Interview With Lana Veenker

Have you ever wondered just how a movie cast? What is the process? What types of decisions are made and why?  Well, wonder no more! Lana Veenker, one of the principal casting directors for the Twilight movie, explains a lot of what goes into the casting a film, and in particular, Twilight.


Highlights include:

"But actors reading for small day player parts also need to understand that it isn’t a movie about Waiter #3. If the character’s only line is "Would you like some more coffee?", the
actor should just say the line, simply and believably."

"Besides possessing the right look, charisma and acting chops, the actor needed to be someone who could grow into the character that Jacob becomes in the sequels."

"But we also saw some adorable little girl actresses for the role of Young Bella (seen in the ballet studio scenes) and some pretty mean Frat Boys (who threaten Bella in Port Angeles)."

We want to thank Lana for taking the time to explain things to us. We’d also like to thank Cocoa for acting as our interviewer.


  1. yay first comment !

  2. sweeeeet.
    i would love to be an actress one day. *sigh*
    they did an amazing job on the casting. ^_^

  3. Seems cool
    but a tough career

  4. twilightened says

    Interesting article. And it kind of puts to rest, for me anyway, the speculation that Taylor will could be replaced as Jacob, by someone older and taller if there are any sequels. Thank you Lexicon for continuing to bring us interesting information and marvelous interviews.

  5. I’m soooo glad they’re not cutting the port angeles scene

  6. Kimberly_pr says

    I’m glad with the cast!! She did a great job!! I guess Taylor is probably going to return for New Moon! Hmm…. Well hopefully he’ll look older in the next movie!!

  7. lala-swan says

    Leah- Yeah, I know, it just couldn’t be out of the movie!
    And it seems like it’s a tough thing, all the auditionig processes, but it ends up with a great casting!

  8. kessie1122 says

    omg omg omg! they’re doing the port angeles scene! for some reason that was the part that i was worried about the most. i wanted to see that scene in the movie. yay! and great casting!!! her job must be hard.

  9. that was awesome…such a difficult job though
    but they did an amazing job with the actors =)

    …but im confuse abt the Port Angeles scene
    i thought they cut that part out… so r they doing it or not? =|
    i really wanted to c that scene >.

  10. aww she seems nice!!!
    but wait everyone………then she said that soemtimes she casts scenes that are cut. so what if she DID cast the port angeles scene, but they ended up cutting it???

    i reeeeeally really hope that’s not the case because the port angeles scene is freakin PIVITAL!!

    i’ll be crossing my fingers til december 12th aka BEST DAY OF THE YEAR ๐Ÿ˜€

    thank you Lexicon for posting yet another amazing interview!!

  11. I’m so excited they are putting the scene with the guys harassing bella in the movie! That was an awesome bella/edward moment

  12. ugh man, i wish i was Laura. that’d be fricken amazing to cast Twilight x3

  13. Who would’ve thought a non-cast member interview could be so enjoyable as well? Thanks for the thinking-outside-the-box interviews, Lex!

  14. I thought Port Angeles was being cut….and Jacob/Taylor is not being replaced IF they do future films. I had to read the sentence twice, but they are saying that they liked the other guys so much that they might bring them back for other parts [i.e Paul, Seth].

    But really good info over all.

  15. TeamRobert! says

    The Movie Fanatic will be announcing the modified list of the top 30 hottest young actors TOMORROW, so watch out for Rob!

  16. TeamRobert! says

    Actually, I might have gotten that info WRONG, don’t trust it!

  17. Jacob_BlackFan101 says

    Wow, that must be a hard jobs. My friends and I are making a short little commercial for our school on Twilight, i’m the location diretcor, and it really sucks!!! Because we are doing a little scene of the beach, and we don’t have alot of sand around our school.

  18. I sooooooooo thought they were gonna leave the bad guy scene out! This is so cool! It’ll be awesome to see Rob pull up in the volvo in that scene….

  19. I’m so glad they did an interview of this. I’ve actually been considering trying to get into a casting director job in the future and this helps with all the information. It really is nice to hear something from anyone but the cast every now and them.

  20. awwwww!!!!!!! we get to see little bella!!!!!!!!

  21. I loved it. I think she did a great job with the casting and also the interview. Thanks Lana and TL!

  22. Great job, Lana!

  23. yay,
    for port angeles
    and little bellas!

  24. i really hope the port angeles scene is in the movie. that would be awesome. thanks lexicon for another great interview!

  25. The Twihard says

    Cool. I’m glad they give so much thought into the characters in the movie!

  26. guys!! stephenie dropped to number 8 on the time top 100!! we have to keep voting, her average score is 68! we can’t keep letting them vote her down!

  27. BloodsuckingLeech says

    I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU TO THE LEX!

    You guys are FRIKKEN AWESOME!

    You are a Twilighters best friend,

    Love and lemondrops, BSL

  28. no!!!!!! we must save her!!!!! *runs off to vote*

  29. Elizabeth Loves Edward says

    I’d love to be an actress someday too!
    This was so nice of her to post some help like this.

  30. Claire Ateara says

    OMG, you guys, I just found this youtube fanmade trailer for the Twilight movie that is like freaking AMAZING!!! Here’s the link for it : Check it out, seriously. It’s great!

  31. Wow, this sounds like alot of work! Seems like a tough business, but she’s onviously doing a very good job!

  32. Faktririjekt says

    And I think it’s cool we will get to see little Bella, and the Port Angeles scene. And that Kristen, Robert and the rest of the awesome cast that I love will not be replaced.

  33. twilightroses says

    im glad they’re keeping in the port angeles scene!

    sorry its off topic but heres a justin chon video interview about twilight

  34. PsychoPyro813 says

    Great article! Excellent interview! Ha, I’ve actually been solicited by those companies. Lots of talk about being prestigious, many stars came from them, all that, then we saw the price: like 6,000 for four weeks or something, plus you have to buy your own books. I’m flattered they think I’m good material, but my family and I have no idea how they even got our name. We aren’t even listed!

  35. Edwards Singer says

    hey how could they cut the port angeles scene
    that is the first time edward and bella reALLy spend time together alone
    and its where bella finds out that edward is a vampire

  36. I can’t wait til December 12!!!! Thats 10 days til my birthday, Best Gift Ever!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Please! Pel, or cocoa or anyone… is the port angeles scene being cut or not? What I gathered from the interview i think yes!

  38. Where did you get that the Port Angeles scene was going to get cut off?

  39. I just checked Stephenie’s site and they posted the full cast list. it’s basically everyone we knew, but like 2 or 3 more people… So everyone you should go check that out ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. yeah i looked…question…whos mr molina ?

  41. Thank You sooo much Lana!
    and this site.
    wow, it takes more than i thought to get casted etc.
    I still want to be an actress!

  42. I think Mr Molina is the biology teacher… i think someone said that they changed his name

  43. Saiyachick says

    Twilightroses: That is an old interview ๐Ÿ™‚

    Who is that maylon guy?

  44. Saiyachick says

    OKAY! Has /anyone/ seen nomoremarbles new video in response to the ET released clip? If you haven’t, DO IT. It is hilarious and she catches a certain thing that Rob does to Kristen.

  45. Mr Molina aka the Biology Teacher. Even Phil has been cast.

  46. Cinderella26- Sorry to rain on your parade but I am positive that Rob has blue-greyish eyes. But he is hottt nevertheless and a damn near purrfect Edward.

  47. *sigh* rob……

  48. becca lee ` says

    his eyes are grey.

    i love him more and more, everytime i see him.