Stephenie in Time Magazine Top 100

Stephenie has made the list of Time magazine’s top 100 newsmakers. This is quite an honor.  Go vote for Stephenie!

Warning the page takes FOREVER to load because of the atwola tracking software. DON’T be discouraged, it will load eventually!

Thanks to Samantha for the heads up

EDITED: voting for Stephenie=cool, voting down other random contenders totally NOT cool. If we win this let’s do it with class.


    You totally deserve this honor!

  2. Way to go Stephenie!!!! I’m so proud *sniff,sniff*

  3. way to go Steph! you are THE best! congrats! 😀

  4. dexy_dexa says:

    Since the article takes long, i’ll take your word for it.

    YAY!!!! Congratulations Stephenie!!! And i agree with Steph!!!
    You totally deserve it! Keep it coming!!

  5. silly beautiful oversensitive girl says:

    awesome!!! im happy for you!

  6. So she so deserves the honor. Btw 100 is the highest (in other words #1 on the list), u’d think it was the other way around.

  7. Maddie Cullen says:

    ALRIGHTY! That’s SOOOO Totally RaDtaStiC!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s. Robert is Hott! with a capital HOTT!

  8. Congrats, Stephenie!!!!!
    You’re so ridiculously awesome 🙂

  9. TeamRobert! says:

    Yeah Stephenie! I voted 100!

  10. This is intensely amazing. Congrats Steph! =)

  11. Come on people! Vote for Stephenie! Right now!

    She’s only 23 on the list, tied with none other than OPRAH! But that means 22 people are above her…and only 1,392 people have voted! I know for a fact that there are more fans out there!

    Come on, guys! Wouldn’t it be AMAZING if Stephenie got more votes than Obama?!

    23 is very good, I’ll admit. But we all know that Stephenie is the top! Stephenie is amazing! GO VOTE!

  12. twiholic says:

    That’s so awesome! Great job Stephenie!

  13. i was looking at where she was so far and i started at the bottom of the list and just kept scrolling up and up and up…23! wow! but you guys, Jojo is right. everyone keep on voting for her!

  14. Andrea S. says:

    Good thing Twilight fans are such fanatics. I bet we can have her at #1 by the end of the day.

  15. she’s at 16th now!!D!!

  16. I KNOW! I’m not sure…but I think 100 people just voted for her since I posted the last comment…so in the last twenty minutes.

    She’s still at 16 guys! KEEP VOTING!

  17. 15!

  18. she’s number 13 now!

  19. Now 12! GO STEPHENIE!

  20. back to 12…you’re slipping up, guys!

  21. twilunatic says:


  22. oops. I meant 13. NOW she’s at 12…right behind Al Gore. Come on, we all know Stephenie’s better than Al Gore!

  23. yeah, i’m sitting here cheering in my head. “come on stephenie, you can beat al gore! you can do it! you are so much better than him! come on stephenie!

  24. twilunatic says:

    now shes back to 13!!!

  25. twilunatic says:

    i think m.i.a. passed her.

  26. Yeah, she’s at thirteen. WE HAVE to get her at LEAST above ten… and then she has to stay there… and get to 1! EVERYBODY VOTE, GIVE HER 100! We must not let rappers and other ALREADY FAMOUS ON THE NEWS AND TV people take her spot from her!

    Oooh I’m having fun pretending to be a crazed fanatic.

    Wait. Predending? I think not. VOTE!

  27. LOL! they spelled her name wrong. Its Stephenie, not Stephanie!

  28. I know… *shakes head*

  29. She’s at 11!

  30. People, there’s a lot of people voting for Mrs. Meyer but they aren’t giving her 100s which is making her rannk fall. Giver he 100s!! Lol.

    Or…we can give the people above her rank lower points to lower their percentage, but that would be malicious. >;]

  31. Andrea S. says:

    The strange thing is that it’s spelt correctly in some places on the site, but wrong in others.

  32. Hem… am I a malicious person? Ye- I mean no.

  33. Ha! This is great you guys! She’s at ten now. I wish had had figured out at what place she was at when I first saw this. She’s passed Oprah. c:


  34. twilunatic says:

    now shes 11!!!

  35. “Or…we can give the people above her rank lower points to lower their percentage, but that would be malicious. >;] ”

    and i SO didn’t do that. *coughs*
    teehee. 🙂

  36. My god shes past bill gates and Al gord…wow


  37. Yeah. Because the people at TIME are geniuses.

    And…vote the ten people ABOVE stephenie down and the ten people BELOW her down… but only if you’re malicious.

    Malicious: (adj.) to express great love and devotion for Stephenie Meyer by distributing justice on others who are not nearly as cool as her but claim to be

    I’m kidding. But please vote.

  38. sparklingskin says:

    It looks like she is 68 or that is the average rating
    i have voted like a million times and everone eles i gave a 1 two

    so we love you stepenie you rock

  39. C’mon slackers, give Stephenie some HUNDREDS here! She deserves it!

  40. My goodness. She’s at NINE

  41. 10!

  42. 9!!!!!!!!11

  43. 15?!?!?!

  44. “Malicious: (adj.) to express great love and devotion for Stephenie Meyer by distributing justice on others who are not nearly as cool as her but claim to be”

    LMFAO..Nice one. xD

  45. nevermind…

  46. twilunatic says:

    now shes at 9!

  47. 8!!!!!!!!!!

  48. She was number 8 when I voted!

  49. 8…
    and thank you, A_ok

    I know that I’m a jenius. With a J.

  50. just voted gave her a 100 come on people we need to open more pages and be abale to vote more she has to win the cover

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