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We’ve had a bunch of questions lately regarding The Host and availability.  He are happy to pass on the good news that the Hachette Book Group, the adult publishing division of Stephenie’s usual publisher Little Brown, is doing both the audio and the eBook.  So all you people who like to listen to a book in your car, or who are dying to break in your new Kindle, you are in luck!

Also, some of you have been reporting The Host sightings in your books stores.  It seems that the international version, meaning English language editions put out by the UK publishing division, went on sale on April 2, 2008. This means you can get it in countries served by the UK publishers which is as follows:

Hong Kong
and any territories of the above.

So for our international members you guys hit the jackpot. Ask down at your local bookshop.   For those of you who have read the book and are ready to discuss it visit our Host Forum!


  1. yayyyyyyy!

  2. I have read it… and it’s amazing, you’ll love it guys! πŸ™‚

  3. So…does that mean it’s onsale in the us? Or only international-wise??

    It’s not on sale in the USA until May.

  4. ugh… i want to read it now!

  5. WHATTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you uk kids always say that you don’t have the movies from mtv but you go the book early! So lucky!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Wow, i’m going to run down and check my local easons asap

  7. EclipseBells says

    what its out now in the uk??! *jumps for joy*

    …off to town i go!!! πŸ˜€

  8. Which UK stores have it in? I just phoned my local Waterstones and they said it’s not in until 1st May.

  9. Many are saying that’s it’s already available here in Asia, Philippines to be specific. I haven’t spotted it in nearby bookstores to be honest.

    If there are other Filipinos here, try checking out Fullly Booked Serendra. They said it’s available there. Might as well grab some krispy kreme when you’re at it to start reading. LMAO

    I’ll be heading out probably this week and try my luck on that place. *crosses fingers*

  10. easons website said the 1sr of may but i wonder if they will just put them out on the shelves if its early and not update the websites?

  11. No, my bookstores do not have the book on the shelves. And I am in the UK, near several big cities. I was told May 1st.

  12. YUP! I have my own copy too & I have read it as well. =D

    It’s brilliant of course. Stephenie’s an awesome writer.

  13. Lucky!!!!! I am so jealous! Oh, well two weeks isn’t too long… *sigh*

  14. G, yes, it’s there in Fully Booked Serendra. That’s where I got mine! =)

    I went to Rockwell at National & Fully Booked. They have it but havent shelved the books yet.

    Good luck on getting it! though you dont need the luck coz there are shelves upon shelves of “The Host”!

    Have fun reading it guys!!

  15. 3sh : Thank you, I will try checking out those stores! To be honest I only went to Powerbooks in alabang town center and they told me the book will be released in May… Do you think there is a possibility that Breaking Dawn will be released early like “the host?”

    Oh, I saw in an LJ that “The HOST” is also available in HongKong! A definite YAY for Southeast Asia!

  16. Anyone know which UK bookstores have it in stock?

  17. Just a heads up for Stephenie Meyer fans from the Philippines, National Bookstore has already shelved the books. So grab your copies now.

    Powerbooks however, has yet to display their copies.

    At least this makes the wait for Breaking Dawn a little bit easier don’t you think?

    I setting myself on the special edition of Eclipse, 1st chapter of BD. Whoooaaaa!!!

    SM rocks!!!

  18. G, sure sure! no problem at all. =)

    Only particular and famous bookstores have earlier stocks of famed books here, like Fully Booked. Buy it tomorrow!! Or later since its like almost 2 in the morning, haha.

    Well, eversince…the Philippines has definitely an upperhand on famous books and movies. Thats why I love living here coz Im a movie & book buff myself.

    Books/movies release here earlier (and most times even earlier than the named book/movies mother-country) because of our obvious love for them.

    Reading & watching flicks is practically Filipinos most favorite past time. Dont we go to the movie every weekend? hahaha!

    So, lets cross our fingers we get “Breaking Dawn” earlier! whoop!!

  19. Dana, haha! yeah!! the wait for Breaking Dawn is unbearable!! I don’t know how long I’ll last…I’ve been waiting since the month Eclipse was released last year! I was even debating if I should read Eclipse early because then I’d have to endure the painful process of waiting for ages for the next book. So far, I’m still standing, haha.

    Fully Booked – 1st place
    National – 2nd place
    Powerbooks – 3rd place


  20. OMG guys!!! i’ll be calling bookstores tomorrow if they have a copy of THE HOST…. i’m hoping the National Bookstore near our house have a copy….** cross finger **

    I have to agree that living in the Philippines have its perks after all…. especially when you are a Harry Potter fan like me as well as a Twilight fan…. i can’t sleep right now (thinking about THE HOST and when can I put my hands into my OWN copy)

    how much is it anyway??? i’m asking my MOM right now so that I can buy the book by Tomorrow or Wednesday!! thanks!!

  21. Amy, maybe all the UK bookstores have “The Host”. It’s supposed to have released there last April 2.

    Check out popular bookstores. They will most probably have it. For you to have the book easier, go to the customers service station and ask for the book (thats what I always do ;p) – unless, the book is seen all over the bookstore or outside for people to see, haha!

    good luck on having your own copy! hope you enjoy the book as well. =)

  22. Joanna, haha, I can’t sleep too! ;p

    The books P 640 by the way. Buy the book asap! =D

    i hope you get it soon! have fun reading it!

  23. OMG 3sh!!! do you have YM?? hahahahaha…. :)) my sooo excited right now… how’s the book?? did you finish it already?

    FULLY BOOKED SERENDRA is too far from where I live. I’m from QC by the way… So I’m hoping that TRINOMA or the BLOCK have a copy of the book… πŸ™‚

  24. joanna,if you’re near Katipunan, National Book Store-Katip has The Host for 599.Haha.Way cheaper. πŸ™‚

  25. really!! I can go to Katipunan tomorrow…. I can’t wait anymore!! thanks for the info!! πŸ˜€ did you finish the book already!!?? was it nice or does it live up to people’s expectation?? πŸ˜€

  26. haha.nope,haven’t bought yet.i’m buying tomorrow!or later,since it’s 2 in the morning.hahaha.

  27. Joanna, yup i do! its valentine.child =)

    yup! im done reading the book. i like finished it in one sitting the moment i got it, hahaha.

    maybe Trinoma has it.

    Kim, 599 bucks? whoa! cheaper indeed…maybe the costs higher in Fully Booked coz its a well known store, haha.

    guys, buy the book already! ;p

  28. I really really can’t sleep knowing about THE HOST and the International release date issue of the Twilight movie…. Oh my gosh 3sh!! was it good?? just an adjective to describe the book!!! hahahahahaah… πŸ˜›

    Kim: I’m also planning to buy the book tomorrow…. I’ll check out the nearest National Bookstore first and then if it isn’t availabe there I’ll head over to Katipunan… πŸ˜€

  29. no, not good – Brilliant!! Stephenie will never disappoint us fans!

  30. 3sh: hahah. yeah. and National Book Store caters more to the masses so they tend to be cheaper than other bookstores. i am buying the book later!haha. πŸ™‚

    joanna: yeah, the lady in National Book Store said that they only sell The Host at selected branches so you should be prepared if not all NBS branches sell copies. But a definite branch would be Katip’s. πŸ™‚

  31. hope you enjoy it Kim! πŸ˜€

  32. 3sh: now i’m getting too giddy to sleep!! hahahahah… πŸ˜› the reviews about the book is great also… so i’m elated to read it!! πŸ™‚

    kim: OMG kim!! really, thanks for that info!! let’s meet up again with 3sh in the forum or in yahoo messenger once were finished reading the book so that we can discuss it or something… πŸ˜€

  33. haha, i think you should get some sleep. i sure do! haha, thats why im off to bed after this.

    besides, if you sleep now, you’d get a chance to wake up early and buy the book earlier! whoop! πŸ˜€

    yeah, lets meet up again. =)

  34. sure,sure. πŸ˜€

  35. Aw, you guys spelled Philippines wrong. Way to go…

    Although I’m in the US… πŸ˜€

  37. Oh wow! I am so going to check if I can buy it today. Unfortuantely, I haven’t seen it anywhere…Wish me luck!

  38. Damn!!! I should have asked National Bookstore and Fully Booked in Mall of Asia. I only asked Powerbooks and they said that it is not out yet… I wish it will be the same in the Twilight movie, that is it has an early release date.

  39. amontilado says

    According to Galaxy Books in Australia the book is meant to be released worldwide in May. The official Australian release for the English edition is May 1. They do not have it & as far as they can find out, it should not yet be on sale in Australia….I must admit I was excited about getting it today, so I will have to be patient still!

  40. HOLY CRAP! I didn’t know The Host was already out in Australia! YAAAAAY. I’m going to the shops. ^_^

  41. Oh crap. So it isn’t out in Australia? AAAAAHHHHHHH.

  42. Isobella Magpie says

    I went and saw my friend at work ( she works at A&R) and she rang up the publisher on her works phone and apparently they have copies but it’s under embargo ( not allowed to open the boxes contractily) until May the 1st in Australia.


  43. OMGOMGOMG that is so awsome ive never really read the books but listened to them on CD so this is so great. I was wondering if they would come out YAY I am 1 happy fan right now

  44. ARGH! I can’t find it! In all three shops I checked…And I live in Australia. Melbourne to be exact…any other Melbourners found it?

  45. mrs.edwardcullen says

    I found the book at PERIPLUS in my country Indonesia.
    I’m just so excited and got my hands on them already.
    Now I’m sailing through chapter 5 LOL. Just got a lot of stuff to do.

    Just from reading the first 4 chapters, I can tell and I really hope that this book is as good as Twilight, maybe even better.

    Way to go Southeast Asia!

  46. I HAVE the HOST now…!! got it a while ago!!! so excited in reading it…. its sooo big… even bigger than twilight (in terms of size ofcourse!) and the text is so small…. maybe because it was meant to be a adult book… πŸ˜›

  47. go melbournians!!!
    ok.. must get hands on book
    how about i go down and pre-order??
    sounds good=p

  48. I’m reading thiss book right now, and so far it’s AMAZING! Stephanie always makes me feel like I am the main character, and being an English Major, this feeling is multiplie by about 100!

  49. apologies for the off-topic reply but does anybody know if an international version of Breaking Dawn is likely to be released? its just that i’ve only just found out The Host was released early in the UK and I’m kicking myself for not buying it sooner so i don’t want to make the same mistake twice!

  50. Vannessa says

    This book was amazing!! I live in Canada (Ontario), and it is available here πŸ™‚

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