Rachelle Lefevre Interview

Rachelle Lefevre was able to squeak in an interview with us in the middle of her very busy shooting schedule, look for her in an upcoming Boston Legal.

Some interview highlights include:

"For me letting someone go through my ipod is a very intimate act! You’re so exposed, all your bad taste and guilty pleasures on display."

"Sometimes there’s magic in the room and sometimes I need ice cream after."

"Victoria is like all of the parts we all have but don’t like to admit or pretend aren’t there."

Thank you again for Rachelle for taking the time to talk to us, and thank you to Cocoa for acting as our interviewer.


  1. The Twihard says:

    There is a interveiw that Twilight Moms and one of the women from Twilight Series Theories on Emmett:


    Emmett is great!! He is such like myself, you’ll see!!

  2. twilightroses says:

    wow rachelle looks awesome in that picture! and shes going to be amazing as victoria

  3. I find it amazing that interview after interview, all the actors/actresses tell us how they are trying to get it right..I think they are scared of us TWILIGHT FANS…


  4. yeah thanks! wow big news day with mtv AND an interview.

    she seems really nice, but that might not be a good thing.

    has robert pattinson ever done an interview? i keep looking and i cant seem to find one.

  5. i really like her..just not for victoria. she’s too pretty and graceful-looking to play some wild vampire. o well…

  6. Dancergirl says:

    Cool interview. She’s going to make the best Victoria.

  7. melissa says:

    so, her messages sounded kinda bland compared to billy’s oh well.
    great pic.

  8. VampGirl says:

    She kind of scares me. No offence. And the picture looks kind of freaky….

  9. Kay, so the thing I noticed most about that interview was what she said about Kristen and Rob (sigh yet again)
    ” Kristen and Rob are beautiful together”
    So that leads ME to think that theres going to be some seriously good chemistry!!
    Te-He! I sound SO dirty!~

  10. Carolina says:

    Loove the picture, very Victoria-esque. However, I’m having some trouble reading the interview, my computer is totally spazzing. Can it be read anywhere else?

  11. QUEENCROWN says:

    I love her. I CANNOT wait to see her as Victoria. It’s going to be amazing!!!

    And to VampGirl:

    Isn’t it a good thing that she scares you?

    She is Victoria after all.

  12. WoWzErZ says:

    I luv her as Victoria! she so pretty and looks EXACTLY how i pictured her!! you guys do have a point though. she does seem to nice and graceful but i think that if shes a good actress (which she defenitely is!!) then that wont be a problem. oooooooo! just imagine her whith the red contacts in!!!! wow i cant wait for the movie!!!!!!!!

  13. i love the part where she and nikki try to get into a fight as rosalie and victoria and then later are forced to break it off. lol, this isnt about them. ooo id liked to see that in the deleted scenes or bloobers.

  14. Hellish Red Devil says:

    These awesome interviews make my day. 🙂

  15. oh, i really think she is going to do good!!
    AWW!!! all of these updates make me soooooo excited. i cant wait, i have honestly been through the twilight series at least 6 times, 8 or 9 (but the 8 or 9 i skipped alot). But honestly, i think this is pretty much the best thing in the world.

    okay that is my in-put for the dayy! =D

    have a great day/night everyone.

  16. CullenWannabee says:

    OMG i love her! She looks exactly how i pictured Victoria, and im pretty sure..no positive she will play Victoria perfectly! And by the way i laughed at the part about the male users!hah!

  17. i found a cool pic from twilight i thought you could post

    That picture is owned by entertainment weekly, we can not post copywritten material here.  Thank you for the thought though.  ~Cocoa

  18. twiholic says:

    Yes that is an awesome picture, but that was all the hype a month or two ago

  19. I love her! She has the perfect hair. Though at first I didn’t think she had the “feline” features, I’m convinced she’ll do a great job.

  20. CaseyCullen says:

    his golden eys has new pics form Lion and lamb journal… chelck it out on either site

  21. i love the picture shes so pretty

  22. to linz:

    ya i heard about that picture a couple weeks ago but i still dont get whats with the honey-covered chiken and cheese thing. anybody have a clue????? im really anxious to find out!!

  23. yay! i have liked her as Victoria since the beginning and now that she says she prefers Edward I LOVE her as Victoria. omg these actors and actresses are going to make it so hard for me to dislike their character. Rachelle and Taylor are really starting to get to me. then again, if they’re really good at their job then they will make me dislike them because I will see them as the character and forget about their true personalities. grrrr I can’t wait for the movie! the cast is fantastic!!!

  24. I have a question on her name…do you say it as rA-ch-el or like mine; as rA-sh-el???? because sometimes people spell my name a Rachelle…….hmmmm

  25. omg she is so preety im happy they picked her!!!!!!!!1:)

  26. she is so preety omg she is like what i would have thought

  27. she doesn’t look very dangerous

  28. she is purrty!

  29. haha good one VampGirl!

  30. Um, click “interview” to see the interview, folks.


  32. oh never mind tehehe i see it now SORRY FOLKS IM ONLY YOUNGER THAN 11.

  33. To read the interview click on the word ‘interview’above her picture.

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  35. Boston Legal is great and i specially like it because i am a law student~,:

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  2. […] We want to send our congratulations off to Rachelle Lefevre (Victoria) who’s reoccurring role ended this week on Boston Legal.  You can see Rachelle this May in the film Fugitive Pieces.  (Please note this film is rated R.)   She is an amazing talent and we wish her all the best in her career.  To read our interview with Rachelle click here. […]

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