Edited: Now with story and More wonderful pictures from K of Kalama HS

K of Kalama HS is busy uploading her panoramio account with all sorts of goodies for us to see. She’s also promised us a write up of what it’s like having a movie filmed at your school.

A couple of goodies while she updates:  NOTE: The following links are not working right now.  You can still see all the pics by clicking the link above and scrolling through.  The links are fixed!! Enjoy

Drumroll please, Introducing Gregory Tyree Boyce as Tyler.

Kristen what’s on your IPOD?

Crooked smile anyone?

Filming continues throughout the week at Kalama in their labs, gym, cafeteria and of all places believe it or not, their wrestling room. The hospital scene will be shot there later this week.

**Edit: A note from K of Kalama and more pics below!!!!

O! And before I forget… those two, but three(since I remembered one), Rob’s funnies I was going to tell you.
1- (This was a rehearsal scene because there was too much sun for our vampires)They were shooting him and Bella pulling up in the Volvo, to park, and Rob pulled into the spot and got out. Well when he got out, the car started to roll backwards and he noticed like 2 seconds after he got out and he jumped back in and put the ‘E’ brake on! LOL! And when he got out after that he chuckled… cutest chuckle ever I’ll tell ya that! ^^
2- (Still the rehearsal scene with the Volvo)This was like the third or fourth take and he had the car backed up so he could pull in, and this time he started to take off and there was a HUGE grinding sound… he had forgotten to release the ‘E’ brake!!!! HAHAHA!!!! It was the best! ^^
3- They were now shooting from the behind angle, Bella and Edward walked to the front doors of the school, and when they got there, instead of opening the door(I’m not sure if he forgot how to open it, or what) he kicked it!!! Everyone started laughing at the point! ^.^ Silly Rob!

Pic 1, Pic 2

Mike talking with Bella

 Alice and Jasper

The Cullens





  1. elizabeth says:

    oooo those are fantastic! love the one of rob yawning lol

    (yay first post!)

  2. awesome shots! i love that smile! cant wait for the movie to come out!

  3. wooah amazing shots! X)

  4. swissgirl says:

    Cool!isn’t it amazing,Edward/Robert never fails to look B E A utiful in EVERY SHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lets face it,hes just perfect!
    Love the other shots too,they look just how I imagined it in the books!

  5. Yay more pictures!!!!!!! THANK YOU

  6. Bella_twilight says:

    AWWWE!! LOVE them!!! That you sooooo much, K!!! Rob never fail to make me swoon *sighs happily*

  7. Bella_twilight says:


  8. Ahhh the yawn is soo cute! Wonder what time it was then?

  9. ahhhhh yeah!!!!!! yay yay yay!!!!!!!!! im so so excited, i think im gonna die of anticipation! keep em coming though! thankyou so much.!!

  10. Thanks again K!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ You sure are hard at work with these.

    Please tell me you’ve got more with Robert and Kristen together! I swear you are so lucky!!! I completely envy you ๐Ÿ™‚

    Do you have any idea as to what they were shooting today?

  11. omg! *sighs* Rob is just so cute!
    I wasnt sure about it in the begining but now I think hes the perfect Edward!
    I cant wait until the movie comes out!

  12. Awesome! wow theres so much stuff today :). i love the won with Kristen and her ipod.

  13. ahh thank you soo much!! you are completely awesome!
    did anyone else notice how pale the vampires(especially edward) are?! ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. yayyyy! thank you those are awesome! so when they start filming inside does that mean a closed set and no mor pics??

    Rob looks awesome in all of those pics and I even think Jackson does 2!

  15. You know I never thought I would be fangirling over Robert Pattingson, but guess what? I am. *sighs*

    He looks very good I have to admit, and I am very impressed with the wardrobe department in this movie, I am so happy!!!

    So how many days until the movie is out?? Someone needs to make a countdown..

  16. This just made my night1 I love all this insider stuff! Rob looks very nice, well maybe that is an understatement! He looks just as Edward Should! Yea!

  17. Just to verify again, because I am getting asked. These pictures were taken in an area where students attending the school are allowed to be on free periods. No lines were crossed. Classes were not cut.

    My very first correspondence with Kalama I said, “First and foremost don’t get in trouble! I’m not asking you to cut class or risk getting suspended or anything.

    I’ll take whatever photos you’d like to offer up, of course crediting you as the source.”

  18. goodness i can never get enough of robert *sigh*
    Thanks so much K..you are amazing*said in a singsong voice*
    oh and it 8 monts 23 days and 2 hours 58 min till the movie comes out!

  19. these are awsome pictures!! spectacular job K!!! hope to see some more!!

  20. omg im gonna die of a heart attack there’s been so much today!! i dunno if i should cry or faint (from happiness of course) or wut!! I’ve settled for jumping around and looking at the pics over and over. thanx so much this is beyond great!!!!!

  21. Saiyachick says:

    K…you are awesome. Thanks for that.

  22. All I want is a good close up pic of Rob and kristen together. Then I WILL die ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    8 months 23 days 2 hours and 55 minutes to go!!

  23. OMG!!
    the onlyy thing keeping meee sane is looking at these pictures, reading the books, (over, and over, and over, and over again) watching Harry Potter 3 and 4, and The Messengers..
    The ONLY WAYY!!

  24. Robert is just so darn cute when he’s laughing. I swear absolutely adorable. Love the pics and vids. Like everyone else said, I don’t know how I’m going to last until December. The anticipation is already driving me crazy.

  25. does anyone know what kind of boots kristen stewart is wearing?

    i think they’re some sort of hiking boot, but i’m not sure. me and my friend kim are dying for a pair ๐Ÿ˜€

  26. yea we finially found out who Gregory Tyree Boyce yea for tyler ok the pics are awesome twilightmoms are saposed to have a whole lot more tomrrow morning

  27. well good night folks, sweet pictures and more tomorrow. March has been good, I was wondering how did the cast of Twilight celebrate St Patrick’s Day?

  28. Bella_twilight says:

    G-night people!! Can’t wait to see what lovely surprises there are tomorrow! K, thank-you sooo much, yet again!! Keep us posted as much as you can, especially on that bus scene they were fliming today!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  29. Who’s tyler . In the books I mean. I don’t remmeber him . XD And i love htge pictures. Could someone tell me who tyler is * blank memory *

  30. oh wow, this makes me so excited!

  31. oooohhh
    the crooked a smile one is HOTTTT ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. required? says:

    KRISTEN’S BOOTS: those look like Ugg ‘Adirondak’ boots to me, I know b/c they make a men’s style that my guy friend has as well.

  33. solena:

    it was tyler’s van that almost killed bella in the crash in chapter 3. he also tries to take her to the prom.

  34. Solena, tyler is the guy who almost runs down bella in twilight. he also asks her to prom when edward pulls out in front of bella so he could “give him a chance” and shows up at her house to pick her up from prom during the epilogue. lauren also has a crush on him which is one of her reasons for hating bella.

    sooo i’m trying very hard not to cry from happiness and scream seeing as it’s 1am WHY YOU GOTTA SMILE LIKE THAT ROB? it makes me all the more impatient for December!!

  35. ahh, so the only things keeping me sane right now.
    and ugh, i feel so cool, i got my dad the same jacket rob is wearing in the “crooked smile” pictures. ah, gotta love trying to make dad look young!

  36. BloodsuckingLeech says:

    I love you K of Kalama HS!!! Thanks for the pictures-major SQUEE over here!!

  37. OMG I’m so jealous of K!!! She’s unbeliably lucky!!! THanks K!

  38. Oh man, looking at these pictures and watching the quick clips of the filming going on has me so excited. I wish I was attending the school that was turned into Forks, but then again, who wouldn’t wish for that?

  39. Thayet1231 says:

    we finally find out the mystery man! BOYCE as TYLER!!!!!!!!!
    Sydney…. i agree! i have a nice school, lets make it forks! it would make life at my hs so much more FUN!

    awesome pics! thanks!

  40. Oh wow! I never get tired of watching new pictures! It’s awesome that they get to have their school turned into forks high! And Bella’s boots look awesome! I want some like those! Thanks for those great pics!

  41. if i was excited before, wow….
    i’m about to pee myself i’m so happy about all these pictures.
    i need to calm down.

  42. You got me excited to see who this Gregory Tyree Boyce was, but it was a blurry pic ๐Ÿ™ but thank you guys anyways, keep up the good work! ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. wooooooow says:

    hey you guys rock!
    thanks for the pics
    robert is soooooo cute!
    i cant believe how excited i am about this !
    every two minutes im cheking the lexicon to see if it is new stufff!
    i want more more more more pixs yey
    thanks again

  44. jennOFgeorgia says:

    I’ve stayed up ’til 1:30 AM my time to look at these!!
    How pathetic…

    And yet, not really at all.

    Thanks K (as people affectionately call you).


    I can’t believe I have to wait more than half a year for the movie to come out! *dies*

  46. Love the pictures!!!!
    100 times thank you for those amazing, fabulous, incredible, lovely pictures!!!!!!!!!
    Robert is the Edward that I picture in my mind, incredible.

  47. AAHHH! I couldn’t stop smiling and squealing for all of the pics!

    I’m soo excited! =DD

  48. I LOVE YOU!

  49. You spoil us. [=

  50. I am s excited I keep forgetting to add things, heh.
    But yay!! I just asked who was casted as Tyler… I completely forgot about that guy too. but yay! =D

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