The Host Tour

Specifics on sites, on sale ticket dates, and signing dates can be found on Stephenie’s website.

Note that there are very specific signing rules in place largely due to the volume of people anticipated to attend each event. These rules are listed below. Our discussion forums will have a thread on each event location so fans in a give area can hook up.

  • You must have a ticket to attend any of the events, there is limited capacity for every event so get your tickets early as events are bound to sell out (except Mall of America where we are not restricting attendance).
  • Please note the date to obtain tickets for each location as it varies for every event.
  • Each ticket for the event requires the purchase of The Host (price details for each event are included below).
  • Stephenie’s presentation will begin with a discussion on The Host and then answer questions which have been pre-selected from questions submitted at the event (fans will have a chance to write down questions when they arrive at the venue — this is on a first come, first serve basis, she will not be able to get to all questions).
  • Stephenie will only personalize copies of The Host (personalize means puts your name in the book, i.e. "To Sarah").
  • She will only autograph 2 books in the Twilight Saga per customer (except for the Mall of America event where she is only signing The Host).
  • Stephenie will only sign books — no posters, t-shirts, etc.
  • You may take pictures during the presentation, but no photos are allowed during the autographing
  • If you can not attend these events, many of the stores are taking orders for The Host and you can order a signed copy, call the stores for more details.


  1. So Cool. I am getting my denver tucket may 6. YAY!

  2. Ticket that is

  3. *Edward~Bella* says:

    Whoo! Third comment (or technically second…)

    YES!!! Im gonna get my ticket!! I NEED to get her to sign my book!!! NEEED TO!!!!!

    sigh, i hate my life ):

  5. OOOH, I’m so stoked!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Forcelle says:

    I figured SM would come to Mall of America. Its bittersweet…bitter cause it will be PACKED! Sweet because I’m just glad she’s coming at all!!!!!

    I just have to find someone to watch my kids all day!

    Anyone in the twin cities, lets meet up in the boards!

  7. Hey,

    Is anyone else going to the Changing Hands signing in AZ?
    I SOOO want to go. I have to get my ticket NOW.
    Can you buy 2 tickets when ordering one book (I wouldn’t be able to go unless my mom or dad came with me)?

  8. JulietMontague says:

    I wish she was coming to NYC

  9. saranicole says:

    WOO HOO! I am TOTALLY taking a half-day off work to drive to Houston, baby! (Gotta miss rush-hour traffic!) AWESOME! Now I just gotta find someone to go with me… otherwise I’ll probably freeeeeaaaaaak out! *wonders if there’s a mall near the high school down there*

    I’m not sure how I feel about them making us buy a book with the ticket. But I guess I can always get it signed and give it away as a gift. Goodness knows, I will already have a copy of it by lunch on May 6th! They probably just need to cover the cost of holding the event or something.

  10. ahh how i wish i could go to one of the events and meet Stephenie

  11. saranicole,

    I think that is what the tickets are supposed to do, cover the cost of the event.

  12. twilightislife says:

    Well, I hope everyone who goes has fun!!!(duh, i know they will)
    But, well yet again she isnt coming to the East coast!!!!!!
    -mock wails-

  13. Stephanie says:

    Any chance you think she’ll come to Scotland or at least the u.k.? *feels depressed and left out* πŸ™

  14. nooooo!!!! why not the east coast??! or Florida!?!?! not even Miami!!!

    I am sad…

  15. SO EXCITED. I can go to one. One is literally 20-30 minutes from my house. *fanigirlish squeal*

  16. Dancergirl says:

    No east coast? Oh well guess i have to wait till the Breaking Dawn tour.

  17. She isnt coming to my side of the country so its a moot point anyway… but I dont really like how the tickets require you to buy the book… certainly if the event you are going to is after the release date… or if you’ve pre-orded the book. I know its probably not Stephenie’s decision but it just seems a way to make more money to me which isnt a bad thing at all for her, but could be for some of the more financially challenged readers such as myself πŸ™‚

  18. I completely agree with you Kat.

    I told my mom that the tickets probably wouldn’t be more than ten dollars, and she agreed to but them…but now she has to buy a book, too, which will make my total come to about $35.95 (not including tax), so I’m not sure if she will let me go…but I hope she does, or else I’ll be SO sad.

  19. sweeet!! SLC or bust baby!!

  20. rapid_reader says:

    I am soooo excited! I am sooo going to be there! I will be the one screaming my head off in the back!

  21. OH MY…$#@& @#$ &$#*#. WHY CAN’T SHE COME ANYWHERE NEAR NC?!!??!!

  22. Hopefully I’ll have more luck with the Breaking Dawn tour… If not, I just might DIE!!! Well… maybe not. But I will cry myself to sleep a few nights.

  23. ARG!

    I just called Changing Hands.

    You have to PreOrder one copy of the book for ONE ticket. If you want more than one ticket, then you have to PreOrder MORE THAN ONE book.

    So that means, if I want to have 2 tickets, I have to get 2 copies of the book.

  24. Stephanie Flett says:

    does anyone know when the hos is out in the uk i thought it would be the same but breaking dawn isnt i hate living in scotland πŸ™

  25. YES! I got my tickets for the Salt Lake signing!!! I’m so excited to road trip down, I wanna leave right now!!! I’m stoked that she’s signing Twilight books too! She’s so awesome! I can’t wait!

  26. saranicole says:

    Like I said… I don’t know how I feel about that… especially for you girls (and boys) who are young enough to have to have your parent go with you… There should be some kind of rules about minors or something… geesh…

    Is Stephenie going to be answering questions ABOUT The Host? If so, I want to read it before. If not, I suppose I could wait until the 9th. *shrugs* It’s not like I’ll have much time to read it between the release and the signing anyway… And to think I was all excited that the book was only $15.59 on Amazon… and 5% MORE off if you pre-order it…

  27. Saranicole,

    Why should there be rules about miners?
    The book is a YA book, which is FOR MINERS, so why wouldn’t miners be allowed to go?
    Actually, I think they should let you buy another ticket without buying another book if you are a miner so that your parent(s) can go with you.
    Oh well. I don’t want to go w/ my parents anyways. They are embarrassing. I’m 14. Almost 15. I should get to go by myself.

  28. *minors, not MINERS.
    Ha. I spelled minors like a type of person who “mines” stuff….or something.

  29. It says under the info that she’ll have a discussion and answer questions about the Host, so you can submit a question when you get there.

  30. Cool.

    We should start a thread in the message boards on what questions to ask.

  31. Stephanie Flett says: is saying the host is released 1st may in the uk if this is right can i change my above comment to i love living in scotland? (if its wrong my above comment sticks…)

  32. loveforever says:

    awww i was soo stoked but now im juss bummed i mean what about Canada? She never comes here…. more specifically Toronto Canada oh well…. there goes my hopes of seeing my favourite author=(……

  33. If it does release May 1, then I might buy it from and get overnight shipping. Would prob. be expensive, though.

  34. Stephanie Flett says: also says the first of may this looks extremely hopeful for us british πŸ™‚

  35. Yeah seriously…No east coast? πŸ™ I’ll never get to meet her…

  36. She needs to come to washington! She better be going on a breaking dawn tour, and if she doesn’t come here thats lame sauce seeings how it takes place in washington /:Maybe i will just drive three hours to poortland..
    hm! πŸ™

  37. saranicole says:

    I was under the impression that The Host was an ADULT fiction novel. (Not adult as in really-naughty-stuff-happens, but adult as in Jane Austen…) On, under the Dec 2006 update it says, “After a fierce bidding war, The Host has found a home with Little, Brown & Company (Adult).”

    But when I said a rule about minors (the miner thing was fabulous, btw! πŸ™‚ ), I meant something like, “If you’re a minor, you can bring a parent/guardian/older person for just the price of an admission ticket, instead of making them buy a book as well. A PRO-MINOR rule. Not a minors-can’t-come rule.

  38. Oh…
    Well, even if it is an adult book, my parents wont mind if I read it.
    they let me read James Patterson books (not sure if anyone has ever heard of him) and those are Adult books (Naughty-stuff-happens in them). I’ll be fine with this. I have read a few Jane Austen and liked them.

  39. saranicole says:

    Nikolas–Overnight shipping from the UK? Are you CRAZY??? It’s going to be approximately [dr-evil-accent] 1 million dollars [/dr-evil-accent]!! But seriously. WAAAAY expensive, if they’ll even do it. I wouldn’t think you could get less than 2 day shipping. 1 to America and 1 to your house. But I don’t know… I’ve never had a friend in the UK who needed to ship me something overnight… *shrugs*

  40. saranicole says:

    Yeah, and I also didn’t mean “it’s an adult book so none of you kiddos should read it” either. I just wanted to clarify that point. Most of the books you read in high school are in the adult (or general) fiction section of the bookstore or library. Shakespeare, George Orwell, whatever else people read in high school (it’s been a while, I guess…)–The Scarlet Letter, Things Fall Apart is in both, I think. Dandelion Wine. The Bean Trees. I’ve never read James Patterson, but his books are always on the rack of NY Times bestsellers. *shrugs*

    Anyway, back to the signings. I’m SUPER EXCITED!!!!! WOO!

  41. Yea! I got seven tickets last night for the event in Portland. My friends and I are all so very excited! I even think a few more might come with us! πŸ™‚ We can’t wait to meet SM!

  42. kelsieeee says:

    Okay so it’s now that i wish i lived in the US.

  43. sillygirl says:

    So, I’m kind of bummed about this. Minnesota is the only place that she will only sign copies of the Host, which I won’t get a chance to read because it comes out the same day that shes’s here. I mean I’m still excited that she will be here, I just wish she could sign any book.

  44. caspianna says:

    Yay! Bought it. Now, who’s going to the Portland one? I really need a Lexion shirt now. Thank Edward se’s going to sign my Twilight too I was worried. “Is it tacky for me to ask her to sign Twilight too?” was running through my head…. A LOT.


    They’re considering me as an extra in the PROM scene!! YAY!


  45. she should come to the east coast for her breaking dawn tour!
    (even if it’s small)

  46. kelsieeee says:

    On the waterstones website, it says that The Host is released in the UK on the 1st of May! πŸ˜€ I do hope that she visits the Uk sometime.

  47. kelsieeee says:

    We feel all left out…… lol

  48. TeamRobert! says:

    Have fun everyone who’s going!
    I wish she’d come to Ontario or even just Canada! Oh well maybe some other time.

  49. diva!

  50. Nahenahe says:

    YES! Just bought my tickets…can’t wait to see Stephenie again!

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