Extra, Extra…read all about being an extra!

K from Kalama is lucky enough to be an extra in the scenes being shot this week.  Here’s what it’s like being an extra from her own viewpoint. You can definitely tell that it’s not all bright lights and glory, but boy there are some unique moments too.

Okay, here is the day’s, interesting, happenings…(yessum, I took notes! ^^)

  • Arrived on set @ 5am
  • About 8:30 the 30+ extras were told their directions
  • While waiting for our directions, some of my new friends and I were Robert watching… saw him, YAY!
  • We extras did our seven+ takes of a hallway scene… I didn’t get chosen to be in the classroom w/ rob
  • More hallway takes
  • Went into an auditorium to wait for more directions…
  • Then we did more takes…
  • Went back into aud.
  • More takes…
  • Then the aud. Again! GUH!
  • About 15 of us extras were sent to a room to do sound work with Mr. Banner the Bio teacher… that never happened… we were in there for almost on hour w/ absolutely nothing to do but wait…
  • Then they remembered us in the room and sent us back to aud. And on the way there we saw Rob getting up w/ his hand down the front-neck part of his shirt, I can only assume that he was removing microphones of sorts.
  • Then we all went to lunch and I was right in across from Robert at the buffet line, and someone near me said something funny, and I laughed… he looked up at me funny-like, his contacts in, and then my new friends and I watched him for a couple more seconds and went to eat lunch. ^^
  • Kristen, Katie(Kristen’s double), and Rob had a very good lunch together… they were laughing and what-not.
  • After we got to our table… we saw Mike, and he was talking to someone and not watching where he was going… so he ran into a wall… we started laughing, naturally, and he looked at us w/ the most adorable smile and said in a very “stern” (LOL!) voice, “Hey! You didn’t see anything! ANYTHING!” while shaking his finger at us… it was sooooo cute!
  • After lunch the same people from before were sent into the room where we were to meet w/ the bio teacher, we were there for two hours then he came in, but no sound department, so he just chilled with us for about 20 minutes… and “Tyler” joined us…
  • (some extras brought skateboards) So there were like three guys skateboarding in the auditorium, and ‘ Tyler ’ was doing it too, well he didn’t turn in time and he ran into this weird fabric-pole-lighting fixture, it was SO hilarious!


That is the interesting and not so interesting day… the extras(except for those who were in the bio classroom) were only used for about 1.5 hours out of 11.5 hours today! But, I wouldn’t give up this chance for anything!

More details can be found here.


  1. elizabeth says:

    oh to see those contacts…. *dies*

  2. Awwww I love the Mike part! I wish i were in your spot…

  3. first comment

  4. lmfao i want to meet Michael Welch.

  5. OMG!!!!!! i wish i was you right now. i would have fainted. πŸ™‚

  6. dude! I really wamt to know who’s Tyler or what he looks like! Its a mystery to everyone!

    Tyler is the mystery Gregory Tyree Boyce. Look back a couple of posts at K’s pictures and you’ll see him.

  7. Bella_twilight says:

    OH MY EDWARD! Sounds like someone was laughing a lot! Wow, K you are luuuuucccky! Mike sounds like a laugh a minute! I love how we said “You didn’t see anything! ANYTHING!” Thats so Mike!! So glad you had fun!! Wow, being next to Rob… *sighs* I can only imagine! Lucky, LUCKY girl you are, my dear K!

  8. I would just love to hang out with Mike. He sounds like a really funny guy that could have a girl laughing for hours. I mean Rob isn’t half bad either, just that EVERYONE goes for Robert, the sexy vampire, I perfer the adorable human.
    Or Kellen or Jackson those two I wouldn’t mind spending time with either.

  9. Not fair, i would give my left hand to have a day that amazing.

  10. nvm. That is so cute what happened with Mike. I can’t belive she actually that close to the hottest guy ever…Robert. Lucky

  11. Aww…I love Mike! He’s so sweet and funny. He seems to really “get in there” with us fans, while Rob it just a little…I dunno…distant, maybe? The funny thing is is that that (holy crow, that was grammatically correct!) fits their characters personalities. Weird. =/

  12. wow! thats really cool! thank you so much for charing with us!
    and you are very lucky to be right across from robert…did you speak to him? i would have said anything..like how was you day filming or something dumb lol

  13. I WANT TO MEET ALL THOSE ACTORS AND ACTRESSES (Rob and Kristen and Ash and Jackson especially) OMG! I’d give anythign!

    and that’s all interesting. ALL! HE LOOKED! AND HE HAD HIS CONTACTS IN!

    I’m getting REALLLYYY desperate…. I’m about to do whatever it takes…. even if that means running away from home…. hopping on the nearest plane… no wait, KIDNAPPING MY BFF THAT KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT TWILIGHT THHHHHEEENNNN HOPING ON A PLANE WITH HER ^^ then… sneaking on to set… and Meeting all four and more of them! SOooooooo badly….. somehow I WILL MEET THEM!

  14. I wish I had moved up there when I had the chance. It would be so amazing to be an extra. :'[
    Dang California *shakes fist*

  15. I hope they do come do at least SOME shooting here in phoenix. Ill die lol -faints- rob hehheeh he is 12 cups of sexi. And mike is adorable

  16. twilightfan says:

    Was this shoot in portland?

  17. ahhh… I HATE living in SUNNY California now. Lol.


    I am SO jealous right now, I REALLY want to see Rob! and Mike!


  19. Ahhh I think it would be so cool to meet Mike Welsh!
    He sounds hilarious.
    I always fall for the funny guys.

  20. awww it’s so cute how mike ran into a wall. LOLL πŸ™‚ he’s hilarious πŸ˜€

  21. i love the fact that u took notes. Its so funny that mike ran into the wall thats so like him

  22. OMG!!!! I can’t believe that you saw Rob!!!
    I would die to be in you that day *sigh*
    And I bet Mike was soooooo cute!!!!

  23. I can’t disclose the location… but it was somewhere in Portland.. ^^
    Actually, (and I hate to say this, but it’s true) Mike is a LOT hotter than Rob in person!
    And I wanted to say something to Rob while in line… but as soon as he looked up, all that I could manage was a pathetic ‘deer-caught-in-the-headlights’ look! LOL! I felt so horrible… tomorrow though… I will try to strike up whatever(yet sensible) conversation with him. ^^

  24. Wow!! Haha I laughed when u said Robert looked at you funny and the whole Mike thing was hilarious!! Hehe what a great experience you had!


  25. I wish every last one of the Twi-hard/lexiconers could be there with me! Yeah, on Thursday we start the cafeteria scenes, and there’s going 120 extras! Today was a cakewalk compared to what’s in store!

  26. I had to LMAO at the Mike part. Poor Mike. But man! I wish I could have been there to see Robert with the contacts. -sigh- Lucky.

  27. lucky duck! I envy you, your day sounds like fun, well maybe not completely fun, but sooooo worth it! Mike seems a bit like Bella lol!

  28. twilightfan says:

    Thanks K of Kalama HS, I was just making sure that it wasn’t still being shot in Kalama. That’s so cool for you that you get to be an extra! Congrats!

  29. so they are still shooting at Kalama?? do you get to be an extra there the entire week, or was it just for one day?

  30. ahhhhh!!!
    why do i have to live in sydney!!!! do u recon maybe they could just come over here and shoot it i mean its definately raining enough for that…. i would give anything to go over and see rob lol even though i hate cold weather…
    mike welsh hotter than rob? i hop they fix that in the movie then cus otherwise i will be crushed

  31. Sarah (aka imhuntingforwitches) says:

    Thanks for taking the time to tell us all this K of Kalama HS! (Or you could just be taking pleasure in rubbing it in…LOL JOKING really) It sounds like such fun. I laughed at the Mike part; he sounds really funny! I guess Rob not only has the Edward paleness, smirk and mannerisms down…he has the dazzling part too! That’s what I think happened to you when he looked at you with those gorgeous contacts and you went all “deer in headlights.”

    But really; thanks K!

  32. okay so mike… freaking HILARIOUS! i love hearing stories like that….bummer im in alaska, i would totally be on that band wagon… tongue drooling when ever i saw Robert especially, but of course any of the cullen boys… YUMMY!

    and he looked at you… how pathetic am i! haha, i would have freaked…. thanks for sharing!
    super fun!

  33. Omgsh K! You’re just everywhere! Hehe, I love your always being there to update us. It’s real great!

    Hehe are you a Mike lover as well? Because I saw his picture and squealeeeed!

  34. thanks so much k of kalama for sharing your experience! Gah! I fit all the criteria for being an extra…except for location. sigh. I’m so glad your having fun, sort of vicarious pleasure in hearing about all these encounters during the twilight filming.
    I think i’d have freaked as well with a deer-in-headlights-expression, and then said something totally stupid while trying to be tactful and collected. lol!

  35. Edward4Life!! says:

    OMG K!!!!!!!! you are so lucky!! ha u defanitely have 2 try 2 acctually tlk 2 him!!!! that would be sooo cooooll!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Bettinuhhh says:

    OMG. that was soooooo cool! i loved it! rob..looking at you?? you should’ve went like “HEY ROB! what’s up?!!” okay, so that sound a bit lame..but still, you have to talk to him!!! oh and MIKE WELSH!! i literally laughed out loud when i saw that. awww, he’s clumsy! i love funny clumsy guys! so adorable. thanks for sharing!!!! love you..hahahaha

  37. So when you were in the buffet line and robert looked over at you, and also sitting down easting lunch, was it totally like when everyone (or just bella) is there on her first day and cant stop looking at the cullens? oh how exciting. even though it was just lunch i can imagine it as part of the book, LOL

  38. Is it that easy to meet movie stars and get parts in movies if you live in the USA? *lol* Sounds cool!

  39. Thayet1231 says:

    haha! walking into walls sounds like something I would do! You are so lucky, though! So could you talk to the actors or were they too busy?

  40. I love Mike…he seems that down to earth, happy go lucky, nothing phases him kind of guy. He is just like Mike Newton [who would have thought]

    I think I could agree that to some extent…wait who am kidding Mike is adorable, Rob is gorgeous.

    I love them both.

  41. I want to be having lunch with rob :/ too.
    Why didn’t you say ANYTHING to him?!?!! πŸ˜€

  42. get a pic with him!

  43. I was talking to an extra (Peter) and he said extras aren’t allowed cameras, right?

  44. Haha, that thing with Mike sounds so funnyy!
    Your rreally lucky! I wish that I could have been an extra to.. but I guess thats just a bit hard for me when i live in sweden…
    But how like to they choose the extras?

    And in the lunchline with Rob!?!?! and he looked at you? if that would have been me, I would have fainted or something haha!

  45. Ahh, it just sunk in how much I’m jealous! I would do anything to get to set…but I live on the other side of the U.S. so that’s unlikely. :'(

    the second they magically get to where i live, I’m there.

    Thanks and please keep posting as vigorously as you are!

  46. subtleconfusionx says:

    lmao!! I run into walls…-cough-

    lucky XP

  47. Aha, wow you’re so lucky! And I’m incredibly jealous! You got to see Mike walk into a wall! And Robert taking off the mic! *squees* I’m excited FOR you.
    Have fun with the cafeteria scene! And thanks for all this πŸ˜€

  48. Rebellious Vampiress says:

    *GASP* I’m so envious!! You get to see ALL that AND be in the movie?!? lol.

  49. Christina says:

    okay, marry me mike newton?
    haha i am like in love now with micheal welch. i mean rob is gorgeous but every girl goes for rob b/c he’s this hot sexy romantic vampire. i’ll take mike newton any day!

  50. TeamRobert! says:

    Ah! Rob! Mike!
    Thanks for keeping us updated! I’d watch for you in the movie…if I knew what you looked like. πŸ™ Well, have fun the rest of the week! Thanks again! πŸ™‚

    P.S. Talk to Robert! Don’t be scared(even if he IS a vampire)! πŸ˜›

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