Onset report

Dark Horizons did an onset report with the Twilight cast. Harry Potter fans may recognize one of the interviewers, Andrew Sims, from his Mugglenet experience.

Thanks to Anphelps for the heads up.

Edited: Stephenie has not yet signed over the rights for any sequels. If she does, then they can film it, but as of now, no such deal is in play.


  1. Eternity says:

    I’m also a huge potter fan and Mugglenet is my #1 potter site. how weird. They mention it in this weeks mugglecast. I’ll have to listen…

  2. La tua Cantante says:

    I would LOVE it if Stephenie also wrote New Moon,Eclipse AND Breaking Dawn also through Edwards thoughts!!! I would Definantly buy all of them too!!! and I am sure I wouldn’t be the Only one!!!
    I knew Rob would be so dedicated to the role from the very begining!!!
    Sounds like the movie is going to be Better than most people thought!!! I know I am personally one of the hardest people to please, and even I think i will do Great!!!

  3. WOO HOO!!! finally something from Rob- and he is so perfect! i’m so happy with him!!

  4. Ohhhmy god. I know they were kidding about the “two girls in Portland” but how I WISH I was one of them. If they actually existed. Heh. Robert is amazing.

    That was a lovely interview/article thing, thank you very much, Andrew Simms.

  5. La tu Cantante says:

    I was a little confused
    when the person that wrote this put in the part where it mentions(the thought hearing vampire who is madly in love with Bella at first site) I didn’t really think Edward fell in love with Bella at first site…even in the first chapter of midnight sun Edward explains tha the has seen her face through evryone elses thougts(before the bio room incident..and he describes her saying..just an ordinary girl…then in the cafeteria when he first notices her(when Jessica is explaining the Cullen story) He is just baffled why he can’t hear her thoughts, then in the bio room we all know how he feels then(if you have read midnight suns first chapter) still no talk of love at first sight more like anger and pissed.
    I think when he comes back about a week later and when he tries to make small talk with her in the bio class the first day he comes back that she surprises him cause her personality is not what he expected,and from then on he quickly took more of an interest towards her!!!!
    I really think thats how it happend…
    does anyone else see it that way too?
    I don’t really think it was Love at first sight for Edward at least..maybe curious at first sight.

  6. La tua Cantante:

    On Stephenie Meyer’s website, I think it’s in the FAQ section, she tells us that Edward and Bella’s love is a “love at first” kind of love. So yes, indeed, it is a love at first sight. If not for Edward, then for Bella, or at least unconciously. Just because I’m on the topic, Jake and Bella’s love is a “friendship on fire” type; the type I believe more in.

  7. He was interested in the cafeteria that first time, as well as confused and maybe angry, though maybe not as much anger as you think; Edward isn’t an angry person.

  8. I guess in a way, their love is open to interpretation. Some people (mostly people who read and didn’t like the book/serious) don’t think they were in love at all. Some think that Edward lusted for Bella’s blood, and that’s the end of it.

    Well, of course he lusted for her blood. He’s..kind of a vampire. But with strong human traits and morals, that’s the part those people don’t get.

    Heh, sorry for adding more and more. I just keep on thinking more to say.

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