Charlie’s House

There is an article here on the shooting at Charlie’s house.

Also don’t forget to vote for Stephenie in Time Magazine top 100 news makers!


  1. The article of Charlie’s house is really cool. It’s going to be funny, because everyone has different images in their minds of what the inside of the house will look like. So I can just imagine us in the movie theatre saying “The couch is supposed to be on the left side!!!$#%#%”

  2. haha exactly! i think we are all going to have to give and take lololol cant wait!

  3. Coool. I wish I was there!

  4. It doesnt really matter to me if they get Charlie’s house perfect or not, because we all have different views. But i think that they need to get the Cullens house er i mean mansion right. Can’t wait for the movie!!!!!!!~

  5. Victoria says:

    I can’t wait for the movie. I loved the movie Halloween Town 🙂 I think that neighbourhood is great for Twilight 🙂

  6. Did anyone else see that the author of that article is Darryl SWAN? Hehe… what a coincidence.

  7. Lomesir says:

    I can’t wait to see what Charlie’s House looks like! I bet it’s classic.

    (Though I wasn’t too impressed by the article–they said RPattz was in OotP, for crying out loud. But that’s just the fangirl in me.)

  8. Even if the author is not a fan, how long does it take to check a credit on IMDB or Wikipedia?

  9. i wish there were pics….i read through the article and was like ok cool so now i get to see pieces of the house????? wait…where’s the pics? only to discover there were none!

  10. Adriana says:

    I never had a clear view of Charlie’s head so what ever they use works for me.

  11. gothika says:


  12. He was in goblet of fire.. 0.o

  13. Woah-ho-ho, they made a mistake in putting the street names in the article, didn’t they? haha, when it comes to such resourceful, dedicated fans as Twilight has…No doubt every fan within a 100 mile radius will [i]flock[/i]. hahaha.

  14. {{{QUOTE Calli: Did anyone else see that the author of that article is Darryl SWAN? Hehe… what a coincidence.}}}


  15. Aww… I wanted pics…

  16. *Twilight* says:

    I thought there were going to be pictures. I’m upset now =(

  17. Oh they got wrong the HP movie in which Rob took part! lol It wasn’t OOTP, it was GOF!

    And hey, whatever happened to ‘privacy’ and ‘secret sets’?? Now everyone’s going to know where they’re filming and Summit doesn’t really like people snooping around… for us the fans it’s great because there’s alwasy someone close that will go take some pics, but it’s just another problems for Summit.

  18. SUPER EXCITED! says:
  19. yay the house is perfect :)!!!! I love it.

  20. heart2bbroken says:

    its really big!

  21. twilightfan says:

    I love it! The house is AMAZINGLY PERFECT! It’s just like I pictured! I’m sooooo happy right now!

  22. I saw the house on and it looked great! It was a little to big though because Bella says its small but oh well 🙂 still pretty great

  23. WoWzErZ says:

    wow! luv it! but i agree heart2bbroken…it is a little 2 big. who cares tho! its great and just how i pictured it.

  24. Ashen_Jade says:

    OMG! So this means summit is going to be driving down spirit lake highway! OMG! I Live within a Hundred Mile Radius!!!! That just made my day! YAY!

  25. Ashen_Jade says:

    whoops, st. Helens OR. I was thinking the mountain. . . I knew that. . . looks like they’re not driving down spirit lake highway. DARN.

  26. lala-swan says:

    The house is fantastic!!! I really like the way it seems, Summit has done an amazing job with every single detail of the movie….Agh! I can’t wait to see the gorgeous Robert Pattinson on Bella’s bedroom…Guess I’ll have to learn some patience*wink*hehe…

  27. love2dream says:

    a “spooky” film???? What’s up with that!? Evidently whoever wrote this article knows NOTHING about it!!! hehe

  28. The house is…big. A bit TOO big for a single cop and his daughter who hasn’t been in the place since she entered her teens…
    Blah. If it’s good for the movie, it’s good for me, I guess. Still…*sigh*

  29. malicious says:

    omg… meyer’s at number two. some korean guy is way ahead with over 74,000 votes!!!! she must win!!!!!!

  30. iloveedwardcullen says:

    God, I want to stalk the set of Twilight. I’m not a stalker just an obsessed Twilight fan

  31. O my goodness that house is perfect but ya i agree it is a little big but i still love it!! 🙂

  32. Cant wait for a picture of the gorgous town

  33. Edwards Singer says:

    Rob was is both look at his imdb thing

  34. elisabeth says:

    hey! Stephenie Meyer is #2 on the Time Magazine Top 100!!!

  35. Maryalicebrandon says:

    Does anyone find it a bit of a coincidence that the writer of the article’s last name is “Swan?”

  36. IAdoreDiggory says:

    actually it was only ‘picture’ that cedric was really in (I think that the picture was previously recorded film also but I’m not positive) which is why people don’t really refer to Rob being in that movie even though he’s credited

  37. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    Hope its like i imagened it and the cullens house too. The big glass wall!

  38. Allie Cullen says:

    I think we need pictures… WE DO NEED PICTURES!!!

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