Poll from Cinematical and rumor squash

The folks at Cinematical, who yesterday gave us a behind the scenes peek story, have come up with a "Which character are you most like?" poll.  Mention you saw it on the Lexicon if you make a comment!

While we are at it, we just wanted to lay to rest a couple of rumors that are circulating in our inbox and around the Internet.

    a. The beach scenes have not been cut from the movie, they will still take place, just not shot as previously planned for at La Push.
    b. There was an honest error in the ET report, Rosalie is known as Rosalie Hale in the movie not Rosalie Cullen.
    c. Twilight is not intended as an R-rated movie, all "movie posters" out there are currently done by some talented photoshoppers, none are the real thing.


  1. Yay! I’m most like Emmett! I love to joke around!

    Do we know what happened with the MTV segment? Did it ever actually air on tv? I waited forever to see it.

  2. it did! i saw it on MtvU…but, i didnt come on MTV i dont think…but, it did come on MTVU at like 9:45 last night…it was more glorious on tv!!

  3. i never saw it on tv:-( it was terrible! oh well..internet is alwasy good:)
    Im a Bella definatley, a complete danger to myself! so many bruises… And not so social or likes big things…im more quiet

  4. twilightislife says:

    Yeah, isn’t it supposed to be PG-13 as Meyer has requested. Its one of the few things she has control over for the movie.

  5. I voted myself as Edward because I’d consider myself a rational person. But, in a way, I’m like Bella with the clumsiness. I’m always falling and tripping over myself, especially after having two mastoidectomies.

    Re: Twilightislife — Yes, the movie is going to be PG-13.

  6. It would be silly to make it R rated. Alot of Twilight fans are under 16 and couldn’t get in with out a parent, so it wouldn’t make sense to make it over PG13.

    Thats too bad they’re not filiming at the actual La Push. First Beach is really pretty!

  7. ahaha, most like alice, all the way…
    and yeah, i dont get y ppl would believe it would be rated R
    unless they gored up the movie and added cursing in, then its kinda hard to make it R rated :]

  8. It’ a shame we won’t get to see the original sites in the movie, but I’m sure most of us wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. I’m glad there still is a Port Angeles scene! Even though it’s in St Helens…

  9. The Twihard says:


    I can’t believe their not might not shoot at La Push! It’s just not right!

    I said I’m like Jasper, because I took another quiz online and they said I was jasper.

  10. Kristilee says:

    Just saw the Twilight segment on MTV. Wow, Kellen is so cute. I definately would have knocked on his door if I knew what room he was sleeping in. :] But they keep calling us TwiHards.

  11. Another rumor question: http://www.firstshowing.net/2008/04/10/stephanie-meyer-talks-more-about-the-twilight-movie/ in that article, it says that Edward is a senior, not a junior in the movie. Is that true?

    That is not an official source, its an article write up on another article.  At this point in time, no Edward is not a Senior.  ~Cocoa

  12. im a Bella, only because i look like her

  13. Saiyachick says:

    Stephenie’s website has been updated with a link to the MTV review =)

    And I said I was more of an Alice :p

  14. mrsjasperhale says:

    I said I was more of a Jasper. I tend to be more solitary than others, and if I put my mind to it, I think I really can manipulate emotions. Not in a crazy way, just… I can get people excited, and stuff like that. Unfortunately, I don’t quite have Jasper’s actual power.

  15. Kimberly says:

    Yeah, I never saw the MTV segment on TV either. It was supposed to air yesterday at 6:50PM on MTV, but I watched the channel and it never aired. Sad!
    Haha, I was developing a theory that they changed Rosalie’s name to “Cullen” because she married Emmett XD Nvm then!
    Thank you!

  16. I left a comment and told them that I was an older fan and I prefer twilightlexicon over the other sites! So true! I love this site!! I appreciate all the work that goes into making this site the BEST!!! 🙂 THANKS!!

  17. I really doubt Stephenie Meyer would have the movie rated R because not only does it exclude those too young to see it but from the religion she is, I don’t think she would make us choose between going to a rated R movie, or being left out and extremely disappointed.

  18. i’m so alice 🙂 haha

  19. I am a Bella. Down to the fashionless clothes and no makeup. I would NEVER forgive Alice!

  20. i am Rosie in my class…
    we have many people in my class that r characters

  21. ahh i realy was looking forward to it being in LApush

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