Jackson Rathbone Interview

Jackson Rathbone, Jasper in the Twilight movie, granted the Twilight Lexicon an interview. As you’ll be able to see, Jackson shares the same quiet charisma and old soul intellect of his on screen alter ego…in other words, start swooning now πŸ™‚


Some highlights include:

"I walked to and from the audition playing my guitar to calm me, so to achieve a stoic over-one-hundred-years-old demeanor. And maybe a handout or two. Okay, one. One person gave me money. To stop playing… Ha."

"I had to learn to bat left-handed, so I tried for a week to do everything left-handed to get used to it. I was bumping elbows with people sitting next to me…"

"To prepare, I’ve been getting in touch with my anger. I see Jasper fighting with himself a lot to live a life of newfound morality. His love for Alice is all that keeps him from being a vampire like James."

Thank you again to Jackson for taking the time out to grant us this interview, and thank you to Cocoa for acting as our interviewer.

Also, the owners of the Jackson site mentioned in the interview are soliciting fan questions for their upcoming interview with Jackson, so stop by their site and check them out.

Last but not least, is another interview with Jackson here.


  1. awesome.
    i love him as jasper.

  2. first?
    sweeeet. haha.


  4. Can we just say this redhead is starting to become a Jackson fangirl! πŸ™‚

  5. SQUEE!!! i really wanted an interview from him!!!!

  6. Wait… I don’t even see a link for the Lexicon interview.
    Where is it?

    *feels like a complete idiot*

  7. xoxgoodbye says:

    I feel like an idiot, where is the link?

  8. twilightfan says:

    is it just me or am i not seeing a link for the interview?

  9. umm…where be the link

  10. Yay! I’m not the only one! The Lexicon link isn’t on there…

  11. i am also not seeing the link. help!

  12. The link is there… But it won’t let me load the interview!

  13. i’m super excited to read this.
    when the link gets posted πŸ˜€

  14. I’m confused. There’s two articles?

    Okay, so I can’t find the first one.

    And the second one won’t load.

  15. There’s a link for his fansite and a podcast interview. But not the Cocoa one.


  16. I loved it!

  17. Sorry, just fixed it. I’m a little tired and linkage challenged tonight!

  18. I cant find the link. I really want to read the interview! πŸ™

  19. Oh, thank you!

  20. ok now that i’ve read the interview let me just say….. naaaaawwww!! i just wanna cuddle him.

  21. We really haven’t heard a lot from Jackson, so it’s great to receive an interview. Thanks, Lexicon!

    What a lovely picture, too. Such a charming smile.

  22. Wow. He practically is Jasper. He even talks in that creepy, calm voice. I’m impressed.

  23. lol, seriously now,
    i must say, Jackson is truly AWESOME!
    seriously, he just seems so mellow and fun.
    i just want to give him a big hug!

  24. Jacquelyn says:

    Wow. I am so confident he’ll do a good job in the movie. From what I can see, his personality (which I absolutely love to bits) fits Jasper’s really well.

    Plus, he’s single. I don’t see how that has anything to do with anything, but it makes me oddly happy. πŸ™‚

  25. Sarah Lynn says:

    Lexicon – Assuming you have read the books, who is your favorite character and

    Jackson – Victoria would be my favorite. I always had a thing for redheads.

    AH! I always loved Jackson, and I agree with pelirroja…this redhead loves him a lot more now, too! πŸ˜€


  26. I LOVE Jackson! He’s amazing, and I’m so glad and thankful he did this interview. I’m so happy right now! Thanks Cocoa! πŸ˜€

  27. he’s cute
    it’s awesome he’s looking forward to the scene in New Moon where Jasper attacks Bella!

  28. wow! AMAZING!! what he said about Jasper.. was PERFECT! forged in war, born of death, saved by love… wow.. i think almost.. everyone who loves Jasper would now use that comment everywhere.. lol….

  29. Great interview! *sigh*

  30. He’s so adorably handsome.

  31. stephanie says:

    he’s sooooooo adorable. a gentleman πŸ™‚
    ya and about that, “i prefer a quiet life”
    jackson…you should have taught about that before you auditioned for the role…lol. you’re wrong if you think your life is going to be the same…..no pressure.=D
    ….by the way, love the picture…so cute πŸ™‚

  32. I loved in the Phases interview about the Brady bunch!

  33. I love Jasper..he’s my second favorite (guess whos my favorite.. haha)…so that makes me love Jackson! it’s so cool how hes into music..gotta love boys that can play instrument :o)

  34. Great interview. Jackson is multi talented.
    BTW his character is Jasper Hale not Cullen.

  35. ***SWOOOOOOON!***

    I think I’m in love!! He seems utterly perfect!

    Thank you Lexicon!! You guys are the best!

  36. When I read this part, I thought it was very beautifully described….

    Lexicon – How would you describe JasperÒ€ℒs character?
    Jackson – Forged in war, born of death, saved by love.


    and the part where he said that Edi has a voice like a woman and that he has a career in that somewhere LOL. loveitttttt

  37. It is difficult being left-handed. xP I take it they’re making Jasper left-handed, then?

    Jackson is perfect for Jasper. He just…gets it. Hahah.

  38. behappyhewhispered says:

    Pffft. He loves ASHLEY! I’d bet money on that one. *sigh* I’d drool on myself if they really started dating.
    What a sweetheart though.

  39. He looks so adorable with that hair cut and hes grinning like an idiot!

  40. wait. why does he have to be left handed?
    what am i missing here?


    he’s pretty cute ^^
    i had to laugh at some of the pictures of him though on the set-his hair was funny looking LOL

  42. Awwwww He is so cute!

  43. His personality is a lot like Jaspers. He is really deep!

    O and the thing he said about the redheads is true… we are the sexiest!

    We should totally start a REDHEAD JACKSON RATHBONE FAN CLUB!

  44. yeah, he’s really cute!
    the only thing I really have against him is his hair in the movie…but other than that, I think he’s a good Jasper.

  45. A gentleman are the words i would use like stephenie! He sounds like he talks very soft and calm, i think that is very good for jasper. I love when he said “South Africa rather warmly.” the rather warmly sounds very gentleman like and what someone would say in the early 1900’s. Which I really like. Thanks Lex!!!!!

  46. i like him. Jasper’s my favorite character next to edward. Im really looking forward to the moviee πŸ˜€

  47. *cheers* yeah Jasper/Jackson! πŸ™‚

  48. Vampireloveaholic says:

    I absolutly love how he looks as jasper in the movie, it’s awesome! I could never really picture him when I read the books and he looks so awesome now! Great job everyone on making him amazing!

    • Jasper is so hot!!!!!!!! Jackson did a wonderful job making sure all the movements were correct, and he moves and talks exactly how i pictured it in the books, Jackson is so awesome, and so is Jasper!!!!!!!! He has those big musles and the messy blond hair, that i love. Jasepr/Jackson is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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