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The Folks over at Kellmett (you have to love that name, shear genius) are sponsoring the Forkies–a fansite and fan recognition contest.  There’s a button below that will take you right there and that any site can use to advertise this.  Please note that the site does not have to be an LJ site to be nominated, nor do you need to have an LJ to make a nominating post.  All of your favorite Twilight related sites are up for nomination… including the Lexicon!  

The Kellmett is the home of the fabulous Kikki who has given us those wonderful what it’s like to be an extra on set reports.

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Speaking of set reports, since I have been asked, the Lexicon’s policy for photos and reports has always been from the beginning that we will only publish what people standing behind rope lines who do not create problems give to us, and any extra info that is not a violation of anyone’s contract with Summit.  Ask K from Kalama, she’ll back me up on this. 

We continue to stand by that policy established well over a month ago. Yes there is info floating out there that we get(sometimes we’ve had it for weeks…or even years ask Alphie), verify the legitimacy and then sometimes don’t publish because we’ve been asked not to by various people. It’s not that we don’t know, it’s a respect thing. That’s why we have a great rapport with Stephenie, various artists, and other media outlets.


  1. Hey guys! Just to clear something up – I am not K from Kalama. That is a completely different girl. Sorry for the mix up 🙂

    Just so you know, I won’t ever post for Twilight under anything other than KiKi.

  2. OH and also to clear up confusion on how I am able to post my reports – extras are not under any kind of contract like the actors. There is no privacy rule. Unless I am ever told otherwise, once I am off the set I can pretty much say what I want about what I saw that day.

    Sorry about that!  Some of your content is so similar and K is a Kikki too, i thought you guys were one in the same. Bizarre, huh!

  3. iluvedward says:


  4. dazzled says:

    OME! Thy are combining the best show on earth (The Office) with Twilight!
    Happiest day EVER!

  5. colette says:

    WOW! Keep up the creativity ladies (and gents?) : ))))

  6. That’s just ADORABLE!!! Robert’s head is sooooo big and cute!!!

  7. TaylorK says:

    Wow, that’s hilarious! I LOVE the office… haha, that made my day. THANKS!

  8. thats so funny! Rob is still hot even with a head to big for the body!

  9. You vote by making a comment on that Live Journal page. Its easy as pie.

  10. Yea! Someone finally combined my two favorite things – the Office and Twilight. I think I might die from happiness!!! =D

  11. Midnitergrl says:

    I’m really surprised that you have to keep reminding people that some info is to be kept private. I really am. =|

  12. Hey! Thanks for advertising this!

    Most people think it’s some big April fools joke from us :/ but we did post it after the 1st so it’s not! Hopefully more people will nominate now!

  13. I love the picture!! The office is my all time favorite show!!!!!! And twilight is my favorite series! this rocks!!!!!! 😀

  14. Thanks for staying classy Lex!

  15. Andrea S. says:

    Two of my loves brought together…what more could a girl ask for.

  16. edwardssinger says:

    hahahahaaaaaa! the office + Twilight = A WHOLE LOT of Carly love!

    (Carly is me by the way…)

  17. oo they all look like bobleheads

  18. OH my goodness. The Office is hilarious. I loved that episode with The Dundies. Ssoooo funny.

  19. ThiiS iiS Soo KuT3!!!

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