your eyes was not a very good way to start the set visit, but we survived. The crew was set up in the parking lot overlooking the beach.  There were tents of all kinds as well as a few trailers.  Everyone was bundled up in rain gear and knee high boots — and we soon found out it was for a very good reason. 

The walk from the parking lot down to the beach was muddy, slippery, and included a generous helping of puddles, roots, and rocks to bar our path. Yeah, like that was going to stop us!  The terrain was rough, but beautiful and undisturbed by civilization.  We reached the beach, which consisted of higher ground that was covered in larger, black, sea-smoothed stones and lower ground that was your normal beach sand.  After making our way through down the steep sloping rocky hill the sandy beach was a welcome yet equally difficult walk.  With each step we sloshed and sank into the wet sand.  (If that’s what it was like for our feet, we’ll let you imagine what the equipment was doing!)

They were filming when we arrived.  We were introduced around by our host for the day and then we went to work getting as much footage as we could.  We filmed Taylor, Kristen, and Catherine talking through the scene before shooting another take. You can hear us in the background explaining to the reporter what scene was being filmed and which actor was playing which part.  They were very nice, and we were able to help them understand more about the books, storyline and actors in the film. 

The first actor we had a chance to meet up with was Taylor. He was so friendly and had such a beautiful smile that we all left with such a great impression of "Jacob."  Ladies… if you don’t already adore him, get ready to be charmed! 

After a long day filled with excitement, a moody Mother Nature, and very hard work, we headed back to our hotel room to thaw. BeMyEscape, with very tired eyes, expertly navigated us back through the mountain pass. Cocoa, grateful for the warmth and not being able to feel her feet, counted no less than 8 blisters – a quick trip to Walgreens soon ensued to buy flip flops.  Ambereyes reveled in her umbrella being the only one of the four to survive the fierce winds, while Alphie admired the scenic trip back to Portland basking in the memories of the day.

Next up…Interviews!


This was the day that Catherine Hardwicke described as "But, at the end of our shoot day at the beach, with Jacob and Bella, the rain soaked through all my Gortex, through three layers of jackets and socks. I rang out my waterproof gloves and could have watered my rose bushes for an entire summer. The crew had to hold down the lunch tent to keep it from blowing away. Grown men were crying, but the actors and crew gave it their best."


  1. eliphino says:

    ( first comment maybe)

  2. hahah! yeti!!

  3. edwards' girl says:

    lol, loved the list! I need to remember those tips when I go to portland…lol

    Bring on the interviews! please? I’ll bake u guys cookies (not really, but still… please post the interviews.)

    Im gonna go watch the video now….

  4. Meredith says:

    Great report, but the video is unavailable…

  5. edwards' girl says:

    The video works for me, heres the direct link meredith…

  6. 6. If you donÒ€ℒt like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change. Seriously. …
    More like chicago….

  7. elizabeth says:

    awww taylor looks so cold!

  8. PalBokEe says:

    Your tips are so true…here i am living in Portland and the weather changes constantly… =__+ i miss the sun…

  9. You guys are so brave! Taylor looked soo cute! I can’t wait for more interviews!

  10. wow that looks awesome!
    I want to see Portland and Washington for myself someday.
    I love how someone just walks by with a surfboard in the background while they are interviewing Taylor.

  11. wow i realy want to go to Portland now!

  12. I just love the interview with Taylor! That was great. The scenery was just lovely too… even with all of that rain and snow! πŸ˜›

  13. Meredith says:

    edward’s girl –

    thank you! πŸ™‚

  14. Taylor is so charming! and that smile!! i think he is a great choice for Jacob (tho I am still on Team Edward!)

  15. Great video and report! Wow did it look cold! Taylor did look freezing!

    Thanks so much for your great reports! I can’t wait for the interviews!!

  16. Taylor’s awesome.
    I’ve been charmed.

  17. THey call that SNOW??? Where I live, people would be out in hoodies in that kind of weather! That’s call ed SPRING!!! It’s hardly covered! You couln’t even make a decent snowball! Americans are so stressed about a little bit of precicpitation, for heaven’s sake. Same with vancouverites. God, more people need to live on the praries, where snow is measured in METRES, not lousy little inches! If they say what I go through every winter, they’d pass out, their poor little temprate mind’s be so blown!… ok, rant over!

  18. Catwithabook says:

    Sorry you got the wierd cold weather, it’s not usually that cold this late, the rain however is pretty much a fixture. Thanks for the great update.

  19. Hahahahahaha! I LOVE the list! Hahahahahaha! I hope you guys had a nice stay in Oregon! I’ve always loved the weather here. Hahahaha! One minute it’s raining and then the next minute it’s sunny and then the next minute it’s sunny AND raining. Hahahaha! In all honesty though, I didn’t realize how beautiful my home state was until I actually drove around to St. Helens and Vernonia and Multnomah Falls. I think having them film the movie in Oregon really opened my eyes to the beauty of it all. Hahaha!

    By the way, your video at the beach makes me miss it a lot XD

  20. christina says:

    lol that was a funny interview with taylor! he’s like yeah THATS what im waiting for to take off this wig, cut my hair short, and turn into a werewolf! lol XD

  21. WhoAreTheBrave says:

    3. Get ready for alternating stoplights. Can someone explain that one please!

    1. No need to dry your hair in the morning. The “wet dog look” is unavoidable.

    Haha, I love our stoplights, they’re amazing.
    And no, you’re hair never dries unless you are there in the summer. It’s been a long winter, but the weather is bipolar.

    Great video and report. Yall rule!!!!!!!!!

  22. Alphie and the other Lex ladies, thanks for this very detailed set report; you do such a good job setting up the entire atmosphere for us. I just have a question–because you were there when they were filming the beach scene, does this mean you have interviews with Kristen, Taylor, and the rest of the wolf pack, but none with the vampires? You don’t have to answer that πŸ™‚ … but will be glad to get a peek into what else you have in store for us. πŸ™‚ Thanks again for all you do for fandom!

    We have a lot of video.  I will tell you what we do not have.  There were no "vampires" on set during our set visit.  That being said we had extensive access to the cast and crew that was there.  I for one am not disappointed in the least.  ~Cocoa

  23. SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Andrea Leigh says:

    Did taylor say that he was looking forward to the third movie? i think that’s what he said, i couldn’t quite make that part out. i just thought that since he wants his hair short again! great video, i feel for you guys, i hate the cold too!!

  25. Andrea Leigh says:

    ahaah ” beware of the yeti” !! so funny.

  26. Proud to be from Portland!!

  27. Celticmaiden says:

    What in the world is an alternating spotlight??

  28. Awww, that weather makes me miss my native Vermont ;D I wasn’t sure about Taylor at first (as Jacob, as a human being in general he seems delightful! heehee) but the more and more I see and read and hear, the more I absolutely love him as Jacob, and I think this sealed the deal, so to speak πŸ˜€ Great reports!

  29. Thanks for answering my question, Cocoa. I’m not disappointed either; would be nice to hear about all the other cast who don’t get as much press.

    On another note, isn’t it funny how the actors seem to really FIT the characters they are playing?
    Taylor is all cheery and sunny and easy to like, just like Jacob.
    Kristen is kind of serious and shy and an “old soul”, just like Bella.
    Robert is…well…dazzling, I guess, just like Edward.

  30. Loved it!

  31. Twilighter Fanpire says:

    twilight moms have new pictures that are amazing!!!! THEYRE AWESOME

    i love kellan more and more each day….

  32. Aw, Taylor. ^_^

    AAAAHHH. He can’t wait to get jiggy with Kristen.

  33. Taylor makes me smile a lot.

  34. Thanks bunches for dealing through all the conditions!!!

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  35. You all make my day!! Thanks for braving the cold to bring an exclusive!!…you rock!!

    and Taylor makes me smile…

  36. We USED to have Dunkin Donuts! I don’t know why they changed it to Dippin.

  37. Ahhhhhhh, taylor gets to be the bad boy! lol! πŸ˜€

  38. aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh im so glad you guys survived what would we do without you

  39. ohh so exciting. great job guys.

    ps i just fell in love with taylor. hes really adorable. we all know why he cant wait for the 3rd movie. lol but new moon is like completely about him and bella, he should be looking forward to that.

  40. caspianna says:

    Hahahahaha! I’ve seen the guy that’s too old to prostitute! His corner is very nearly in my neighborhood. He also has some other ones… “Too old for jail, Too ugly for prostitution, and too smelly (?) for Work” Poor little old man.

    Yay for Portland!

    I love how everyone like reporters say “And we’re on set in Portland!” When clearly it’s out of town limits in the hills of the very beyond portland. Like that Reelz reporter. If yu’ve hit beach, you aren’t in Portland anymore! hahaha but what ev, people will want to come now! Yay tourism!

    Much love,

  41. Edward_luver says:

    wow its NOT PORTLAND lol seriously it is two hours away from portland. i guess they dont care :'( they havent even added cannon beach or indian beach to the filming locations on imdb!

  42. Taylor is so cute “I guess I’m a bad boy today” haha he’s adorable. Thanx for doing this for us Lex I live in Washington and I know how cold it gets around here!!

  43. GeorgieWantsEdward says:

    Does anyone know what certificate the movie will be or when it will come out in the UK?

  44. mmmmarren says:


    but you gotta love how mother nature looks over in the PNW right?! You gotta give us atleast that much hehe

    anyways, thanks for the clip. It was nice to hear from Jacob. You guys are my idols πŸ™‚

  45. HannahCullen says:

    I found this other site that’s quite good for cast updates and stuff:
    Check it out!
    From Hannah

  46. It_is_a_NewMoon says:

    lol, alternating stoplights. I googled it and it said its when two lanes of cars go at a time. Or something along those lines…

  47. Taylor says ‘like’ too much

  48. sorry if someone already said this, but mtv canada has a video…


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