Solomon Trimble In His Own Words

We are very fortunate to have Solomon Trimble, Sam Uley, grant us his first major interview.  There is no doubt about it, he IS Sam!  Without question that he has a bright future ahead of him.

Thank you to Cocoa for acting as our reporter, and a HUGE thank you to Solomon for giving us the privilege of conveying his words and feeling to the Twilight fans.  You can discuss Solomon’s fantastic answers over at the message boards.

Some select quotes are here:

"Family always came first; I just want to give back to them for being so supportive of me…."

"I’ve always been interested in acting; my background is in stage acting and dance…."

"I don’t think Sam carried the burden of a secret; the fact that he said anything makes it clear that he’s more interested in protecting his people…"

Read the entire interview here