Onset report

Dark Horizons did an onset report with the Twilight cast. Harry Potter fans may recognize one of the interviewers, Andrew Sims, from his Mugglenet experience.

Thanks to Anphelps for the heads up.

Edited: Stephenie has not yet signed over the rights for any sequels. If she does, then they can film it, but as of now, no such deal is in play.


  1. Oh, awesome! =)

  2. yay 2nd

  3. that was ridiculous, omg rob is so into the character, soooooo excited!!!! yayayayayayayayayay!!!! wow is it really 8 months till december??

  4. Wait, so they’re already planning out New Moon?
    Stephenie still hasn’t signed the rights over though, right?
    If not, I guess they’re just preparing ahead for the future and hoping. Or do they write out scripts before she gives permission so she can read it?

    If she did give permission, then I’m way behind. =P


  6. Oh, gosh, that’s awesome! andrew is my hero!!!

  7. Lialice says:

    ^I’m sorry, I had to say that!
    *is so excited*
    *wants to see trailer*
    *wants to have movie poster*
    *dies for the movie to come out*

  8. That was a fantastic article, thanks for posting! I’m very excited for this movie, I love hearing about how much work and thought they are putting into the film and how they really take the story to their hearts. I don’t care about some changes in the story line, what matters is the whole emotion, and I’m confident they will portray it right!

  9. lialice: aw, don’t die, then you won’t get to see the movie…

    anyway, I just wanted to say that this movie is gong to be huge. i know, duh! right? i think we should all consider ourselves very lucky to have discovered this series before the movie came out so we can say, “yeah, I was a fan way back before most people found out about by watching Rob and Kristen on MTV TRL…” πŸ˜‰ I just wonder if they’re going to do a movie “tie-in” copy of the book. You know, with the movie poster on the cover of the book, like they did with I am Legend; atonement; and countless others…that’d be awesome if they did! oh my god, I am so excited for this freaking movie!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  10. OMGGG!!!!!!!!! an interview with rob!! that article just pretty much made my day, thanks lexicon =)

    ps. today (like an hour ago actually ha)i presented a project in my chinese class and what i did was painted the characters for “my boyfriend” and i put pics of Robert all over it hahahha

  11. Awe, Andrew Sims! This makes up for the fact that he called Twilight ‘those OTHER books’ on Mugglecast. :p
    I can’t wait for the movie!!! I love that that cast is so in tune with each other.
    *goes to spazz*

  12. dexy_dexa says:

    Finally!!! Rob speaks out!!! Wow… i like the article. Very informative and so forth!!!!! I can’t wait for the movie!!!
    Thanks again!!!

    yay! *does cartwheels*

  13. Allison says:

    Yay! Ever since I heard that Andrew went to the set I have been dying to read this! And Robert is so amazing! This just made my day. πŸ˜€

  14. Haha, Ashley, I was thinking the exact same thing about Andrew. πŸ˜› I remember a couple months ago on MuggleCast, he was all like ‘Twilight seems like a girls book to me. Who would read that? Can you believe that Harry Potter fans are going over there?” Haha. And now he’s visiting the set. πŸ˜›

    But anywa, I’m so excited for the movie! Great to hear even more about the cast.

  15. mMmMarren says:

    I think this was one of the best interviews I’ve read so far. She got to talk to alot of characters, esp. the Cullen kids, as well as the director. This by far had the most insight on the filming. Nicely done!

  16. I’m still not okay with the fact that Andrew kinda made fun of Twilight and the fandom when he first talked about it on Mugglecast a few months ago, and now, here he is acting like the biggest fan in the world. Whatever. It was a good article. I almost wanted to cry when I read how dedicated Robert is to this! It makes me so so happy! And Catherine is crazy awesome!

  17. I thaught Stephenie didn t have ANY say in who the actors/script etc. should be? The article sounded like she did… Am I reading too much between the lines? (or too fast maybe?:) Anyway I love any and all movie info! Thanks Lexicon!

  18. Andrea Leigh says:

    im just sorta sad that breaking dawn is that last book in bella’s perspective,but as long as stephenie keeps writing the saga, i’ll be fine. Rob is fantastic! He really likes his character, you can tell, he gets so into it! i love him! can’t wait till december!!

  19. twiholic says:

    This is awesomeeeee! I’m glad that they let stephenie go up there and see everything before they did it, cause they really don’t have to, when she signed over the rights for the movie they got complete control.

    This interview rocks! I love it πŸ˜€ Hardwicke seems really funny, I love her!

  20. Cynthia says:

    i’m glad we finally got to hear from robert.
    i feel like such a pivotal character needed to be represented in interviewing.
    the ending of the interview was great! πŸ˜‰

  21. Yes! finally a rob interview i have been waiting forever! everyone is so dedicated it makes me so much more excited! if anyone is worried about the movie dont be because if stephanie meyer actually wrote the book and she is so happy about everything they have done with the movie so far then we have no reason to worry.

  22. oh and is it really eight months!? that seems so far away πŸ™

  23. So awesome~~ Robert is going to just dazzle everyone! It’s good to finally read about him talking about his role, and Catherine. I can’t wait to read an interview with both Robert and Kristen…

    Another thing I can’t wait for is seeing this “amazing chemistry” between the two! God, December won’t come soon enough!!

  24. twilightlvr says:

    ommmgggooooooooooosssssh! they have matching clothes? woooow!! and what was that about bellas character being oh so obsessive?! haha……idk.. i hope rob does great!!!!!!!

  25. mary kate says:

    i cannot wait— i just wish it would hurry up and come out!! knowing that stephenie is a large part in the making of it, comforts me. she really understands the characters. i’m glad that robert is taking his role seriously, he really is edward

  26. christina says:

    ahhhhh thank you twilightlexicon!

    finally, our first words from edward(rob) πŸ˜€
    on his character weeeeeee

    my heart was literally skipping beats as I read
    what he said about his character i had to read
    what he said like three times and let my brain
    suck up and memorize his words ^_^

  27. RosemaryCullen says:

    I’m really confused right now. I am a huge Rob as Edward fan, but in the interview, he all but accuses poor Carlisle of being “ridiculous”. If Rob had read the books, like he claims, he should have recalled that Carlisle changed him because of Edward’s mother’s request, which shows compassion, not cruelty. I don’t know what to think…. =(

  28. Yeah I was kinda confused about his thoughts on Carlisle and why he changed Edward too. He doesn’t seem to approve. And he also said ‘steal his soul’!! No! Edward still has his soul dammit! (=

  29. Actually, I think Robert’s perspective on Carlisle’s actions shows his dedication to his character and reflects Edward’s doubts regarding whether vampires have souls. It sounds like Robert has really thought this out, even if his conclusion might not mesh with some aspects of fan popular opinion. πŸ™‚ It’s exciting to see how intensely he’s getting into character- and the same goes for the whole cast! They all seem so enthusiastic about their roles… I love it! This was an awesome report from DarkHorizons.

  30. even though i don’t agree with his thoughts on Carlisle and the intentions he had when he turned Edward, you have to admit that was hilarious, “he steals somebody’s soul when they’re unconscious for absolutely no reason” lol. i can so see Peter creeping up on someone like that.

  31. CurseOfCurves says:

    Ok so… am i the only one who read the last quote Catherine said????

    About Rob bitting some local girls necks *wink wink*???
    as in BOM CHIKA WAH WAH!!!!! i got it on with Rob?

    hahaha i found it hilarious and kinda makes me want to live in Portland if u know what i mean *wink wink* hahahaha.

  32. OMGD! I just seriously craped myself while reading that! Alas…we finally hear from that delicious Robert Pattison. I envy Kristen Stewart SO much! I hope he spoke in his American Accent!!! Thanks somuch for posting it!
    P>S> I hope they get an interview with Kristen Stewart cus she’s my total role model

  33. Catherine’s comment was quite the allusion. I wonder exactly what she meant by that? Ha ha! She’s crazy. Crazy awesome!

  34. CurseOfCurves: I read that line. I started busting up laughing when I read it. I was wondering how long it was going to take for someone to say something about it. lol So I didn’t say anything but I couldn’t stop laughing.

  35. Adriana says:

    So Rob is biting local girls at local bars, naughty boy. See folks nothing to worry about, Stephenie is happy so we should we all. I’m sure they will have the poster of the film, on the books.

  36. anphelps says:

    Glad to help out. I loved the article and had to pass it on πŸ™‚

  37. CoolsocksSam says:

    wow i am insanely in love. when i read the part where rob talked, even though it was just about him talking to steph about carlisle, my ears turned red. just [i]reading[/i] something that came out of his mouth made me blush. thats how in love i am. with edward and rob. though mostly edward.

  38. Finally we hear from Rob!!
    WOOO!! Rob is eeevil!! He bites local girls at the local bars!!

  39. Adriana says:

    Like the local girls mind, Rob should come on over to Miami, and bite some necks down here, as well.

  40. Bella_twilight says:

    “In fact, I hate to say this, but there’s a couple girls in Portland… he bit their necks and drank their blood – two days ago at a bar.”
    LMFO!!!! LOVE IT!!! Yay! We finally get to hear from Rob!! He sounds like he’s really going deep into his character, which is sooo good!!

  41. Thank lord Rob now lives in LA…. Bite me Rob…I promise I’ll behave €wink€

  42. JessicaE says:

    Woooo!!! Rob is soo hawt! I wanna go to Portland… Rob you can bite me anytime! πŸ˜‰ Im so excited about this movie!! eeee!!

  43. SUPER EXCITED! says:

    RosemaryCullen, I thought the same thing!

  44. The Twihard says:

    That is one of the best reports I’ve ever read so far!

  45. I love Andrew!!! He’s awesome! He actually talked about going on set on his blickle and he showed some of the casting calls and he had a piece of the script… it was awesome!

    Great article by him! It’s a shame that he couldn’t talk to Kristen though

  46. Well, here’s the Harry Potter fan in me: ANDREW! Andrew, Andrew, ANDREW! When they said on mugglecast he was off to the Twilight set, I thought it was just all apart of their April Fool’s joke (a really, really good prank, by the way. Freaked out so many people.), but then….*shrieks*
    Andrew Sims, Catherine Hardwicke, and the Cullen actors: I love you all!

  47. lol he called then bloodsuckers

  48. Vampires are bloodsuckers. ***shakes head** Question if Rob bites you will you bite him back? wink wink.

  49. that was awesome. andrew sims rocks. :]

  50. i’m not sure I can even wait until December for the twilight to come out! or August for Breaking Dawn! But the Andrew Sims thing is cool. I hope Twilight bcomes a good movie though and that they actually follow the book!

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