Host Tour Announced Tomorrow and Socks For Mike

It was announced on Stephenie’s site that tomorrow they will give out details regarding The Host Tour.  Because of the massive crowds drawn to Stephenie’s Eclipse signings (1,000’s, some people with 25 books in a backpack in tow) the upcoming events will all be ticketed

Although we don’t have details on this yet, it is VERY likely that these tickets will be limited and will therefore sell out very quickly (my personal gut instinct says a matter of hours). Additionally, since it is The Host signing tour, it is probable that that is the only book that will be personalized.  So if you are looking to attend an event, make sure you get up early and see exactly what the directions are for the signing site you want to go to and take action.  Don’t wait.

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Now on to something fun, frivolous, and…well…just plain goofy. In our recent interview with Mike Welch, the actor who will be playing Mike Newton in Twilight, he mentions packing and not being able to find any socks. Now, for those of you who read the interview, pretty much one of the first things you notice is the off-beat sense of humor Mike has. So, we had an idea. Why not have the fans send him socks so he’s never without?

So, if you would like to participate, drop Mike a note and pair of socks. You can order socks through our Amazon shop.  Here, here, and here are just a few samples.(OK, things I never anticipated, I’ve been asked his sock size. YIKES! I have no idea. He’s 5’10" so I’m thinking he probably doesn’t have small feet.)

Michael Welch
4924 Balboa Boulevard
PMB #540
Encino, CA 91316