IGN’s set report

IGN has a set report up about the Twilight movie.

EDIT: Of course it helps if I actually include the link when I post.


  1. Zephyrus says:


  2. what’s the link?

  3. suhweet.
    uhmm… wheres the link?

  4. Brittany says:

    Umm… where do we click it its sweet’n all but whats up?

  5. Confused on how to see the report >.

  6. one question….where is zee link???

  7. jo schmoe says:

    uh is there a link or were they just anouncing that there would be a report but it hasnt happened yet…?

  8. I went on the website but can’t find it they need to get that thing organized.

  9. Tatiana: If you went on, could you post a link?
    It’s sort of missing…
    But otherwise, that is pretty sweet.

  10. Alunamai421 says:

    uh yeah… don’t post something and not put up a link… thats jsut really idiotic if you don’t put up the link. Then, do you know what you get… COMMENTS LIKE THIS!

    Put the link up

  11. just go on ign.com and it’s right there on the main page. no big deal guys

  12. OH!

  13. oh awesome thnx XD

  14. alunamai421 Hey you shouldnt be like that Twilight lexicon is nothing but nice if it wasnt for them we wouldnt have any Cool info about Twilight gosh be grateful for what you have you shouldnt post comments like that >=P

  15. hahahaha

  16. loved this!
    thank you! 😀

  17. Linkage? It’s not longer on the front page. ((I did a ctrl+f search.))

  18. chill out alunamai421, I can’t believe you would write something like that… be freaking GRATEFUL… these people work hard to keep us in the loop, so relax….

  19. movies.ign.com/articles/869/869500p1.html

  20. that is the link

  21. thanks MikanaKinden, you rock!!! =D

  22. ok, i can see they’ve posted the link, nvm. =]

  23. omg, the comments on the set report are really amusing! one says that (s)he’s aware of the hype, but that it’s “nothing epic”…obviously (s)he doesn’t comprehend this “hype” because it will most definitely be epic.
    And another wondered if it would be going “straight to DVD.” I don’t even need to add a comment there. Foolish readers. *laughs*

  24. jo schmoe says:

    straight to DVD- nothing epic- just because of the hype!!! lol- these people dont know what their missing- insensitive “i can say what ever i want because im a differant person online” people… ok maybe im harsh… i really like the picture of edward and laurant- i dont know how to spell laurant- is that right?

  25. it’s laurent

  26. hehe its okay we all make mistakes

  27. wow, great article :).

    PS. I know I’m being SUPER picky, but did they spell Kristen’s name ‘Kristin’?
    *rant over*

  28. Alunamai421 says:

    I was only pointing out that it wasn’t on there… and … most of the time when i get an email back i get the tenur of an attitude from who ever writes it back… so whatever… i didn’t mean to sound like a brat… really i didnt!

    But thanks for putting the link up!

  29. Alunamai421 says:

    I’m sorry about my evilness tonite… I feel horrible… please forgive me… adn again thanks for the link

  30. elisabeth says:


  31. La tua Cantante says:

    I LOVE ROBS POINT OF VIEW…It’s so true
    basically he thinks and sais that the book is from Bellas point of view and SHE sees him as the most beautiful person…even though Edward thinks of himself entirely diffrent… and Edward sees her as the most beautiful cause he loves her,even though she thinks of herself as just plain…it is true that when you really love someone you think of them that way. I can see his point and have also always thought of it that way,that’s why I never understood all the Haters and the people who didn’t like seeing Rob play Edward when it was first announced. Didn’y they ever think to see it this way too?
    What fools. Well we can ALL nee now that Robert the Perfect Edward in every way.

  32. Wow, that was really interesting. Did anyone else notice that they spelled Kristen’s name wrong? It’s ‘Kristen’ not ‘kristin’. Oh well, maybe I’m reading too much into it, nut it’s her NAME for crying out loud. Haha. Rob has no idea and he is so clueless to how great he is. Like he doesn’t even notice all these girls swooning over him!!

  33. oops i mean ‘ but’

  34. I’ts ok Lexicon, everyone makes mistakes…

  35. The link was great! Thanks!
    The one person who lives in forks wishes the novel was never written!?!?
    What a horrible thought

  36. Haha, don’t worry about forgetting the link. You guys work so hard, some things are bound to slip through the cracks. 😛

  37. icky vicky says:

    We don’t mind …We are thankful enough! We don’t need the details!!!!!:)

  38. Yep, without you guys we would be totally in the dark about everything that is going on with Twilight. That’s a scary thought!

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