The Host in multiple forms

We’ve had a bunch of questions lately regarding The Host and availability.  He are happy to pass on the good news that the Hachette Book Group, the adult publishing division of Stephenie’s usual publisher Little Brown, is doing both the audio and the eBook.  So all you people who like to listen to a book in your car, or who are dying to break in your new Kindle, you are in luck!

Also, some of you have been reporting The Host sightings in your books stores.  It seems that the international version, meaning English language editions put out by the UK publishing division, went on sale on April 2, 2008. This means you can get it in countries served by the UK publishers which is as follows:

Hong Kong
and any territories of the above.

So for our international members you guys hit the jackpot. Ask down at your local bookshop.   For those of you who have read the book and are ready to discuss it visit our Host Forum!