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In the news

She Knows has a great interview with Stephenie about The Host and Twilight the Movie.


The Star-Telegram has an article about a young man who is losing his sight but loves to read.  Look under the picture to see what one of his favorite book is. 


  SparkLife has a review of The Host.  The author incorporates a very interesting tale about the subway.  Thanks to Crissy for the heads up.


Another wonderful review of Stephenie Meyer’s new sci-fi novel The Host.


 Media Blvd captures some moments from the Torrance, CA Host Signing event.



Don’t forget to check out our casting process scoop from Lana Veenker.  She has put together some great information for us.




MTV Blogger gets surprise visit from Rob!!

To read guest blogger Laura Culpepper’s complete blog with photos and video please visit MTV.  She had an amazing surprise visit form Robert and he even presented her with the clip we will all see tomorrow!!  Go check out all the official details on MTV.

Laura (AKA KIKKI) is a regular staffer over at Kellmett Happens.  She won the MTV fan contest earlier this month.

Thanks to theinconstantmoon for the original head’s up.

Get Set For MTV

Remember Larry of Twilight Tuesday’s fame at MTV has a special request of viewers.  He wants you to tape your fan reaction and for you to send it to MTV.

Lana Veenker Talks About the Casting Process

Every since our original interview with Lana Veenker, casting director of the Twilight movie, Lana has had a huge influx of people visiting her MySpace and website all wanting to know how to be an extra, or get a speaking part in upcoming movies should they be greenlit. Lana has responded to the fan requests with this exclusive update.  We look forward to hearing more from Lana in the future as she has promised to keep the Lexicon in the loop on future Twilight casting news.

Greetings from Twilight

Catherine updated her production blog with a reminder to watch the MTV Movie awards pre-show.  Just remember the Pre-show airs at 7:30 pm.  Expect the clip to run sometime between then and when the awards start at 8pm.  (Eastern Standard Time)  Robert, Kristen, and Cam (who is up for an award that evening – Good Luck Cam!)  Will all be walking the red carpet.  Look for some awesome Twilighters in the red carpet stands sporting signs and t-shirts!

Breaking Dawn Forum OPEN!!

The Breaking Dawn Forum is now Open!!  Please keep all discussion of Breaking Dawn in the forum and those of you who don’t want to be spoiled don’t go there. 

There are threads to discuss the the preface, cover, and details of the first chapter.

Also back by popular demand The Theory Bet Thread.  Stop by and check out eveyone’s theories and make a prediction of your own.

Eclispe Chapter Discussion

It’s the Lexicon’s Discussion Friday!  And once again we have two more chapter discussions up for everyone to participate in. 

Chapter 12: Time – summary and discussion prepared for us by December

Chapter 13: Newborn – summary and discussion prepared for us by Echo 1 and Spooncha

Forum re-boot

We know many of you have been getting errors when you post on the forums lately.  Pel is rebooting the forum server.  This should take anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour.  Then all should be well again. No worries.  Until the forums are back on line, feel free to wander the front page adding to the theory count down conversation.

EDIT:  At some point the front page will also go off line. Do not panic, this is normal.

MTV Wants Audience reaction

Larry of Twilight Tuesday’s fame at MTV has a special request of viewers.  He wants you to tape your fan reaction and for you to send it to MTV. His post also includes a number of cool, exclusive, new photos and a new video clip.

Breaking Dawn Preview

As promised, Entertainment Weekly has posted an Exclusive first peek at the opening sequence of the first chapter of Breaking Dawn!