MTV posts about Stephenie having a cameo

MTV what the Lexicon has known for weeks, was specifically asked NOT to mention, and was supposed to be a surprise for the fans when the movie came out. Stephenie filmed a cameo in the Twilight movie.

EDIT: The article does tell about the scene Stephenie appears in.  Be aware in case you don’t want to be spoiled  

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EDITED: Ok, here’s the deal, in light of what MTV was told, which differs greatly from what I was told by official sources, that Stephenie wanted to break this news herself, I have edited this post to say to remove the word "leaked". However, let’s just say there’s been a lot of communication back and forth behind the scenes here and I am not the only one who was majorly surprised, caught 100% off-guard this morning, when I contacted my sources to say "what gives?"


  1. Kool!!

  2. Lomesir says:

    I wondered if she’d make a cameo. Well, it’s cool that she is! Too bad MTV leaked it. Who told them, is the question.

    Wish I knew. Really not cool, it was supposed to be a fan gift when they movie came out. We’ve been sitting on this info for weeks, the set was closed, precautions were taken, grrrr.  Well seeing as MTV lost the rights to the original script is it any wonder they are grasping at straws now? Guess someone is feeling important being the anonymous leak.


  3. ivy_marsden says:

    That’s awesome! I can’t wait to see it on the big screen!

  4. Mo Gan :] says:


  5. aw! I would love to see her on the big screen but darn MTV!!! THEY RUIN all surprises!!! Now I’m REALLY inching to go see the movie.

  6. This is an utter shame. Stephenie has been scooped on her own stories time and time again. Its just not right.

  7. Crystal says:

    NOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE SURPRISES!!!!! I’m so boycotting MTV now -not a happy campier- The set better not let MTV onto the set. They’ll prob leak the prom scene!

  8. silver midnight says:

    Stupid MTV. That horrible that they ruined it.

    Then again, I probably would have missed her if I didnt know what to look for..

  9. It was very poor of MTV to leak that bit of information. Seriously, they should have more respect for Stephenie; if she wanted something to remain a surprise, then MTV should have respected that.

    That being said, I’m extremely excited to see Stephenie in the movie… what a great experience that must have been for her! To appear in the movie of the book that you wrote. Go Steph!

  10. Capricorn75 says:

    Just more proof that MTV sucks. I’m not going to read what it says, just in case they told what scene she’s in or what the cameo entails. At least THAT part will still be a surprise when I see the movie.

  11. Jennifer says:

    yay! this is awesome news!
    but i’m still annoyed at MTV for leaking it… and mtv has gotten a lot of interviews and stuff. I think that they’re looking for competition with summit since they were originally going to do Twilight…
    But I’m glad they’re not.. it was scheduled to come out in 2010!!

    but i agree with silver midnight
    i probably would miss her if i didn’t know what to look for. But then again, i wouldn’t mind going to the cinemas to watch it again just to spot stephenie meyer!!!

  12. Oh the leaked what the scene was but not if she has a line. GAGH! Idiots! I LOVE SURPRISES!!!

  13. Grrrr.

  14. Thats just soo cool, that she will be in the movie!
    Now when I know, I will look for her!

    But I think its really bad of mtv! how could the do that?!? imagine if we didnt know, would have been a fun surprise seeing her in the movie! anyways, now its like this, not much we can do!

  15. twilightroses says:

    aww i wanted to be surprised but its really exciting!!

  16. It would have been one hell of an awesome surprise if we didn’t know about this. But what’s done is done! It still is awesome news! Thank you for sharing!

    I wonder how many scenes are they planning to make her be an extra? Is one enough? Does she have a line?

    This makes me even more excited!!

  17. Sprinkledpink says:

    I can’t believe MTV leaked it. That is a suprise I could have waited for. That would have been so cool to squeal in the movie theatre and start pointing and shreiking with the other fans. lol.

    Very cool she makes an appearance, but very uncool of MTV.

  18. I can’t wait to see her!

  19. That sucks that they leaked that. BUT I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN’T STAND IT!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. I just got back from Forks!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!! I couldn’t believe that I saw the actual high school and everything else!!!!!!!!!!! I had the best time of my life there!!!!!!!!!!!! That was the best spring break ever…and I’m going to stop now before I sound like even more of an idiot than I already do!!

  20. It must be annoying to be "scooped", but you were doing the right thing. Don’t worry, you have like a hundred posts from Stephenie herself on her forums and the personal correspondence… way bigger scoop than a cameo 🙂

    Thanks, Dawn. As much as it sucks for us, it sucks a WHOLE lot more for Stephenie, who wanted to tell her fans on her own website.  I can’t even tell you how much went into keeping a lid on this.

  21. Stephanie says:

    MTV is so dumb. :[

    I feel bad for Stephenie, I’m sure she was over the moon about keeping it a secret and telling us.

    But that aside, awesome news. 😀

  22. Well, that would have been a nice… surprise.

    Ah, oh well. But that’s really cool!

  23. Man, it would have been cool to have that as a surprise! But how amazing for Steph and for US!! Yea Stephenie!!!

  24. I’m very happy Steph is in it but MTV shouldnt have leaked it. O WEll. GO STEPH!!!!!!!1111

  25. jo schmoe says:

    stupid MTV idiots… stupid MTV idiots… yea that about sums it up- wait, one more time- stupid MTV idiots! 🙁

  26. christina says:

    grrrr i hate mtv.

    why mtv? WHY?

    i’m excited to see her in the movie now..
    but i mean dang i would’ve wanted to be surprised
    in the theatre and be like “omg was that stephenie?!?!?!”
    lol but aw well. i’m still excited to see her now at least
    i’ll be able to remind myself to look out for her.

    we love you twilightlexicon! you were doing the right thing 😀
    you are TEN BAZILLION TIMES better than MTV.

  27. Low blow MTV, low blow.

    That’s simply petty. I’m sure they knew that the set was closed and that there was a reason for it but just felt like being evil and ruining it.

    I’m not going to look at what specific scene she’s in because I want to keep that a surprise at least, but I can only guess which one it is.

    Thanks a lot MTV, you suck.

  28. Awww man, why did MTV have to ruin it!!! I love surprises and they totally ruined it…
    At least I dont know what scene she’ll appear in..

  29. It’s exciting, but sad. I would have loved to have been sitting in the theater and suddenly see stephenie on the screen! But, I guess that I would have probably caused bodily harm to anyone who was sitting near me if it were a surprise but whatever. I do wish that Steph could have told us herself. MTV sucks. They’re a bunch of sore losers just because the lost the rights to what will probably be the biggest book-to-film adaption in almost a decade. Sucks for them. Sure, I feel bad that they lost out on this opportunity, but that doesn’t mean they can go on spoiling things for the rest of us.

    anyway, I’m glad that steph is making an appearance. I figured she would, since she’s been on set so much and stuff. This is truly awesome for her. And also-like i said before-sad. 🙁

  30. If the Lex could keep it a secret, why can’t MTV? whoever spilled the beans should be ashamed, I would rather SM tell her fans or the Lex. It would be funny if people noticed in the theatre and started whispering..hehe. I’ll keep a look for for her. Appearently it is a “diner” scene. I’m thinking Port Angelese. Who knows. I’m a bit disappointed. I smell an apology. Acually, I smell a lot of apologies. Still, I’m glad for you Stephenie Can’t wait to see you on screen!

    *tsk tsk* on MTV

  31. Stephenie on the Big screen! Oh she must ahve been so excited! To actually be in her movie is like her stepping in to the dream world she made all those years ago. . . Stupid MTV!!! Why did you have to ruin the surprise? Really I hate surprises myself but that would have been a great one to see! I could just imagine me and my BFF watching and going “OMG Its SM!!!!” MTV’s just jelouse that they’re not part of the biggest movie of all time.



  33. jo schmoe says:

    professionalism (or however you spell that word) the lexicon has it, sm has it- MTV doesnt- ive never liked MTV, now i despise it- they’re angry because they didnt get the movie. they should be ashamed that their bizness can stoop so low- summit should sue them for all theyve got!

  34. MTV that’s such a drag.

    If stephenie wanted this to be not a surprise, she would have told everyone right away, but did she? I think not! Tsk tsk mtv.

  35. fortunesfool says:

    If you read the article they have a link to an explanation of why they decided to disclose the information. I’ll post it if no one wants to read the article, I don’t think there are any spoilers involved.

    I can’t account for what MTV was or wasn’t told. I can only go by what I was told which was the author wanted to do this on her own website, in her own words. It wasn’t going to be a secret forever, just long enough for Stephenie to break her own story, and for me not to steal her thunder.

  36. I’m going to wait and see how Summit or Stephenie responds. Without knowing specifically what Summit told the Lexicon it’s hard to judge in my opinion. Summit could have had different reasons for not wanting it leaked by a fansite weeks ago, which was prior to the filming of the scene but after the scene filmed the situation could have changed. *shakes head* I’m not sure if that makes sense. I would be interested to know how Lexicon first found out and then what Summit’s response was to them. It is disappointing that so many fans feel spoiled if anything MTV should have at least put a spoiler warning on the post but I don’t think so many people should be suprised about what they did.

  37. MTV will take any opportunity they have to give out ‘big news’. I’m seriously fed up with them acting like they’re huge Twilight fans. They’re only involved becasue they realized how big the following is and they want to cash in on it.

    I can’t thank the Lexicon enough for all that you ladies do! I appreciate your effort to keep things credible, whether it be news stories, pictures, rumors, or whatever crazy things go on in this fandom. I think you are very admirable for taking the high road and providing fans the most complete and reliable news, instead of posting anything you come across just to attract the crowd. Thank you so much!

  38. So if the lexicon hadn’t been contacted by Summit isn’t it correct to assume you guys would have broken the story? Maybe MTV was never given the information that you were given. Is this really about being spoiled or being “scooped”?

  39. Summit isn’t who asked me to sit on the story.

  40. I have to say, I NEVER would have known about this if it hadn’t been for the Lexicon posting it. I don’t check MTV news unless you guys link to an interview. If I were you, I would have just posted something like, “MTV has leaked some SPOILERS that we’ve known abotu and were waiting to release. Hang tight for word from Stephenie on what the announcement entails…” Or something. You didn’t have to spell out what the spoiler was, as I know I wouldn’t have followed the link if Stephenie didn’t want me to 😉

    I think you guys should take the line about what the surprise is and people can ruin it for themselves if they want.

  41. Danielle says:

    This is what MTV has to say:

    Larry Carroll Says:
    April 4th, 2008 at 11:36 am
    Hey folks,

    While I understand your initial comments, you should know a few things:

    1) I’m currently on the “Twilight” set yesterday and today, on an official set visit approved by Summit, etc. They’ve given us awesome access.

    2) During our interviews with Kellan and several others including a producer on the film, they openly volunteered the info on the cameo, knowing full well they were on camera. There was no intention on their part to hide this exciting cameo.

    3) Much like Hitchcock used to do, they want people to keep their eyes peeled for Stephenie. While you guys might know what she looks like, news like this gives others one more reason to go see the movie in December.

    4) This is MTV News. We report news, that’s why it’s in our name. And obviously, for “Twilight” fans, this is big news.

    We’ll be publishing tons more cool, exclusive stuff in the weeks and months to come. So please enjoy, and know that we’re just as excited about “Twilight” as the rest of you. Now please, don’t go kidnapping my dog or keying my car or anything.


    Very mature Lexicon.

  42. oh, now people are getting mad at the lexicon…can’t we all just get along?

  43. jo schmoe says:

    ^i totaly understand- i dont think any of us have all the info of this scam/misunderstanding. im just angry, not that the surprise was ruined but that people didnt treat it as a surprise that shouldnt be ruined untill stephenie officaly says that it can be. i hope we get more details about this so that the finger pointing will stop. (i also recognize that i am finger pointing, i want answers so ill know who to blame… i want somebody to blame for this)

  44. I just love it how everyone is bashing MTV. I know, bad April, bad. *smiles conspiratorially*

    Hey people don’t forget to vote for Steph at least once a day.

  45. Crystal says:

    Okay so let me get this right…(I have a headache)…Stephenie Meyer WAS GOING to tell us but MYV beat her to the punch?!

  46. this clearly isn’t MTV’s fault though i could care less about them. this will really sound mean but like some said i wouldn’t have known anything ’bout it if not what the lexicon wrote, especially with the word ‘leaked’ it made it sound like like a nuclear bomb hung over us (sry for the bad analogy). i am glad though that MTV posted it cause it wouldn’t be fair for us fans anyways (my opoinion) that some ‘people’ know about it and not the rest. and it’s not recked either, Stephenie could still write all about it, really what’s the big deal.

  47. I think this is proof that this whole movie thing has gotten way out of hand. I mean don’t get me wrong- I’m excited for the movie but I feel like it’s all about the movie now.—What about the books?

    I feel bad for Stephenie for not getting to tell all of us fans. And i feel bad for myself at just getting “spoiled” per say. It would have been alot more exciting to get to see her in the movie as a surprise.

  48. dazzled says:

    that’s cool, but what diner scene?
    not like I’m going to see the movie anyway……

  49. I think it’s too bad that the Lex insisted on publicly scolding MTV for their announcement or I guess scoop is a better word. There are no more secrets anymore we all know that is a fact nowadays with technology and the media. If people can say negative things about MTV’s choice to share the information, I am choosing to say shame on you Lexicon for not being mature in the way you dealt with this situation, it was very sour grapes of you. I think it was childish and immature for you to write what you did and start a big fight.

    Rah Rah, Let the nasty reply begin…..

  50. Victoria says:

    Oh you should see the movie haha. I love spoilers yea I know strange.. so I have no complaints 🙂

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