Rachelle Lefevre Interview

Rachelle Lefevre was able to squeak in an interview with us in the middle of her very busy shooting schedule, look for her in an upcoming Boston Legal.

Some interview highlights include:

"For me letting someone go through my ipod is a very intimate act! You’re so exposed, all your bad taste and guilty pleasures on display."

"Sometimes there’s magic in the room and sometimes I need ice cream after."

"Victoria is like all of the parts we all have but don’t like to admit or pretend aren’t there."

Thank you again for Rachelle for taking the time to talk to us, and thank you to Cocoa for acting as our interviewer.


  1. wow that picture! she really does look like victoria

  2. Lomesir says:

    I think I’m missing something–where is the interview?

  3. Dancergirl says:

    Where’s the interview?

  4. shaeldryn says:

    yea, there might be a link missing πŸ™‚
    great picture, though

  5. Jennifer says:

    I hate to add to the obvious trend here…but please post the link! I want to read the interview, and I have a class in four minutes!

  6. jo schmoe says:

    yea, what all the other people are saying-

  7. FilDeCuivre says:

    Now she really looks very victoria-ish(is that even a word?)! I can’t see the interview, could you please add it there πŸ™‚

  8. Sorry about that. I didn’t save properly when I first posted.

  9. omg she’s so cool!
    can’t wait to see her
    i think she’s perfect for Victoria especially in that pic!

  10. IrishTea says:

    I really would like to see her and Rosalie go at it… maybe Victoria was flirting with emmett

  11. La tua Cantante says:

    I always thought she looked like the PERFECT Victoria.
    I dont understand,in the interview it said she was practicing baseball?or something to that affect,are they going to put into the movie that they all play for a bitincluding,james and Laurent? that would be kind of weird since in the book they are trying so hard to get Bella out of there as soon as james comes into the picture.
    and where it sais her and Nikki(rosalie) have a part where they get in eachothers faces…OH! i see…I bet it might be around kind of in the background shen James notices Bella is human and crouches down,then Edward gets defensive and then I am sure they all do.,since it did say the scene wasn’t really about them. I am sure they all have to act defensive with each other during this!!!
    Can’t Wait !!! Rachelle is going to be GREAT!

  12. She’s going to be fantastic!!

  13. WHAT!!!!… Dracula is NOT the best vampire book.

  14. Heather says:

    She is gorgeous and will be the perfect Victoria. Many scenes in the movie are much different than the book. It has been mentioned several times over the last few months, so we will just have to sit back and wait for the results. I am very excited for the “extra” stuff the movie will add.

  15. jo schmoe says:

    whats with the baseball stuff- vicky doesnt play baseball! im so confused (it doesnt take much really) πŸ™ oh, well πŸ™‚

  16. I know I say this alot but I can’t wait for the movie. It’s going to be so great.

  17. haha i like her hair. even messier than mine:P and she seems really nice, shes gonna be great!

  18. I think she is the perfect Victoria. I was so glad to hear that she thinks Robert and Kristen are perfect in their roles. December can’t come fast enough.

  19. Oh, she is so perfect! One of my favorites that they’ve casted so far! I can’t wait for the movie, or at least a Trailer!!!!!!! *Huddles in corner with copy of New Moon and growls at anyone who looks at her* πŸ™‚

  20. She is soo perfect for Victoria. I can’t wait or the movie. But now I look most forward to the trailer, which I will watch over and over and over and over and over again πŸ˜›

  21. seraphicullen says:

    So down to earth. I love her. :]

  22. She prefers Edward…! πŸ˜€

  23. Rebecca says:

    She’s great…but I can’t believe she thinks Dracula is the best vampire book of them all! Um…hello- TWILIGHT is the best book of them all!!!!!!! Dracula is so corny.

  24. Michelle says:

    I’m so excited! I think she’ll do a great job as Victoria. I’m so happy to hear that the book is in good hands and that the actors are really dedicated to their characters. Awesome!

  25. Totally Victoria! πŸ™‚

  26. The Twihard says:

    She seems so nice, but I think she’ll make a great Victoria, I hope I like her, or hate her in the movie, you know what I mean!

  27. I love her. That picture of her is absolutely gorgeous.

    Oh. And “She’s Come Undone” by Wally Lamb is freaking incredible, I have to agree with that.

    Super excited.

  28. Andrea aka. Twilight lady says:

    Wow..I have total confidence in this cast and movie..now it’s just the wait. Now, though I feel like I know her because the book “the curious incident of the dog in the nightime.” is amazing!! Yeah, alrigh great interview. I can’t the pic right now cause I’m school and the block pictures..but I’m sure it’s amazing. BYE

  29. Tommorrow is Kristen Stewart’s Birthday πŸ™‚

  30. hmmm. She is def. what I was expecting. Her hair looks a little more light than I has imagined, but that is a pretty good actress for the part. I like the pic….haha

    Is victoria even suppossed to be that pretty in the book? lol

  31. She seems so awesome! Very likeable!

  32. Virginia says:

    I like her. She seems like she’ll do a good job.
    And she likes Laura Marling, which makes her awesome. πŸ™‚

  33. lindsey says:

    wow thats my name “linz” you can use it though… ;)i’ll just spell mine out… is that a picture of victoria as victoria or is it just a random photo…? she will be flipping awesome i am so excited and i love all these interviews!!! its so happy to come to my favorite site and see something new like everyday!!! πŸ™‚

  34. twiholic says:

    it’s just a random picture most definatly, she’s tan and she has blue eyes haha

  35. Sara Marie says:

    I love her!! She’s so awesome! I love her bit about the Britney Spears music. Hahaha. She’s so down to earth… πŸ˜€

  36. jessica! says:

    Why are there interviews with everyone else in the entire movie EXCEPT for the one we’re all waiting for (to not so subtly hint: ROB!)?!?!

    But besides that (and more on topic) I think Rachelle will do a wonderful job because I think she fully understands who Victoria is supposed to be.

  37. edwardssinger says:

    she is perfect! now… its time for an interview with rob…. πŸ˜‰

  38. whoaaaaaaa i saw that picture and i was like AH DONT HURT ME PLZ.

    hahahahah i think rachelle will be PERFECT for the role of victoria. she seems really sweet too…even though victoria is NOT sweet but i’ll allow the person PLAYING victoria to be sweet =)
    thanks lex for this interview!!!!!!
    crossing my fingers for more to come by you and mtv!!!

  39. and by AH DONT HURT ME PLZ i’m referring to being scurrrrred cuz she looks like a crouching vampire about to kill me! although her face doesnt look too menacing….oh well it was still enough to freak me out hahah

  40. jessica!:
    Why are there interviews with everyone else in the entire movie EXCEPT for the one weÒ€ℒre all waiting for (to not so subtly hint: ROB!)?!?!

    jessica: it’s definitely cause rob and kristen are the main roles in the movie, so they’ve probably been extremely busy with filming and what not. however, MTV did do a video interview recently and they’ll be posting it up soon!!

  41. she is the PERFECT victoria! πŸ˜€

  42. She and Rosalie get in a fight? Hm, I don’t think that Rosalie would actually stick up for Bella in Twilight. Remember the whole “I’m not gonna trade clothes with you. Why should I help you, I hate you” thing she did before they left for phoenix? *sigh* Please keep Rosalie bitchy in the movie. She has a good reason to be that way!

  43. Celeste says:

    Hmmm… can the actors give us links to trailers of the film? early early trailers….

  44. Really random but anyone else excited to see the kissing scene in the meadow with Bella and Edward?


  45. haha yes! seeing the meadow kissing scene will like make my whole entire decade (maybe more…..)!

    oh and Twilight Moms has posted an interview with Kellan Lutz!!!!! check it out its really good!

  46. twiholic says:

    Hey! Twilight moms have a new interview with Kellan Lutz and it’s a good one!

  47. twiholic says:
  48. my_edward says:

    what’s on your ipod? mine’s mostly muse, my chmeical romance, matchbox 20, avril lavigne, and three days grace

  49. my_edward says:

    *my chemical romance

  50. twilunatic says:

    i still dont see how u can get to the interview. can anyone help me?