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Happy Easter everyone!  Since my family pretty much celebrated our Easter yesterday, I had time to update with two chapter discussions.  Chapter Five: Imprint and Chapter Six: Switzerland are both now posted.  You can discuss both chapter five and chapter six over at the message boards.  Lots of thanks to Be My Escape for the help!


  1. yay! 1st post?

  2. happy easter to you too =]

  3. 3rd post!!!! HAPPY EASTER!

  4. 4th post!

    Happy Easter!!!

  5. Happy Easter! hah! Switzerland is one of my fave chapter names because i’m Switzerland 2!

  6. kristenorkris says

    happy easter everyone!
    hahahaha! mi familia is over right now.
    so i get to eat lots of food!
    yum! =]

    have a great day everyone!

  7. Ok, so yeah, this is pretty random, but because it’s about discussing the book… does anyone know what chapter I’m alking about? It’s in ‘Eclipse’, and I seem to recall the Bella describing her and Edward kissing, I think on his bed, and she goes something like ‘and his hand cupped around the back of my knee pulling my leg around him’ and then she continues to describe how he never acted that way before. Now it’s driving me crazy because I can not find the chapter and I know it’s not 20 (where she seduces Edward- or at least tries to), but I really want to figure it out… So if anyone can, please tell me which chapter that’s from, or if I’m just crazy and my mind is just making it up. Thank you!

  8. Saiyachick says

    New pictures have been revealed of the Cullens driving up in Rosalie’s mercedes and Edward, Emmett, and Jasper can be seen with their golden eyes in seperate photos. I won’t post the link out of respect, but I’m sure you all can find them :p

  9. Saiyachick says

    CCBirgit: If I am correct, I believe that scene is located after Bella leaves an angry message on Edward’s phone (when Alice kidnaps her and Rosalie tells her side of the story). It is the second night of her being taken hostage :p

  10. Saiyachick: Awh, yes!!! Thank you sooo much!!! You have no idea how long that’s been bugging me… though I really don’t understand why but you know. Thank you again!!! πŸ˜€

  11. HAPPY EASTER everybody

  12. aarsnowangel1391 says

    CCBirgit it’s chapter 8 of the hardcover and the page is 186

  13. When Bella leaves that angry message on Edward’s phone… Now is that before or after she talks to Rosalie? Does anyone know where exactly that part is in the book?

  14. Hm. I shall find those new pictures. :] The more the better.

  15. subtleconfusionx says

    cool XD

  16. CCBirget:
    I believe that is chapter 8.
    Sorry if I’m wrong. But I am almost positive.

  17. Oh and it is before I think.
    haha. I just ran t my room to check…
    Yep, it’s before.

  18. page 149 in my book.

  19. Shelby thanks a bunch! Haha… πŸ˜€

  20. Midnight_Sunshine says

    Happy Easter everyone! Thanks for the chapter discusion updates!

  21. no problem. but I explained that in so many posts… haha.

  22. urcoolcarrie says

    where can you find those pictures?!?

  23. If you go on someone left a post with the link for the new pictures.

  24. urcoolcarrie says

    thank you amanda!!!

  25. jo schmoe says

    im calling the library tomarrow and im gonna get eclipse so i can read that part. i want to own all the books but im not made of money πŸ™‚

  26. EMMETTandROSALIE says

    can’t wait to see these pics. also i thought about something. the guy who plays Emmett, Kellan Lutz. how cool would it be if his name was Kellan Cullan? lol.

  27. Hey Twilight Lexicon Bella’s lullaby is River Flows In You by Yiruma

  28. SUPER EXCITED! says
    I hope it’s ok to post this link….
    I think it must be the new pics mentioned, it’s the first time I have come across them. They are good! Whoo-Hoo!!

  29. Sara (Yes theres more then one of us) says

    How do you know that is Bella’s lullaby, is there a offical source?

  30. happy easter πŸ™‚

  31. Andrea S. says

    I’m pretty sure that is -not- going to be Bella’s lullaby. There is a rumour going around that it might be, but I think it was started because someone suggested that it would be a good choice.

  32. Sara (Yes theres more then one of us) says

    Yeah, that is exactly what I heard, but I also heard that, Stephenie said that the movie was not planning to have a lullaby, and that they might put it on the soundtrack.


    those pictures are absolutely AMAZING. there’s so many of robert and kristen.

  34. midnight shine says

    I dont know about Bella’s lullaby but i listened to it and it is AMAZING. its really good. i can imagine Edward playing that. its a sweet song.

    im not sure if the rumor is true but this song is really good.

  35. Saiyachick says

    Oh dear me xD I suggested River Flows in You to some people and had it on my fanfiction profile playlist for Twilight since last summer. That would be /great/ if it was the lullaby.

  36. midnight shine says

    River Flows in You is the perfect lullaby. i really hope they use it. πŸ™‚

  37. elizabeth says

    it would be nice if they used it, but it would be nicer to have an original lullaby for bella by edward. i want to hear edward’s thoughts put to his own music, not someone else’s music put to edward’s thoughts.

  38. Midnight_Sunshine says

    I think that they should write a song just for twilight. Plus, I think I’ve heard this song before, so it’s obviously not written by Edward. Robert plays guitar right? What if he plays piano too and they got him to write a song?

  39. i think he does play piano, which is why it should be in the movie!

  40. yes im a jacob lover says

    kk randomness..but talking about chapter 5:imprint

    JAke needs to iMprint! for real..i pray tht he finds his girl in Breaking DAwn…that would be the most convenient way for him and Bella to go their own way u kno..i mean i hear ppl talking abt Stephenie killing jake!!!no freaking way!omg i hope she wont do tht..i mean the hp books depressed me with all the characters dying…after the deathly halows i felt antagonistic twards j.k …i dont wanna hate stephenie!

  41. EMMETTandROSALIE says

    yes, don’t hate stephenie. i hope she doesn’t chicken out and decide not to make bella a vampire. she mentioned that if she does future books they won’t be from bella’s POV but she will be in it, so here’s for hoping. i mean Emmett and Rosalie are my alltime fav couple, but seriously besides me, how many would be really upset if she decided to chicken out and leave bella human?

  42. I would be super-duper upset EMMETTandROSALIE! OMG! She like needs to turn Bella or all this anticipation will be for nothing you know? Gawh, I will be sooo angry with the book if Bella will still be human!

  43. I think that the last chapter (not the epilogue, the actual last chapter) will end with Edward biting Bella. And the epilogue will be x number of years later and will show Bella and Edward after she’s gotten used to being a vampire and has learned to ignore the call of human blood. One of my many predictions.

    I also think that Jacob is going to die, because how could Stephenie possibly make him live with such agony and heartache? I like tore in two in the epilogue of Eclipse. I died. And I’m all for Edward. Jake was annoying before then, and then I felt sorry for him. But yeah.

  44. I side with you Layla. Jake was kind of annoying… but once you read it again it’s like Jake finally hits something in your heart you know?
    But my personal thoughts would be the following: Bella will still want Edward the same way she does now, and will not want blood more, for the reason that she HATES blood now as a human… but once again that’s just thought of my own. Then I started to wonder ‘what will her extra power be?’ but we will just have to wait and see. Also I really hope that Edward bites her in the middle of the book because I really want to see how she handles it, you know?
    Well that’s what I think, so yeah, and I hope I didn’t offend anyone with such ideas… πŸ˜€

  45. *VampGirl* says

    I disagree With CCBirgit cuz the FIRST time I read that chapter my heart split in 2. One half for Edward and the other for Jacob. I also feel super bad for Bella cuz she has to chose. =:( But I also agree with CCBirgit cuz I want to see how Bella handles being bitten. =:)

  46. i agree with almost all of u! πŸ˜€ yes i want to see belle being bitten and yes i want to see how she handles it,yes i think her love for Edward will overpower her thirst for blood but what i dont agree with is the jake dying part:s my heart was torn like omg! i dont want him to die!1he should just imprint and tht way he’d be out of the picture in a good way u get waht i mean..i mean Stephenie shouldn’t turn like J.k rowling and kill off her characters…and im telling u, so many grls r gonna b sad if he dies it not evn sry if i ofended anyone πŸ˜€ ~my opinions~

  47. Well, it is possibly he could imprint and it’s weird that pretty much everyone else in his little werewolf clan is imprinting. Which hints that he could, too, and for his sake, I hope he does. But if he doesn’t, he’s still going to be one broken little puppy. This is a personal belief: I don’t think you can really fall out of love. Once you’re in it, you’re in it, otherwise it’s not real. So Jake’s last chance is imprinting. That’s the way I see it.

    Ha. J.K. Rowling. That was one amazing comment right there. But Jake would only be one, remember? Unless you want to count a few vampires…. but I don’t count them. Anyways.

    I’d rather not think too hard about Bella’s vampire power, because we may not get to see what it is, not every vampire gets a power I don’t think, and I don’t really think it’s such a big deal. I mean, it would be amazing if we knew, but still. I think if we do find out, it will be in the epilogue.

    Don’t we already know how she’ll handle it? She didn’t notice anything but a fire in her hand in Twilight. And as for the three days, we got Rosalie’s account, didn’t we? Or somebody’s. It was someone’s account of it, and it was mainly passing in and out of consciousness (I’m aware that I’ve probably spelled that wrong).

    But yeah, those are (more) of my thoughts. It really is interesting to hear everyone else’s.

  48. Oh, and also, CCBirgit, handling being bitten isn’t pretty at all. We saw a bit of that already, heard about more of it. The only romantic thing about being bitten is the part *right* before his teeth sink in. Thinking about that just makes me swoon, because, well… it’s Edward. But then the pain? I don’t think so. Not very romantic. Therefore, Stephenie probably wouldn’t want to show that part. And that’s the reason why I think that his teeth sinking in will be the very last thing to happen in the book, besides the epilogue. For the epilogue, I’m even thinking it could be hundreds of years in the future. Wouldn’t that be incredible?

  49. Everyone has such great opinions, i love it! In Breaking Dawn i think i would be really upset if Edward didn’t bite Bella until the end of the book because i agree with VampGirl, i really want to see stephenie’s style of writing with Bella dealing with becoming a new vampire. I read the first chapter of Midnight Sun and she does a really good job of writing how much Edward is affected when he first smells Bella’s scent.
    For Jacob, i don’t want him to die, but i would be very mad if Bella and him got together. I wasn’t crazy on Jacob because he kept on kissing Bella and i just kept saying “no, no no!” That’s not right lol! (Yes i talked to the book) but i think my perspective might change come time when the movie comes out because Taylor Lautner is a very good looking guy :P. I also want to see if Bella changes when she becomes a vampire. I heard that Breaking Dawn might be the last book but i really don’t want it too be so if it is, i want to read about Bella as a vampire! (those are my opinions, sorry if i offended anyone lol)

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