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You are seeing Michael’s newest happenings here first!  Graciously given to the Lexicon before he posts it live to the world on his blog!  The Twilight Lexicon loves you Mike Welch/Newton!!!

THE LATEST – By: Micheal’s Assistant

April 29

Mike asked me to fill you in on ‘The Adventures of Mike/Mike’.

When he returned back to LA, you would think ‘THEY’ found a missing person.

Thanks to the twi-hards, twilighters and all other Twilight fans and (may I add) to the great reputation he has as an actor and collaborator on sets, he had 6 auditions waiting for him.

Actually, I quess in retrospect, breaking down in the middle of nowhere, during his trip home, in the late evening turned out to be a good thing. At the time no one thought so. But he gotten a day off, even if it was a little unnerving,. CELLS PHONES CAN BE USED FOR SAFETY AFTER ALL…. He got towed to a hotel, and in the morning (more like afternoon) he was towed to a mechanic. They told him it could be his transmission and it would take days before they would receive a new one, OR, it could a computer glitch. So off he went to watch movies and left the results to the experts. Good News, just the computer. He got back to LA late that evening. The day off did him good. What else could he do but relax.

Please don’t send any cars.

He will update as soon as he can catch his breath. He had the opportunity to meet Cocoa and other Twilight Lexicon staff on the set his last day. Mike said they were great, very sweet and they interviewed him in person. You can check out his Q&A on Twilight Lexicon. Just click on their web-site and click actors interviews.

Someone told us that MTV was going to interview him. But he never heard from them. Oh the wows of just being A Human.  You will be hearing from Mike soon. Until then he didn’t want to leave you guessing on "The Adventures of Mike/MIke the Human" that has the crush on the girl who has the crush on the vampire.

So there you have it Lexicon!  Mike doesn’t need a car, but he could use that interview with MTV!  GO EMAIL LARRY!   Larry Speaks! 


  1. Yay. I love Mike. Haha. =]

  2. Yay! The Adventures of Mike/Mike just totally made my day!!

  3. Lol, don’t send any cars 🙂

  4. At least he had socks to keep his feet warm & dry..LOL

  5. “please don’t send any cars”


  6. Haha!! Mike/Mike!! Thats adorable!!!
    And dont worry, I wont send any cars…lol

  7. I won’t either… but If I did I’d send him a Toyota or something not-dazzle-fied, just like Mike…I mean’t Mike Newton by the way, lolz


  8. Ah, mike.

  9. Elena Cullen says:

    “please don’t send any cars”…? if i HAD a car, i would send it, but since i don’t, you’re in luck….

    “The Adventures of Mike/MIke the Human” that has the crush on the girl who has the crush on the vampire.
    ^the best part 😉

    Mike/Mike is awesome! an interview would be very nice 😛

  10. the other Twilight Fan says:

    Wow, Twilight fans sure are spammers.

  11. Midnight_Sunshine says:

    It’s too bad that his car broke down. I love the whole Mike/Mike who fell in love with a girl who fell in love with a vampire thing!

  12. JordanaCullenx3 says:

    yayy first comment !

  13. JordanaCullenx3 says:

    haha wow…it was at 0 like a second ago ! ha..but woww i cant believe he has 6 auditions ! see wat twilighters can do ? lol.

  14. Andrea Leigh says:

    aha i love mike ! =)

  15. yeah i thought mtv was going to do an interview with mike but i guess they didn’t.. well now we have to go tell Larry!!

  16. he is so funny lol
    his blog always makes me laugh–in the right way of course
    He’s naturally a funny guy & you can tell he’s really down to earth : )

  17. Kristina_Rose says:

    Poor Mike we could send Hotwheels lol. Or are those classified under ‘cars’. Ha ha. Too bad about the MTV interview maybe it’ll get rescheduled though.

  18. “don’t send any cars”
    haha! aw man… i’m crushed… 🙂

  19. cullengirl says:

    LOL, “please don’t send cars”! Gotta love Mike. 🙂

  20. twilightislife says:

    the asking of no cars, is just too fuRnnies!!!!!!!!

  21. TeamRobert! says:

    man, and I was going to send a car

  22. Maybe he should write a book – Travels with Mike. Free pair of socks with every copy. (Car not included.) Was that his Prius that broke down? At least he made it home safely. Now to email MTV…

  23. oh,mike!

  24. xKatieXCullenx says:

    Ahahaha, Mike, you’re adorable! I love you to death, man. You are by far one of my fave actors ever. Keep up the good work!!!! Can’t wait to see you in Twilight!

  25. He’s so great!!!! LOL.. don’t send me any cars! hahahah… hey guys.. there’s an awesome set report from Kiki at Kellmet Happens.. she has some interesting comments about the set and actors!

  26. lol poor Mike. I shall tell Larry right away!

  27. And there I was – getting a huge red ribbon for that car I bought for him – DANGIT!

  28. I agree, we should all sent little matchbox cars! since his doesn’t seem to be workin properly, perhaps one of the ones we sent him will work, lol! He’s so funny! He’s awesome!

  29. If I had enough money I would send him a car…

    HEY!! Why don’t we send him some of that toy miniature cars?? LOL

  30. IM pretty sure he wont mind if we send him some real cars I know i wont be

  31. i think im in love with michael welch. >.

  32. Danobanano says:

    Way to go Twi-Hards, we’ve such an impression on sweet little Mike that he now has to qualify every comment he makes with “don’t send me…..”
    don’t send me cars, don’t send me coats, I guess we are going to have to keep sending him socks then.
    Way to go Lexicon for making such an impression with mike/Mike that he sends you updates first. I LOVE THIS FANDOM!

  33. Mike is the cutest thing talking in third person.

  34. TopazTearz says:

    Sigh. I wanted to send him a car. Or a small toy car. That would have been fun!! Well he didn’t say anything about cell phones…Muhahaha!!! Lol Mike is just so damn Mike!! You have gotta love him!!

  35. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG I CANT WAIT TILL TH MOVIE COMES OUT AND THE 2 NEW BOOKS COME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLUS U R SOP HOTTTT

  36. Woah, woah. Hey everybody, I just wanted to let you know that I would loooove to interview Mike, and have every intention to do so. We had all said we’d plan something out, but the past week has been so busy with all the “Iron Man” stuff, the other movies we cover, the fact that I have a pregnant wife – and ahem, planning something ENORMOUS for next week’s MTV Twilight Tuesday!

    Long story short: Please don’t email our tips account, because some other guy reads those, not me. I promise, I’m scheduling a chat with Mike soon, and can’t wait to talk to him.

    As always, thanks for all your support, Twilight homeys. Oh, and I swear: I’m also still trying to get to the bottom of what the music is in that “Meet the Characters” video.

    Thanks Lexicon, too, for all your love!

  37. I think in the future you should do things like petitions for stuff like this as opposed to giving us an email for people to bombard larry with demands. I’m sure he appreciates the support but getting hundreds of emails might be rather annoying. Just a thought. 🙂

  38. Ahh you know what in the book mike annoys me lol. But i am loving the mike who is playing mike. he is way hilarous lol. so no sending cars. hmmm good cause i just don’t have money for that lol.


    Love ya

  39. Wolbachia says:

    Darn, and I was just getting ready to send that new Honda I got for him.


  40. Eternity says:

    Oh, darn no cars… I think we did tramatize him. he probably dreams of carnivorus socks.

  41. i totally agree Janie!!!!!!!!

  42. I was gonna send him a Yellow Porsche, a Ford, and every car in sa world babay!

  43. OMG u r so hot,but not as hot as Robert!


  44. “Don’t send any cars” HAAAA

    So funny. I wonder if he hangs up those socks on his wall. If I were him, that’s what I would do.


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