Time Poll Results

The results from the Time Magazine Poll on the 100 most influential Americans are in. Stephenie finished 48th in a field that included everyone from presidential candidates, to video game designers, to songwriters.  All-in-all not a shabby result for a first timer on the list. Stephenie finished just behind notable women such as Caroline Kennedy and ahead of Tina Fey.  Orson Scott Card does the Stephenie write-up.


  1. Quixotickvinne says:

    48’s not too shabby.
    She made the top 50!

  2. Kristin Halvorsen was 47? that’s so random 😛
    anyways, it was good that she made it into the top 50, and that all twilighters voted with honesty, and didn’t give the other folks low ratings.

  3. Steph SOO deserves better :/ but hey! top fifty!!! 😀

  4. Well, at least she is in the top 50…I wish she was number 1 *sniffle*

  5. thirtysomethingmom says:

    I don’t understand the Time rankings, though, because if you look at the votes, she actually came in #7, meaning she was the 7th highest vote getter. I guess Time magazine weighs the popular votes against it’s own editorialism.

  6. Andrea S. says:

    It wasn’t based on number of votes, since people could be voted down as well (or be given any number out of 100). Everyone’s score was calculated as an average.

  7. My_Rose says:

    Wow! She beat Oprah who was at 150. That says something!

  8. twiholic says:

    Yay! I’m glad she got as good as she got! It was way hard to vote everyday, otherwise she would definatly be higher

  9. rebelangel says:

    so i think i’m confused…we had to rate them from 1-100?? I always gave her 100….does that mean her votes went down???….or was that how u do it???loool

  10. While all of us Twilight lovers probably think Stephenie deserved a higher ranking, I think 48th is fabulous. Those who have not read the books probably do not understand how much they actually influence our lives and help us be better people. This will help to show that the books are not only entertaining, but incredibly influential. And rebelangel, yes you were supposed to give a 100. It was a rating scale of 1-100, with 100 being the best. You weren’t ranking her 100th.

    I also think it’s very neat that Orson Scott Card wrote the bio since he is one of her favorite authors!

    Congrats Stephenie!!!



    and he well deserves it too. I mean, dont get me wrong my fellow obsessies, i love steph. But Shigeru has deserved a spot on their since 1988 at the least.
    I’m very happy for him 😀

  12. I’m glad she at least made the top 100 which means she’ll be in the magazine.

  13. Stephanie says:

    Aww Stephenie looks beautiful in that picture!

  14. Yay! Congrats Stephenie! Thats pretty impressive!

  15. Kristina_Rose says:

    48 is good and it wil get higher next year lol. I loved the write up because it was original not the generated article most are. I also loved the ending line. Today Mr. Darcy is a vampire. That was brilliant.

  16. Wolbachia says:

    Totally kickass that Orson Scott Card did the write-up. He’s bloody brilliant. And “Today Mr. Darcy is a vampire.” just proves how awesome he is. Made me laugh, at least. 😆

  17. rebelangel says:

    thanks pwtf…umm dose anyone know when the time megazine comes out? me wantzz to buy it!

  18. VampGirl says:

    That’s sooooooooo stupid!!!!!!!!!!!! She soooo should have gotten first place!!!!!!!

  19. dazzled says:

    Great Job everybody!!! did you see how many votes she had!? I believe it was 216,262!!!!!!

  20. dazzled says:

    about the write-up, Edward is the definition of perfection!

  21. summer says:

    if you ask me that guy makes her books sound kinda bad at first, but i guess that at the end it IS better.

    😀 yeah top 50!!!

  22. Rachel says:

    At least we know she was nuber 1 at one point. and she was there for a while..

  23. twilightislife says:

    aw well, I guess after a while people forgot to keep checking in on the results…but WOW, amazing to be able to make it there! huraay for Steph!

  24. Elaine says:

    Stephenie will always be #1 in my heart.

  25. Little Phoenix says:

    I just looked on the Time website, and it said Stephenie came in at 47th, which was just in front of Barack Obama.

  26. love2dream says:

    Loved the Mr. Darcy line as well… what an honor for Steph! We love you!!!

  27. Samantha says:

    Good, 48 is perfect. I’d have been really angry if she was in the top five (like it seemed was going to happen at first)
    She doesn’t deserve top 5, but she deserves top 100.. even top 50.

    Peeeerfect ^_^

  28. Nadiya says:

    Go stephenie but i think we as fans could have done better i mean she was in the top 3(i edmit i for got to vote the last couple of days

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