Official Statement From Summit

Statement From Summit Films regarding Stephenie’s cameo.

While expressing his excitement for Stephenie’s support of the film, a member of the film production staff inadvertently told an MTV reporter about Stephenie’s cameo appearance.  There was no malicious intent by either party to “steal Stephenie’s thunder”.  Of course Summit is sorry for the story being accidentally leaked to the press before Stephenie was able to do so.  But being that it was an accident Stephenie is ok with the events that transpired.

As means of an explanation, but not a an excuse, we’ve been getting a lot of "didn’t you know that…", and "how come you’re not reporting…" emails, posts, statements around the net. Oftentimes we are not reporting because we’ve been asked not to because official sources wanted to do it.  My frustration level reached a boiling point today when we did not report information we had, were anticipating linking to a in Stephenie’s own words and the story turned out to be an MTV story. We have been in contact with MTV and both parties are fine with where we are.