Eclipse discussion update

I added the details for Chapter Four: Nature to the discussion area.  Thanks to Be My Escape for her help on this one.  Check out our message boards for the discussion questions.



  1. first! lol. nice.

  2. sweet!
    definetly checking it out =]]

  3. yippie!!

  4. Edwards Girl says

    I love how Bella is torn between her two worlds. It makes it more sweet when she makes her choice 🙂

  5. It better not be a hard choice. She picks Edward, even though I love Jacob, I still want her with Edward.
    Jacob can have Leah. 🙂

  6. edward's girl says

    I think it would be AWESOME if jacob ended up with leah. I hope he imprints on her in Breaking Dawn

  7. Well he can’t because he already saw her, and it happens the first time they see each other. So no he can’t imprint, but he could still fall for her.

  8. Fire and Ice says

    edward’s girl,

    Jacob will not imprint on Leah. A werewolf imprints on the imprintee after the first time he sees her after phasing. Jacob has seen Leah already and as far as I know, he didn’t imprint on her.

  9. Fire and Ice says

    I hope Jacob finds his significant other — someone better than Bella, for him. I hope he doesn’t imprint, though. I thought imprinting was rare in werewolves and already three people from the pack have imprinted.

  10. i hope jacob will imprint on someone new in the fourth book cause im getting tierd of him. hes really annoying.

  11. i think it’s already been foreshadowed that he will find someone.
    at the end of eclipse bella thought “if there was someone out there who could trump a soul mate” for him. and in either new moon or eclipse it said that when you imprint on someone it’s STRONGER THAN A SOUL MATE. foreshadow, no?

  12. Leah needs to do some cliff diving of her own. Jacob deserves better. She has a right to be bitter over Sam, but bringing up “malicious” thoughts that deliberately hurt other members of the pack (e.g. Embry’s parentage) is out of line.

    To answer one of the discussions questions, Bella would indeed have ended up with Jacob if Edward had never been turned. Their love would not be as powerful as the love between Edward and Bella, but I can see Jacob’s point of view that this would be the natural progression their lives would have taken, if there were no monsters….(Stephenie’s words) Leah would still have her Sam. The repercussions of Carlisle’s decision to turn Edward are far reaching.

  13. Christina says

    I really hope Jacob finds someone to love other than Bella in Breaking Dawn. I don’t know if i want him to imprint though. It’s bittersweet that Bella may be his only love in life, his first one that is. Like Edward is Bella’s first love, but she also loves Jacob. So Bella is Jacob’s Edward…if that makes sense. I think maybe Leah might develop something for Jacob. I was listening to Eclipse on tape and in one passage Edward was talking about imprinting, how it’s like Midsummer Night’s Dream (which Meyer said was one influence for Breaking Dawn) how the fairies cast love spells on everyone and he was comparing it to imprinting. So i think either Jacob or Leah will imprint. But not with each other. I love Jacob, he deserves someone better than Bella, he deserves to be loved back completely, whose heart 100% belongs to him, not half like Bella. I’ll just move to La Push and Jacob can imprint on me. 🙂


  15. TurtlezRcool says

    I hope some non- vegetarian Vampire eats Jacob in the next book. Waaaaah, August 2nd!!!!

  16. That’s a bit harsh TurtlezRcool… dont u think…Afterall Bella DOES love Jake (however insignificantly), she does have feelings for him…I just hope he gets his happy ending too…*keeping my fingers crossed that there is no sacrificial crap going on in BD*

  17. Andrea Leigh says

    i just really hope that jacob returns at least in Breaking Dawn. at the end of Eclipse, he seems to be running away..but he most likely will come back. i cant wait for breaking dawn !! edward and bella’s wedding !! YAY !

  18. How is just so much to think of what could happen in breaking dawn and I can wait for Bella’s and Edward’s wedding it has to be kind of like a fary tale scene and I’m sure Alice will do so.

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  20. The only thing am waiting for is the wedding btw bella and edward!!!!!!!!! I just can’t wait

  21. vampiress says

    yay glad u got it finisheddddd!!!! cnt w8 4 em all 2 b dun. ill defo check it out

  22. My men sparkle says

    they had better not make jake show up during the wedding. i will be so mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hb* oh well

  23. maria:: haha.. i really hope that too!!!

    Jacob Black must die!!!!

  24. alex: I meant that I hope jacob DOESN’T have to die/sacrifice himself…tht would suck =(