Trailer Rumors

Yes we’ve seen the rumors of a trailer release date. We can’t confirm that with Summit until they open for business Monday morning.

Secondly, apparently someone who self-admittedly works in a movie theater, went through a stack of upcoming trailers she freely admits she had no right to look through. She then wrote up a description on her MySpace(now friends locked because she states she doesn’t want to get fired) of the trailer and posted screen caps. Just in case she didn’t know that any of the above was breaking the trust of her employer and illegal there was this really big clue on the screen caps that said "property of Summit not for distribution".

So, why are we not linking to this? Because we don’t link to stolen merchandise. Because we don’t reward people on this site for illegal activity like breaking into sets, employers offices,  and posting the pictures they take.

The comments are off because there really isn’t anything more to add.