Video of the crash

I don’t want to embed the file, so if you don’t want to be spoiled don’t click, but you can see part of the crash scene here.  as well as several others.  The same people also got some still footage.

Thanks to Nena Cullen for the heads up.


  1. twilightfan says:

    First comment! Great clip! I’m lovin’ it.

  2. llasdlfkjsadhfogairewfh

    totally flipping out here.


  3. OMG, thats awesome
    i love it!!

  4. lalala thats amazing…i surely hope that there are more of these types of vids in the future. :]]]] im so happy

  5. Saiyachick says:

    GAH! I am -loving- this sneaky-ness…but can’t those girls end up with a huge lawsuit?

    As long as they are behind a security rope line and you can’t hear beyond a few words you have not run afoul of either trespassing laws or intellectual property laws. In this case both are true. If they snuck onto the property, or were broadcasting massive quantities of the script (ie intellectual property of Summit Ent.) then you would run afoul of the law. Were it content like that, we would not run it, but good for asking, it helps people stay informed.


  6. What the hell? So Edward leaves the site of the crash?! No no no!

  7. cools…i’m just confused. is that edward running away from the crash?

  8. Lol at Edward going calmly when everyone’s rushing on the car.

  9. Harryfan says:

    Who wants to bet we’ll see the entire movie in clips before it even comes out?

  10. *has panic attack* *faints*

  11. CoolsocksSam says:

    im not going to watch any videos til the movie…
    except the trailer when it comes out
    that i’ll prbly watch over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over…
    but i dont want to spoil it for my self
    thanks for not imbedding it.

  12. xingaling says:

    ahhh! they changed the script from the book!
    why is edward running away!
    he needs to protect bella!

  13. I am a little confused!!! Who is that jumping out of the truck? I don’t recall Edward leaving the scene, but running to it. Or did I miss something?

  14. Elizabeth Bennett says:

    I’m so excited just watching those clips for the full movie. I don’t care if they change things from the book– it’s inevideble. The book and movie are two separate entities. I’m just thrilled they are making the movie at all!!

  15. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    Totally cool. I can’t wait till we see the whole thing!!!!!!!!

  16. XmetalheadgurlX says:

    gaaaahh! *faints*
    i tried sooo hard not to watch them… cause they like spoil it… but i can’t help myself!! i just love it so much!!haha
    and the trailer will probably dominate my internet life when it comes out lol

  17. lol I told myself I wouldn’t watch any clips but since it isn’t official it doesn’t matter to me. I love seeing behind the scene stuff where you can see everyone at work…it isn’t technically behind the scene…more like sneaking onto it but it works. And hm, I guess they tweaked that part of the story too. Let’s not get too upset over this people. I’m pretty sure no matter how they change it it’ll turn out great. They probably just did that because they can’t fit in every little detail that goes along after that. It’s all for the movie flow people…all for the movie flow lol

  18. Robert running could be anything. It might be a camera angle thing that he needs to be in the shot and then disappear. They have multiple cameras going (I could see at least three)so they are obviously going to be giving themselves simultaneous options from multiple angles.

    I would have put this in the initial write up, but I’m trying to keep the blog spoiler free from people who don;t want to accidentally learn movie info.

  19. kristenorkris says:

    wow… that was cool.

  20. im so excited!!!

    but yet a little disappointed that they might be changing the accident scene
    [ edward running away.]

    Thank you so much for that!

  22. RYLEIGH! says:

    Oh wow! -dies-

  23. Great Clip.

    The movie will not be a complete replica of the book.
    Some scenes are bound to change.

  24. but i thought he didn’t stay with her? i thought he did the whole savingherlifepushingthevanaway thing and then bolted to blend into the crowd so it wouldnt seem weird that she’s hurt and he’s not.

    maybe i need to read the book again.

  25. YEEES! Edward’s run, while not in the books, is so funny. Everyone’s completely freaking out: running, screaming…and there he is, calmly jumping out of Bella’s truck, probably humming to himself…

  26. xingaling says:
  27. This is awesome! Love it!

  28. **is passed out due to hyperventilation from watching those clips** when the trailer finally comes out i hope to god no one’s around me becuase i’m going to be screaming my head off and people will flee from fright.

    also, as long as edward still saves bella from tyler’s van (which he does mwah) then i am a okay with them having him leave before the other student find him there. this movie’s going to be so awesome. i totally can’t wait XDD

  29. IrishTea says:

    Oh. my. goodness. AMAZING!

  30. well, it really does make sense that edward leaves
    i mean it really would be hard to explain how he just stopped a car from killing her

  31. i read all the other comments…
    and maybe the Edward-running-from-accident was not on film, but rather just Robert getting out of the way so they could film the next part.
    or so i hope.
    it would be very disappointing for them to change that part.
    it ruins the whole superhero-image that Edward starts to build in Bella’s eyes.
    but the movie is bound to be different from the book. that’s a fact of life, people.
    i really want to thank this site for putting up so much movie info…i never would be able to find all this out on my own
    I’m lovin’ it.
    can’t wait for the movie!!!!!(exclamation x infinity)

  32. Wow it makes me wanna see more of the movie , Can’t wait Til December.

  33. 1luvedward says:

    I am SO pumped!!! 🙂 😀 😛

  34. Haha, how many people are hiding out in trees?
    Anyways, pretty aweeesome.

  35. Pawprint says:

    Wow! That definitely looks cool! I do hope that they won’t make Edward run away, or else, what will happen to the hospital scenes? They were building them, so is Bella going to confront him there or not? And what about the Cullens being all so mad at him for saving her right there in front of everyone? I just hate it when they change things from the book! Of course they can’t keep it all, but come on! Still, it looks totally heroic, totally Edward! Aw!

  36. Abbagliato says:

    Oh. My. Gosh. I feel like a squealing fangirl right now! This is so cool! But Edward ran away… oh no, my good mood just got ruined. *cries* But there’s actual movie footage!! *starts squealing again*

  37. oh my gosh! AHH!



  38. oh my fricking gosh.

    i think I just died.

    no seriously my heart is racing

    and pics from TM’s!!!

  39. Just Kyra says:

    The more I see the more I think Robert is the PERFECT Edward.
    And in some ways it’s good that they’ll deviate from the book to create the script, because not all parts of books would make “good” movies.
    So long as it’s produced well (and I bet it will be!) this movie is going to kick bad-vamp-butt!

    Oh and I LOOOVE the sneaky video/pic business that’s been happening.

  40. EdwArdlOvEr! says:

    im glad no one was in the room with me when i watched those, or they wouldv’e thought i had a mental disabilit! I was like omygod omygod omygod!!!…LoL

    geez, i canNOT wait till december!!!! Im SOOO excited!!!!!

    but…why does edward run away?

    oh well, im sure itll still b awesome!!!!!!

  41. OMG!!! man I totally screamed after watching that lol
    Thank God nobody’s home lol they definitely would have thought I was crazy lol wow!!! that was beyond AMAZING!!!!

  42. What words can I say. I am speechless. The videos were amazing and I feel like screaming. Squeals with a sheepish grin plastered on my face – sighs!!! Can’t wait for the movie.

  43. Brittaney says:

    Since they’re filming the crash, WHO THE EFF IS TYLER?!?!?!

  44. No words can describe what I’m felling right now. This video is amazinggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!
    Thank you guys some much for this video, it made my day.

  45. I wonder if they’ll speed up Edward running away or something.

  46. Brittaney says:

    But I am especially stoked out of my mind right now…My friends can now worship me!!!! lmao!

  47. Sara (Yes theres more then one of us) says:

    I think I may pass out from excitement!! That is seriously so cool! I’m so excited for the movie!!

  48. Did anyone notice the very graceful and ‘Edward-esque’ way Robert was moving even when jumping out of a truck???
    The more i see of Robert the more he becomes Edward to me.

    EdwArdlOvEr! with the whole ‘running away’ thing he probably saved her, and made sure she was ok, then when she was like ‘how did you do that?’ he left.

    what i wouldnt give to sneak around on set and watch them film a scene a hundred times…..*sigh*

  49. omg! that was soooooo cool! i got soooooo excited! (edwards wearing skinny jeans…wow!) cant wait for a trailer to come out!

  50. ahhh omg this is so exciting!!! 😀

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