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Reelz Channel, who was on set with us last Wednesday aired their Twilight story!  Look for Alphie who was interviewed for the story!  And there is a brief picture of Cocoa interviewing a cast member.



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  2. Sweet, second comment

  3. This is a TERRIFIC video. I was so excited to see some far-off glimpses of the beach scene!!! Seeing "Jacob" and "Sam," plus another one of the La Push crew, was extremely great. Thank you!!

    ~~~If you think this was terrific, you will be hyperventalating over our footage.  That is, if we can ever convert it to play over the internet.  Alphie

  4. omg!!! We finally see ‘Embry’
    Wow I love it that Taylor says “you know” a lot!! Its so cute!!
    And the beach is beautiful!!!
    Awesome video, dude!!

  5. Hmm, I’m not so sure about the guy who’s going to be playing Sam, but other than that this is awesome! I always love seeing behind-the-scenes videos.

  6. AHHHHH.WAY COOL..the LEX was there…

  7. That”s sooooo cool1 AHHHH! And dude, I was like SHES TWILIGHT LEXICON!??!?!?! OMG! I would never have thought… haha!! OMG! that was sooooo cool! KRISTEN RULES! ^^

  8. “Taylor Lautner plays Bellas Friend”
    LOL…his name is Jacob, y’know.

  9. Gillian B says:

    Thats a lot of hits. O_o

    I love the shot of the young girls eee-ing.

  10. twilightislife says:

    Cool Stuff! Cant wait to see the vid!

  11. silverbells says:

    omg JACOB and the wigness, not totally gross, im surprised. lol kristen sounded so enthusiastic with the whole “romeo and juliet” thing, lol probably said it like 3 billion times already. WOOT WOOT

  12. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! 😀

  13. AHHHH!!!
    it’s not loading on my computer!!!!


  14. I love the wolf pack!! But…they’re not exactly the wolf pack in Twilight. So…why are they mentioning it? *shrug* Oh well.

  15. La tua Cantante says:

    GOOD VIDEO!!!!!!
    I FINALLY GOT TO SEE SOLOMOM/SAM say a few things too!!!
    Taylor was ok in it. could be worse. I really like the guy that lookes like either embry or quil too!!! I THINK HE WOULD HAVE MADE A REALLY GOOD JACOB TOO!!! probably not a lot of acting experience darnit…who knows!
    I love the Indian/werwolf parts of the Saga!!!

  16. here is another cool video i found on youtube


  17. Interviewing a cast member? Isn’t that Kristen Stewart?!?!

  18. Edward_luver says:

    YAAAAAAAAAY THAT WAS ME THAT WAS ME THAT WAS ME that is so awesome!!! that girl near the end in the middle with the yellow shirt was me!!! yay omg i live in cannon beach (la push) so me and my friends went to the set that day and some guy came up and asked me to say “i cant wait to see twilight!” then we would all scream (quietly) and whisper! yay! well he cut out “i cant wait to see” but THAT WAS ME! yay… he said we might not make it in but HA we did im sorry i cant stop jumping up and down

  19. I must say if thats what Bella is going to wear for the scene i dont really like it………………..But im excited to hear that some actors have already signed on! WAY to go lexicon!

  20. I don’t think that it appeals to the same audience as Harry Potter. I mean, I hate the HP books now.

  21. Danobanano says:

    Edward_luver you were so cute in that clip.
    And ALPHIE you were ADORABLE too! Woot woot for the Lexicon. But really Kristen should have been holding the umbrella for Alphie and Cocoa and asking all the questions not the other way around. Did Kristen realize she was standing in the same sand as greatness?
    Stink’n camera/computer/internet conversions why can’t technology be less difficult.

  22. Go Lex….I can’t believe I can put a face to Alphie now!!!!!!! EDWARD_LUVER you are sooooo lucky!!!!!!!!!! I’m really liking Soloman I think he’s going to do a good job I mean he seems to really know what he’s talking about, doesn’t seem very shy or anything and Sam is the leader so those are good qualities. He might have to bulk up a bit though…. all in all very exciting

  23. You’ve got vampires, werevolves, teens, and rain….what more could you want?:)

  24. That was great!

  25. awesome!

  26. Ooooo Quil is a cutie! hahah i want some quil!

    Its Embry actually. ~Cocoa

  27. Ohhhh exciting!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  28. twiholic says:

    That was some great stuff! I love how they showed all the werewolves and oh my gosh that’s probably the first footage I’ve seen of Solomon Trimble! I can’t wait to see what you guys got while you were there!

  29. little bonbon says:

    unbelievable… i love it!!!
    thx @ LuNa for the link
    its just GREAT!!!!!!!

  30. YAY! Awesomeness!!!

    I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, considering what I’ve been saying about this exact subject in the last few weeks, but… Solomon Trimble is a PERFECT Sam! I absolutely love him! And he’s reeeeaally cute, too! And Taylor’s wig doesn’t look half bad either! YAY I’m so extremely happy!!! WOOT WOOT

    Way to go, Summit!

    By the way, I’m sooo eager to see what more did you guys get on set, really!

    Thank you lexicon for de heads up!

  31. MegaTwi-Hard says:

    Wait, do the actors actually come on this site? (stupid question, Im sure)If so, say so. i’ve got a few questions.
    Love you all!!!
    Great job!!!

  32. dexadexy says:

    Hey that’s a cool vid!!!! Love Sam!! He’s going to be awesomeS!!! and Jacob too!!! And Embry looks hmmmm alright… Did i hear right ?? She said that many of the actors have already signed on for more movies??!!!???? WOW!!!! I Hope that is the TRUTH!!!!!! AHHH!!! YAYA!!! Thanks again!




  34. Wow that is really exciting!

    The lexicon was on a video ahhh FAMOUS! lol

    Go Alphie looking so hot in the rain! SQUEE!!! And Cocoa wow! you both are like like even more famous. People are so going to stop you on the street lol.

    Though they didn’t mention Breaking Dawn what were they thinking.

    Love ya

  35. You know, (do I sound like Taylor? lol) they didn’t need to film the La Push scenes in the rain. They only need to film Cullen scenes in the rain. I wonder why they did?

  36. I wonder if they realize that the beach is a good hour/hour-and a half from Portland?
    Cool for you Edward_luver!!!

  37. Stephanie says:

    Taylor really looks like Jacob, you know?

    Awwh he is a cutie.

  38. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    OMG love the video so cool to see the beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So can’t wait til the movie even more the 4th book!!

  39. i love love love the video!!!!!!
    taylor lautner’s voice is kinda annoying though. it doesn’t really matter but i needed to say something.

    the video is fantastic!!! thank you so much for posting it!

  40. katie i agree. i find taylor lautner to be annoying in general. i cant stand him; he looks so arrogant all the time and i have a feeling that were he in my school, i would hate him with a passion.

    but as long as hes a good jacob, i dont care. i hope he sounds better in the movie, though. he probably will, just saying..

  41. taylor will probably do a great job playing jacob.
    i just find his voice really annoying.
    if he were in my school it would probably take some time for me not to hate him.
    but i don’t know him personally so i shouldn’t judge.

    i also hope that if new moon and eclipse is a movie, jacob’s hair will be in a ponytail. they said the reason his hair is down in twilight is because james already had the ponytail thing.

  42. I have to disagree… I love Taylor!!!! With or without the wig. I just think he’s the perfect Jake.
    I laughed when she said, ‘Taylor Lautner plays Bella’s friend.” haha. I guess that’s one way to put it…

  43. haha.
    you’re right.
    that part was really funny!
    it proves that none of them have actually read the twilight series.

  44. This was a cool video. I loved seeing scenes from La Push. I don’t know how we’re going to way until December…ugh!

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