STYD Says Twilight will be “huge”

It seems that someone in the press world has finally caught on to the fact that Twilight fans are 100% devoted and that this fandom isn’t going anywhere but to the movies in December!  Shock Till You Drop has an interesting article on the whole movie experience as well as the promise of more things to come!  Hop over there to read it and support their efforts.  Make sure the world knows how big Twilight really can be!


  1. La tua Cantante says:

    Of Course it’s going to be HUGE!!!
    We will ALL be there opening night, RIGHT?!!!!!!!!

  2. edward loves nicole says:

    well you ain’t seen nothing yet… haha lol as you may see it has also bitten the hearts of Asian people specifically Philippine teens and young adults! (^_^) we are all hooked on the TWILIGHT phenomenon that we cant wait for the 4th book in the series named BREAKING DAWN and for the TWILIGHT movie to be release this DECEMBER! (crossing fingers)


  4. Good, I’m glad that someone finally sees how devoted we are to Twilight!!! All this is making me crazy for the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!! *scream*

    P.S. does anyone know where they are filming now and at what time? My mom said that she would take me, but I just can’t find any information.

  5. jo schmoe says:

    oh, i cant wait either… ill probably go on the saterday after opening night (or the weekend after that) if i can wait two stinking years for the movie i can wait an extra week. i dont being part of the initial rush to the theater. ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. jo schmoe says:

    i meant: i dont like being part of the initial rush to the theater!

  7. Duh its HUGE! jeez, this isn’t something to mess with us, the movie I mean.

  8. Of course it’s huge! You can’t get a fan base as insane as we are and not expect it to be huge! The night the movie comes out… it’s going to be awesome. And when the book comes out! I can’t wait!

  9. La tua Cantante says:

    AND there is already some talk about the sequels!!
    I have a feeling that has partly to do with ALL us 100% devoted fans!!! They are finally starting to realize it!!
    But of cours it is till up to Stephenie if they will go on to make them,wich i HOPE so,there is so much more to the story than what’s just in Twilight and I hope they bring the rest out on film!!! All us fans would be there to the very end,Right?!!!
    Thanx to ALL the devoted fans!!! Lets keep showing our support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. QUEENCROWN says:

    hahaha! Finally Twilight’s amazing-ness if being recognized. This movie IS going to be freakn huge, like seriously. How could it not?? I’m dragging all my non-twilight friends to see it too.

  11. BoysfromBooks says:

    DUHHHHHHHHH. haha.
    how has it taken them so many years to realize we are ALL there to the very very END…and even past that!

    i will try…(key word: try)…to be at the movie theater on opening night. get tickets a month before…bring my own snacks…and a sleeping bag…lol. the whole deal.

    same with Breaking Dawn!
    i know we will always be devoted fans. and most of us are already hyped up about the Host! so its not just Twilight.
    its AWESOME Stephenie Meyer we are obsessed with! =]

  12. BoysfromBooks says:

    Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขm dragging all my non-twilight friends to see it too.}

    yes i’m doing that too. and i WILL. no matter how much they protest. =D
    the whole world will be opened to Twilight soon enough with these fans so devoted!

  13. Well ofcourse its gonna be huge!!!
    There are like thousands of fans waiting for that movie to come out!!!
    There is no doubt about that!!!
    Who wouldnt want to see someone as sexi as Robert on the big screen???
    I cannot wait till December!!!

  14. On the one hand I’m thrilled that people are finally realizing the magnitude of Twilight. On the other hand I liked thinking that I was the only one who discovered, loved it, and liked keeping it all for myself. Know what I mean????? ๐Ÿ™‚ I too will wait a while to see the movie…..kind of want to savor the first time I see it with a smaller crowd. I might have a long wait thought!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. They’re just figuring this out? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. is anyone else dying for a midnight release? Like harry potter I had them. I ABSOLUTELY love going to them. Because it’s all die-hard fans and no little ones running around. Can’t wait.

  17. Saiyachick says:

    Um…yeah. Twilight is sort of a big thing :p I hope they understand. I’ve had many of my male friends read the books and they /love/ them. I have had my sister (who doesn’t read much) read the books and she finished them within 4 days! So yeah ๐Ÿ™‚ It may not be your infatuation, but is certainly, in Edward’s words, “My brand of heroin.”

  18. This film might be the next Titanic, if it gets lots of repeat business from young women.

  19. Nicole AKA chica_chilena says:

    Am I the only one experiencing problems posting?

    It says that the security code is wrong. I’ve tried a bunch of times, and I know I’ve done it correctly, ’cause the code isn’t that hard to see =/

  20. Nicole AKA chica_chilena says:

    A comment to the article that is

  21. Lol, like garlic will do any good. Silly ignorant people. *giggles*

  22. it will be huge!

    im wondering if people who dont read the books will go see it. because im pretty sure the movie description will sound a little strange to non-readers.

    ARGH stephenie’s site hasnt been updated in FOREVER.

  23. Of course this movie’s going to be huge!

    It won’t only be people who have read the book that will be seeing it. Other non-bookish people *shudder* (kidding!) will be intrigued and swept off their feet by Edward and co. as well.

    Melissa, the movie description will be intriguing. It will be a lot better than Blood and Chocolate, that’s for sure. This movie will be the best vampire movie the world has ever seen. I’m completely serious, it will top the charts and not leave for a very long time.

  24. Katie! I know exactly what you mean! I read Twilight a few years ago after my friend told me about it, loved it, got my other friends to read it, and now I wish I hadn’t done that because I want Edward and opinions of Edward to be all me. Isn’t it selfish? I hate that it is, but I can’t help it.

    I know this is off-topic, but is anyone else even remotely annoyed by people who are saying the movie is going to be really bad because it won’t be anything like the book? And that they’ll go see the movie but throw popcorn at the screen because nothing will be right? Because I am. People, it’s called an adaptation! They’re never the same! Either deal with it or don’t see it! Simple!!!!

  25. Every one else is finally catching on YAY

  26. iloveedwardcullen says:

    Of course the movie is going to be HUGE! How long did it take for them to figure that out? I can’t wait until the movie comes out and Breaking Dawn!*scream of excitement*

  27. Moonpetal Lily says:

    Oh, yeah, total devotion! I’ve never visited that site before, but Twilight is obviously not what the readers are used to that guy covering. The bloody background was very fitting, ironically…

    Can you say opening night of the movie?

  28. EdwArdlOvEr! says:

    ill be like, camping out waitn for it!

  29. I will like, die, if I don’t get a good seat in the theaters. I might just have to camp out, too. I’ve never done that before. Not for a book or a movie. Wouldn’t you get arrested for like vagrancy, or something? Ha. Wouldn’t that be interesting to see on the news:


    I would laugh, but then I’d be one of them.

  30. acting23doll says:

    DUHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s going to be huge!!!!!! We’ll probably have to buy out tickets for opening night weeks in advance in order to assure a spot. And I’ll probably see it 4 or 5 times in theaters… no joke.

  31. I WISH I could see it 4 or 5 times in theaters. Except I wouldn’t be allowed.

  32. Duh! i’m going to get my tickets extra early and wait for the movie! im soooooooo excited and just thinking about this….. wow i cant wait! i think im going to get my aunt and my mom to take me at different times so i can watch it more.:) because it will be a while before the dvd comes out

  33. Yes!!! I’m so excited that people are FINALLY waking up and realizing how huge this movie is going to be… how huge WE’RE going to make it. Way to go for us Twilight fans!!! Keep spreading the excitement ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. They just found out now? HAH. Silly people. x]
    There will be real havoc days before the release..and the day of release..well, we all know it’ll be nuts.

  35. Nicole AKA chica_chilena says:

    Hmmm… I started thinking, and it would be completely awful if they didn’t know how big it was going to be. I mean, what if they don’t set a date for buying the cinema tickets or something. It would be chaos!

    I really hope the rest of the world grasps how huge it will become too. It’s relieving to know that somebody has noticed, though =P

  36. Of course it’s going to be huge. It’s Twilight, folks! ;P

  37. The book is so addictive, when you first have read it, you can’t put it down. Stephenie meyer is a genius, and I have lost count on how many time i’ve read the books. I really hope the movie turns out great. I’m from Denmark so I have to wait until it comes out here, which reaaaally sucks, just like I have to wait when I order the books.


  38. duh its gonna be big…anyone who’s read the books knows THAT!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    Like duh its going to be big big and great!!!!!!!!

  40. There is another article in that same website that the producer are already talking into making New Moon!!

  41. HELL YEAH ITS GOING TO BE HUGE!!!! there are millions of tiwlight fans and of course we will all be there in opening night :D!!! THIS IS GONNA ROCK!!!!!

  42. Lissete [Frerard Addict] says:

    GRR i’m so pissed. I wanna leave a comment for that review, but it keeps saying that the security code is wrong. Which it isn’t, because I double checked and did it like 100 times! oh well i’ll comment later. I just can’t believe that a lot of people, mainly the media, haven’t really taken any notice on this. I mean people! Come on! It’s Twilight! So they notice Myspace, YouTube, Harry Potter, and Miley Whatsherface but not the Twilight fandom?! Silly peoplez. But they’ll soon be shoving it all up in their news and wantnot. I can imagine it already, all the important media peoplz trying to get an interview with the cast. PSH. That’ll be funny, considering how we’re already ahead and everything. =]

  43. I read Twilight a few months after it had been published when NO ONE knew about it, and I remember my heart racing and becoming insanely excited over it. *pats first edition* I can gloat that I saw it as the success it was sure to be, and the Hollywood hot-shots only juuust caught on. For SHAME.


  44. ~Edward's True Luv~I can dream says:

    omg…I can’t wait. Twilight has gripped the hearts of many people! from all over the world! It’s going to be amazing! I love the Twilight Saga! Stephenie Meyer rocks for writing such amazing work!

  45. kind of bummed… I wanted to leave a comment but it wouldn’t work…

  46. Dancergirl says:

    Of course Twilight is going to be huge!
    I can’t wait till December! ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. Treehugger13 says:

    OF COURSE IT’S GOING TO BE HUGE!! I am confident Rosenburg and Hardwicke are going to do a fantastic job! *Hardwicke is my aunt!*

    -Of course-we’re all 100% devoted!

    PS: my aunt’s sister_ aka: my other aunt- told me it’s being filmed in Oregon this spring.

    Can’t wait for december!!!

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