Solomon Trimble In His Own Words

We are very fortunate to have Solomon Trimble, Sam Uley, grant us his first major interview.  There is no doubt about it, he IS Sam!  Without question that he has a bright future ahead of him.

Thank you to Cocoa for acting as our reporter, and a HUGE thank you to Solomon for giving us the privilege of conveying his words and feeling to the Twilight fans.  You can discuss Solomon’s fantastic answers over at the message boards.

Some select quotes are here:

"Family always came first; I just want to give back to them for being so supportive of me…."

"I’ve always been interested in acting; my background is in stage acting and dance…."

"I don’t think Sam carried the burden of a secret; the fact that he said anything makes it clear that he’s more interested in protecting his people…"

Read the entire interview here


  1. Minisinoo says:

    WoOt! Another NDN from the Concrete Rez!! And even one finishing college and headed for grad school.

    You go, Solomon.

    He’ll be a fantasic Sam. And I hope he can really bring his knowledge of native issues — and pride in our culture — to the set. Meyer did all right with the Indians, I think; most of my complaints were things left out rather than sins committed. I hope Solomon might be able to give a few hints/suggestions of ways to flesh that out and make the Indians NDN in small ways.

    I wish him the BEST of luck in the future, either as an actor or in law, or whatever he chooses to do.


  2. TeamRobert! says:

    Twlight Lexicon is #1 on Twilight Topsites! Just a minute ago!

  3. blackskies:
    haha. they always end with ‘are you single?’

    I ask cause I know you all want to know! LOL

    YEAH FOR BEING NUMBER #1 Great voting everyone!

  4. Wow!!!! he seems perfect for Sam! This only makes me even more anxious for the movie (if that is even possible)!!!!!

  5. silly beautiful oversensitive girl says:

    he’ll be a good sam

  6. im so thrilled with the cast! i love him as Sam! he is exactly how Sam’s personality is and all minus the werewolf thing lol. and wow if his sister is as obsessed with this book as we are than i cant imagine what was going through her mind when she found out her own brother will be playing Sam!

  7. Robert is sooooooooooooooo Edward!!!
    Hi is gorgeous!!!!

  8. That was a great news video thank you nathy

  9. CaseyCullen says:

    OMG!! Twilight Lexicon is now #1 of the Twilight Topsites!!! Yay!!!!

  10. I got this email from extras only.

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    Thank you and we will be in touch if we are interested.

  11. i saw on that they had an interview with ashley green (or whoever plays alice). just in case alphie and pel see this.

  12. KATIEKAT says:

    my gosh. i love him already. he seems just so SAM.

    too bad there really isn’t much sam in the books. i’d like to see more of him than we are of taylor launter. that kid just creeps me out.

  13. Dannecia says:

    Wow! The interview was amazing! I love how he’s so in touch with his culture. He is SO much like Sam!! It’s so cool… ^_^

  14. Wow he is so down to earth. He’ll make a great Sam. And to top it all off the lexicon is number 1 on twilight topsites. Woohoo!!!!

  15. recently did a short interview with none other than our Carlisle Cullen (Peter). The interview is currently up on his myspace blog. The link is below.

  16. I THINK HE IS GOOD FOR SAM!!!!!! OMG i am soooooooooooo excited for the movie. I ammmmm soooooooo obsessed, and guess what my mom said she will take me to washinton or wherever the cast is on Spring Break!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how cool is that!!!

  17. edwardssinger says:

    your gonna do great!

  18. SUPER EXCITED! says:

    Nathy- those pics on the TM link are GOOD! They look very Edward!!!!

  19. “Please tell my you aren’t playing Jacob…” lol I had to laugh at that XD I think that he will make a great Sam 🙂 He seems really cool and nice 😀


  20. ChrissyNandez says:

    Ooh. I love him.
    I simply adore the way he’s so connected and dedicated to his culture.

  21. twilightobsessed! says:

    Wow! He sounds so intelligent… makes me feel like an idiot. As for the “well dressed emo girl” statement, I died of laughter. Actually, I’m still dying. Well dressed emo girl… snort. Oh! And I love that he likes math. Only amazing people love math!

  22. he makes the perfect sam even his attitude is sam-ish. Ok i know this has nothing to do with this, but can someone answer this, i was just re-reading new moon and you know when edward is about to walk into the sun from under the clock tower, was he wearing pants or was he unclothed?

  23. Saw this info at Shock till you drop web site.

    Producer Talks Future of Twilight Franchise .

  24. Frozenshy says:

    LOVE him. He’s the perfect Sam :] Not gunna lie – I’m part native and seeing that he’s going to be in the movie, representing the people …well, it just makes me proud. lol

  25. TeamRobert! says:

    Oh my gosh, Nathy, that link! 😀
    It talks about how and when they will produce the NEW MOON MOVIE!!!!!

  26. TeamRobert! says:

    But it’s not signed over yet, this is an if, but a very possible if. Just to be clear. 😉

  27. Wowww, very good interview. I love how Solomon cares so much about his culture.

  28. jaky: I’m not sure exactly what he was wearing, but I think it was an unbuttoned shirt and jeans. I’m not positive though. I’m sure Bella would’ve been more than a little distracted if he had no clothes on though.

  29. Thanks for an awesome interview =)

    However, someone really needs to do an interview with Nikki Reed, Jackson Rathbone, and Elizabeth Reaser…They’re kind of being left out… =/

  30. he’s the perfect sam! woooo! i’m so excited for him, he’s gonna be awesome.

  31. I guess he can be a good Sam but that’s not what I imagined of Sam.

  32. The Twihard says:

    Thanks Solomon! You make a perfect Sam!

  33. seraphicullen says:

    How lovely to hear! Though I am unresolved about his long hair.

  34. he sounds so smart lol
    I really like him, I think he was a great choice for Sam

  35. *fangirl squeal* Oh MY Carlisle!!

    I mean, I was a little sceptical, since I wasn’t sure what acting experience he had, and well I’ve been sceptical of everyone except Alice and Emmett’s casting simply because I was on a “nobody’s good enough” kick, and found something to not like about all the actors. lol. But I was clapping and sqeauling through most of that interveiw.

    He definatly has Sam down. He’s great. He understands the Character which is VERY important, in my opinion I know the plot is gonna be a little different, but as long as the Characters are done right I will be happy.

    He will definatly do perfectly, he’s got a Sam vibe.

    And, That Emo girl is my new best friend. lol. I wish I could do that, but i live in Illinois, so am no where near him. lol.

    OMC I loved his sisters reaction though! HA HA! “*shriek* Please tell me you’re not playing Jacob…” and I have to agree with her. He’s definatly a Sam.

    lol. AHHHH!!! I love him! He’s great!! He and Ashley Green I can offically say KNOW their Character VERY well, and I can’t wait to see them preform.

    Now, I just have to find interviews with Every other cast member to make sure they’re as good as Solomon. lol.

    Much love, Bedward forever (give ME Jacob)

  36. aphrodite says:

    tee hee!
    you make me giggle.
    in that nice way.
    You’re gonna be good at this.

  37. croatian girl says:

    He will be good Sam.But I still don’t know:will he cut his hair?

  38. for bridget:i dont understand,do you love jacob or edward?

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