Upcoming gigs for the Mitch Hansen Band

The Mitch Hansen Band, based in the Atlanta area,  has a bunch of upcoming performances.  The band has some great music inspired by Stephenie’s novels.

 You can check out the band’s MySpace here. It gives a full listing of the band’s upcoming appearances including a recent addition at 37 Main in Buford, GA (which is a FREE SHOW!)

Maybe even a few enterprising fans could suggest the band as a midnight release act to area booksellers.


  1. oh i wish i could see it! hmph!


  2. The Twihard says:

    I wish I could see them play, but I don’t have a car! Or a license yet! But thanks LEXICON for everything!

    Yeah second!

  3. Hmmm…. Maybe I’ll listen to some of their music to see what they sound like. They certainly have great inspiration! Hopefully they’ll be near my area.

  4. HA! I love the Jacob Black song!

  5. Edwards Singer says:

    fifth comment!!!!!!!!!

  6. This is a great band except it is spelled Hansen not Hanson.

  7. I love this man sooo much!

  8. I would LOVE to go to one of those gigs!!!!!!!! I loked at some of his songs on TwilightMoms and even by his writing he sounds really talented!!

  9. Beth-Cullen says:

    YES! Finally the Lexicon has really noticed Mitch! I’ve been listening to his music for what seems like forever now! I’m so hapyy he’s getting for gigs. Sadly I won’t ever get to see him unless he comes to Canada 🙁

  10. Yes! I live really close to Buford, and I get out of school the week before. -happydance- Maybe I’ll get to go. (:

  11. YAY!!! The Mitch Hansen Band Is My FAVORITE band!!! (and has been since February!)

    Someday, I’ll get to hear them play live! (his CD and recordings on myspace are him all by himself, but for his live performances he’s added 2 band members.)

  12. Finally something that is in the area! Sorta!

    I just hope that there is a midnight party somewhere where I live.

  13. Its so amazing that people write songs!

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