Teddy Bear Project

The staff over a Kellmett has come up with a great charity project.

As you know us girls over here at kellmett-happens seem to be fond of projects,  we had started the CANDY FOR KELLAN campaign a few weeks back but we decided after I myself talked to him,  that he was just getting way too much candy and it would end up going to waste so we set out on finding a new project and we finally did it.
We are proud to announce  the KELLMETT’S BIG BEAR HUG Project,  we will be collecting teddy bears to send off to the LA CHILDRENS HOSPITAL in Kellan’s name,  we really want this to get big, Kellan and TWILIGHT make a lot of us smile every day,  why not share those smiles with kids in need?
Anyway the information and banners and stuff can be found on our LiveJournal.


  1. That’s beautiful.
    I’m so sending in a teddy bear.

  2. That’s such a sweet idea! You guys are amazing 😀

  3. I love the campaign personally.

  4. iluvedward says:

    Wow Thats really nice!!!! I’m definatly sending one

  5. Aww! That’s such an adorable idea! It’s so fitting too and it brings tears to my eyes. Kellan just got ten times cooler in my book. ^_^

    I will definitely participate in this campaign. 🙂


  6. aw. that is so sweet!!

  7. That’s a wonderful project! I love Twilighters!

    I’ll send my bear soon!

  8. that’s so cute! Kellan is adorable and he deserves about a zillion teddy bears!!!

  9. Count me in. This is an absolute great idea. Anything to bring smiles to kids. My teddi bears will arriving shortly.

  10. What a wonderful idea! I’m totally participating in this! Way to go, Twilighters!

  11. THANKS GUYS! Me and the Kellmett Court appreciate everyones participation, and big hugs and cookies to the Lex for posting about it! Thank you soo much guys! Lets make this happen!

  12. That’s a sweet idea! I’ll start sending.. =)

  13. You’re all NUTS! All you guys are craaazy!

    *runs off to donate teddies*

  14. You girls are incredible! This is such an amazing idea. We’re supporting Kellan and we’re helping children. Kudos!

  15. I am there. Donating teddy bears – that is so sweet and cute. And of course bringing a smile to kids faces is always a most, and Kellan will really enjoy this project. He will think it is adorable.

  16. wow that is the sweetest prodject. And its so like Emmet TEDDY BEARS ill send some!

  17. that is such a wonderful thing to do!

  18. VampGirl says:

    Awww! U guys r soo sweet! What a nice thing to do!
    *leaves to find some teddies*

  19. VampGirl says:

    LOL! I just remembered that Emmett’s favorite thing to hunt r grizzly bears. What a kawinky dink!

    Sorry… I’m a little slow.

  20. lala-swan says:

    This is such a sweet, touching, awesome thing to do!! Teddy bears for children who’ll apreciate it, god, this is a great idea!!! I’ll see how I can help this one!

  21. finally! a campaign that actually has a point. i thought the kellan for candy and michael for socks was funny. but this one i will actually participate in! this is so moving to so many children who are going to receive teddy bears.

  22. icky vicky says:

    I LOVE TEDDIES!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. ME 2!!!!

    omg ur right VampGirl i just got that too JUST NOW

    i am gonna look 4 sum…

  24. Pinkfurball says:

    OMG!!! That is such a wonderful idea!!!!!!!!!! I’m definitly gunna send a teddy bear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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