When is 25 not 25?

When we read Mike Welch’s blog today and he spoke about receiving the socks spurred on by this post, of course we wanted to know how many socks he got.  So we contacted his management who told us 25 or 30 pairs of socks. Which we thought was pretty cool, but somehow we thought more fans than that had responded.

Well the next thing you know we get a phone call from Mike’s mom…yes, his mom( *waves to Mike’s mom!*). It seems that they had the number only partially right. They have received 25 BOXES of socks such as:

  • baby booties (Mike’s mom is saving those for when Mike has kids of his own.)
  • tube socks
  • dress socks
  • Twilight themed socks
  • hand-knit socks
  • socks with individual toe holders.

Mike hasn’t seen them yet since he’s been filming, he’s only been told about them and the notes attached to them.

Here’s the info from the original post:

Michael Welch
4924 Balboa Boulevard
PMB #540
Encino, CA 91316