Mugglecast mentions Twilight

MuggleCast mentioned Twilight in their lastest podcast.  (Please note it was a part of an April Fools joke.)  But that being said Andrew Sims of the Mugglecast crew did visit the set of Twilight diring filming and reported for Dark Horizon.  We ran the article earlier this week.  The link to the set visit report which includes a brief interview with Robert Pattinson is located on our Actor Interviews page.


  1. cool!!

  2. mtgjuicy says:

    Mugglecast has been talking about Twilight for quite a few episodes now.

    And I hope by “expanding to discussing other books” you aren’t referring to the March 30th episode, (which said that the show would now be 1/4 Potter, 1/4 Twilight, 1/4 Narnia, and 1/4 LotR,) because, if you read on to the April 5th episode, or if you looked on MuggleNet, (on the April 2nd posts, I believe,) you would know that that was an April Fools joke.

    Of course, you probably aren’t referring to that, and *I* probably look like a moron right now.

  3. It was just a April Fools Joke …that news isnt real

  4. Mugglenet did indeed visit the set of Twilight, and conducted a very wonderful interview with a few members of the cast, including Robert Pattinson. ~Cocoa

  5. Seeing as I am a big Mugglenet visitor, I think I can mention that Mugglecast is not really expanding their podcast. It has always been an HP podcast, and always will. Twilight won’t me a part of it. And the April Fool’s joke was not only the Encyclopedia, but much more.

  6. be*

  7. Lindsay says:

    Andrew of MuggleCast did indeed visit the set of Twilight and he did interview members of the set, but as various other people have posted, the MuggleCasters will not be expanding the show to include Twilight, or any other series at the moment, LotR and the Spiderwick chronicles included. They will be sticking to Harry Potter, even if they will be ending weekly shows in a short time. =)

    (And as a HP dork, I just have to point out that Harry Potter has, in no way, come to a close. Our fandom is still going strong!

  8. Just a note in spelling, MuggleCast technically has a capital C. I know, I know, it’s very anal of me. I’m just a dedicated fan to the podcast and Twilight. =]

  9. Ok guys. Please calm down and give us a break. We actually reported this story a week ago, but reposted it at the request of some users. I have edited the information above including it being an april fools joke regarding podcasting.

  10. Elena Cullen says:

    thanks for the rereport! I don’t think i would have remembered to look out for this…..I’m really really glad you did! This is technically the first thing we’ve heard from Rob, so THANK YOU! He really does seem to GET Edward….they all seem to understand their character very well….My only wish was that I could live in the Portland area so I could bother (heh…bother bother bother….potter puppet pals, sorry;) ) the cast as well! But those of you who do get to meet them, you are very lucky!

    thanks again!

  11. Viola_team_warm_and_fuzzy! says:

    yeah, i didnt find this the first time… dang. that would have been cool, though. Man, they got me good.

  12. Aha, I apologize on behalf of the fans of MuggleCast. We don’t mean to sound all worked up. x: It’s just that MC fans are.. quite passionate.
    With that said, I’m glad you posted this.

  13. Lindsay: I agree. I’m a potterhead, through and through. And no book (no matter how wonderful and amazing) will change that. Harry Potter was the thing that got me into reading and without it I would have probably never gotten into Twilight. *Shudders* That’s an awful thought…

    I was a little sad to see that the Twilight thing was a joke on their site. they’re awesome and funny and I thought that if they would talk about twilight they’d be even better… 🙁

  14. Kim, you stole the words right out of my…er…keyboard.

  15. I don’t really mind that it was a joke, but I would like to hear them talk about Twilight more often. And even though I read Andrew’s report on going to the set, I would love it if he talked some more about it on the show. I feel that only saying a few things about it for only 2 minutes or so doesn’t really cover everything he saw.

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