Its “time” for some news!

Remember that hot tip we gave you 2 days ago?  Well its time to get to that magazine rack!  Read Stephenie Meyer’s Time Magazine Interview!

Twilight Obsessed spotted a video from Shock Till You Drop.  If you comment let them know that you got the link here! 

G4 "Haunts" the set of Twilight in this cool video!

And last but certainly not least we have returned from the set of Twilight!  It was cold, wet, snowy, sunny, rainy, windy, and simply wonderful.  The cast and crew of this movie have endured what I like to call "extreme film making".  They have our greatest admiration for the weather conditions they have had to endure.  Day in and day out they stand in cold, wet, and even snowy conditions while making Twilight the movie a reality.  Below you will find a picture of the Script Supervisor and a little something she does to help her get through those difficult days.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more from the set and the Portland area!


  1. eeeee! can’t wait to have updates on your trip!

  2. and the time magazine link is messed up. it enters “http://” twice. fyi

  3. yay! cant wait to hear about it!

  4. i’m confused. for some reason the page for the Time Magazine Interview won’t show up for me. ๐Ÿ™

    i was reallllly curious.


  5. i was just about to say the same as marko.
    can’t wait to hear about the trip.
    hope it was awesome despite the weather. haha. =]

  6. kristen: try this link. it should work if they haven’t fixed the original one yet.,9171,1734838-2,00.html

  7. Bella_twilight says:

    Okay, I know this is off topic, but tomorrow my friend and I are going down to the set for the last day of shooting so if we get pics we’ll try and send them to the lex! Can’t wait to see what the mods got from their days down there!!

  8. OH, that sounds great ๐Ÿ˜€ looking forward for the reports!

  9. Ive’ been looking all day to see if u have any new updates and YAY u bring us the best news ever THANKS~!

  10. those pictures-AAAH.
    and that video,too.

    the last line of the time magazine article
    “And sometimes there’s nobody quite as human as somebody who isn’t.”

    thats awesome, woooh.

  11. Elizabeth Loves Edward says:

    WOW, this Time magazine article is awesome.

  12. hahaha, that supervisor picture is funny. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. ahahahahahhahahahahaha thaat picture.

  14. Can’t wait for your set reviews, and all the other information from the set!

    You guys should post about the Jackson Rathbone interview with Phases a Twilight Podcast. It’s really interesting.

  15. Oh, wonderful! I would like to point out though that you linked the second page of the Times article; it confused me a bit at first! It’s always great to see so many interesting articles to read and videos to watch!

    Fixed.  Thanks for letting me know.  ~Cocoa

  16. I love the picture you have up there.
    Made my day or er..1am? better. Haha.

  17. SWEET.

    Love all the new movie news!!!!

    ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. Cathrine has now become my favorite director! She is awsome and such an energetic person. She couldnt even keep still during the interview and had to show us things with her hands. I also love having to boss around a bunch of guys Go CATHERINE

  19. dear god in heaven . I don’t think i can take much more.
    its so awesome!

  20. Vampireloveaholic says:

    Yay! You guys are back! So happy! Can’t wait to hear about the trip!

  21. fakeplastic201 says:

    That G4 interview was really interesting. Catherine Hardwicke is really unique, haha. The music they used sounded like it could be in the movie- it was nice, but creepy and mysterious. Just like Twilight =) It has that tone to it.

    The producer seems cool, too. He was right in saying that having the author there to oversee things makes the film much more genuine. They all seem so focused on getting this movie right, which is AWESOME.

  22. Ahaha. I knew the tropical picture under the playback monitor was the Script Supervisor’s incentive and motivation. LOL.

    I saw it in a raw news clip and at first I wondered what it was for and then a few seconds later, it made sense. Haha. Epic idea.

    And the G4 video:

    The hatchback Volvo is getting sexier by every video footage.

  23. Man, everyone complains about the NW spring weather. Of course, it seems most people expect spring to start in April. Silly people. ๐Ÿ˜› I live about an hour away from Portland OR and I can tell you that spring doesn’t really start until mid-May. Summer starts sometime around the end of June. And all winter long, even if the sky is grey, the ground is a pretty green. Stephenie pretty much nailed it when she had Bella complain about everything that ought to be brown being covered in green. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. bronte_replay says:

    A really great article in Time! I have heard and read a lot of that information numerous times but Stephenie’s own personal story is still probably the best one! (Though Bella’s story is a close 2nd.) ๐Ÿ™‚
    She’s an inspiration. Family AND super successful career. Kudos Stephenie!

  25. littleyellowporsche says:

    All of that was great! the video and the article were great!

    thank you twilight Lexicon for giving us all of these goodies! You deserve a round of applause!

  26. It'sTooGreen says:

    Deliciously filthy…..Haha. Not words I ever thought to use to describe Twilight, but I suppose it’s apt. Nice article!

  27. does anyone know if the Time magazine will be available outside of the US? like Australia?

  28. Wow. I get online at like 3 in the morning and there’s a plethora of updates. The video was amazing and the Time article was weird at the beginning–sort of wrong about the dream…but other than that it was really cool to just read about Stephenie and her life. I really admire her.

  29. Jennifer says:

    does anyone else feel like we might spoil the movie too much for ourselves before it comes out? we have months ahead of us and that is plenty of time to see how everything is going to look.. special scenes..

    or maybe that’s just me.. cause i know we already read the book and things are already expected and we know what it’ll mostly look like.. but idk..
    everything so far looks great though.

  30. Midnight_Fix says:

    That Time’s article was amazing. It makes me feel like putting together a Twilight scrapbook for myself with stuff like this in it.Though I think I’d feel a little guilty considering I haven’t finished my kids scrapbooks. hmmm…what really are my priorities these days? lol.
    Great pics too. I always get super excited when I see anything to do with the scene where the floor gets destroyed…it really gets my heart going, which works out since the scenes with Robert and his smoldering looks tend to stop my heart.hehe

  31. yay! I loved the article. I check the site at least once a day because you guys always have something for us. thank you so much!

  32. Catherine Hardwicke is becoming a favorite of mine. She’s very personable, and I like that. That video was nice; having just Catherine and the producer talk instead of all the actors. We can stop worrying..he did say this was the purest adaptation.

    Oh, and where is Catherine from? She sort of has an accent.

  33. Does anyone have the video posted on YouTube yet? Please, kthnx. :3
    Pictures are amazing and good to hear that you’re all back.

  34. ummm… am i the only one who last read that in The Host, Melanie’s alien was called Wanderer… not Wanda!?!?

    not impressed TIME Magazine x_x’

  35. yay! it’s my birthday today so these updates are a nice surprise. hey did anybody notice that robert was speaking wiht an american accent?! so hot.

  36. MrProper says:

    She’s called Wanderer but they call her Wanda, maybe you just have to wait and read the book…

  37. loll, sorry, i just read it Wanderer everywhere. my bad!

  38. ibelieveinnargles says:

    stephenie meyer is not the next Jo rowling. urgh. i feel like crying now. :[

  39. CullenWannabee says:

    Hey great and i mean great pictures! LOOOVVEEE how they put the ballet scene together!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and catherine hardwicke is becoming one of my favorite directors! Thanks Lex!

  40. That was an extraordinary well written article. I’m so happy to see other writers taking the time out to finally understand Stephenie and the Twilight series – and even The Host. The whole sweeping generalization of “Vampire, run little girl, run! He overpronounces his V’s! ” was starting to really bother me. Oh, and I’m pretty sure this was the first, and possibly only, article I’ve seen comparing JKR and SM in an educational, thoughtful, realistic way. It wasn’t all oh, Twilight is the next Harry Potter, but instead spoke about the similiarities and differences. Thanks Lex, you’re always posting the best stuff and keeping us updated. I used to check my email first thing in the morning, now I come straight to you.

  41. First of all: Welcome back!!

    The video was awesome!! The pictures were amazing!! I loved the article and the script supervisor’s picture was soo funny!
    Thank you so much!

  42. All was very interesting.

    However what interested me the most was the part with the second unit director in the G4 video. He said that the opening secuence would be the Cullens hunting!! O_o He said that it is almost like a documentary and he describes it as “really beautiful”.

    I mean I like the idea, it would be a very striking opening secuence, but I don’t know if it is a good idea to tell the audience about them being vampires at the very beginning.

    Any thoughts?

  43. edward1_0_1 says:

    Kylara, nice video

    it was sick

  44. CastMeNotAway says:

    Cess – I know exactly what you mean… but I bet that all the trailers for the film will already let everyoen know they’re vampires anyway…

    BTW: I can’t get that Time article to open! I’m so upset ๐Ÿ™

  45. seraphicullen says:

    Twilight Administrators:

    Did you guys get any pictures at all? How was it? Are you going to write more about it?

    Truly exciting.

  46. That’s pretty neat. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Looks like they’re going to be kicking Harry Potter in the butt and keeping our beloved story as close to the book as possible.
    I’m beyond grateful. I was so terrified that they would take Twilight and morph it into something unrecognizable by the time they’d finished with it.

    No Harry Potter disasters here! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Rock on Catherine Hardwicke, ROCK ON!



  47. icky vicky says:

    i am so glad that stephenie is willing to interview!!!


  49. some may have seen this and some have not but i still find it really awesome that they have done this

  50. I totally missed the wanda bit. That is sooo funny that time got that wrong. I was laughing my head off.

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