MTV has apparently gotten the messages that a lot of people are not happy with Mike Welch referring to the fandom as Twi-hards.  In fact they seem only vaguely aware that Mike made up that term less than two months ago and it was not in usage before that.  In their infinite wisdom they seem to only have looked as far as the IMDB boards for alternate names, and have included the name of a clique in the IMDB boards as an option.

So before we get stuck with a name you HATE,  Go give them an opinion as to what you would prefer to be called.

On a personal note, it’s always seemed to me that fans have called themselves Twilighters  since the books came out, and then would maybe indicate that they were a Lexiconer, a T&D, a or a MySpacer etc. if they were trying to find other people from the website they most frequently hang out on. 


EDITED:  Nice response time! When I put this up there were 27 responses on MTV, there are now 231, and that was less than an hour ago. Over 200,000 people viewed our blog yesterday. YOU may not be able to vote in the general US election, but you do have a vote in this, so go and be heard with whatever your preference is.


  1. honestly i think the fact that people are making such a big deal out of a NAME is completely ridiculous. you can call yourself whatever you want. who cares what MTV calls us? seriously. i’m not saying i don’t have a preference, but if something else wins out, i am not going to die a horrible death as a result.

    sometimes i really feel ashamed by some members of this fandom. *shakes head in disgust*

  2. I honestly don’t mind what people call us. On second thought, my friend says that I’m suffering from “Cullen-ism” I think thats pretty cute.

  3. I vote TWI-HARDS!!!!…
    makes me feel like I am a straight-up, hardcore Twilight ect. fan. I think that’s just awesome:D

    Twilighter’s cute, but sounds too nice.. haha.
    but oh well, i just read it when we were called that and I laughed.. I’ll take either, but I’m going with the extreme here…

  4. twilightroses says:

    I voted for twilighters!

  5. Jennifer says:


    That is hilarious.

  6. I toatally agree with mysterytay!!! To quote her:
    Twi-hards is just too dumb for me. I voted for Twilighters. What did they call Harry Potter fans? Pot-hards?

    i really hate twi hard.
    vote for anything else, i beg of you!

  7. Hmm, there’s so much controversie over this. I feel like pretty much everyone is ok with twilighters, although some prefer twi-hards. But I feel like there are some people who really hate and take offense to twi-hard.

    I think everyone would be ok with twilighters. It seems more encompassing to everyone who reads the books, not just the ones who obsess a little.

  8. Sirena R says:

    Why do we HAVE to have a specific name?
    can’t we just be Twilight Fans?

  9. mysterytay says:

    I don’t think anyone should hold it against Mike for making that name for us. I think he had good intentions. If he was trying to say that we are die-hard fans (which, shortened, would be “Twi-hards”) than that is one thing. My main thing is that is sounds too much like “try-hards” which is lame.

    Whatever though. It is way cool though that out of all the cast and other people involved in the movie, he gave us a nick name.

  10. I personally don’t see why any discussion is even needed. We don’t need a name just because we are a fan of a book.

    I like Twilighters better only because one it sounds better and two if people hear Twilighters, and they know that its because of the book, then they will get why but if we say twi-hards, they will be like “What does that mean?”

  11. Claire – “twi-hards…it makes us sound like annoying, illiterate screaming fangirls”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself!

    I’m not obsessive over the name, but really… twi-hards?!?! I’ll laugh if we get stuck with it! C’mon, we’re going to regret voting for that label so fast after the craze of Welch acknowledging our existence dies down.

  12. Veronica says:

    I have always gone by ‘twilighter’ ever since I read them.

    In the twilight myspace group that got deleted, we all had certain nicknames:
    Twilighter- an average twilight fan
    Newborn- some who resently got into the books
    Volutri- adults who read twilight
    Tweenlighter- a crazed fan girl/boy

    Then they’re were many others about teams[Jacob or Edward or Switzerland or Whatever] and other Random Twilight stuff

    my vote would be either Twilighters or Twilightians 🙂

  13. well i totally agree with Claire in the statement “twi-hards…it makes us sound like annoying, illiterate screaming fangirls.” it is so true.

    i am trying to think of a name that would somehow maybe incorporate all 4 books but i haven’t come up with anything good. any ideas Twilighters?

  14. Lily_Luvs_Twilight says:

    honestly, i dont care at all, i mean we all love Twilight right?? so lets just be called “Twiligth fans” instead of mixing it up with all these different names!!

    but if i had to chose i would say….oh i dont know, both the names dont exactly make me go crazy…

  15. I don’t see what is so offensive about “twi-hards”.
    Why are people offended that it sounds obsessive? Aren’t we obsessive??? I think its our best quality!
    I could go by either one, but no matter our name we’re still twilight fans.

  16. about my last post…

    i’m not meaning to offend or make mad anyone who doesn’t like the name twilighters so i’m sorry if i did. i was just thinking about my choice and seeing how it would sound.

    but i’m still open for different ideas…

  17. Oh no…

    I just asked a friend (who’d never read Twilight) for a second opinion, and this is what he came up with: what if someone replaces the “h” with a “t”?

    Leave it to the guys to think of stuff like this! Still, something to consider.

  18. kat – “twi-hard” sounds offensive (when over-analyzed) because it’s got a rather…desperate edge to it. There’s being an avid reader and supporter, and then there’s being a brainless, squealing fangirl.

  19. Insomnia says:

    I dunno, I never really thought about it, but I think Twilighters is prettier. I didn’t get Twi-hard (so slow, lol), and I dunno, sounds kind of weird and perverted for some reason…, but whatever. I’m glad that sexy man Mike Welch gave us a nickname, so because of that, I think it’s kind of special (for him only).

  20. Twilighters. I’m going to go vote.

  21. Dancergirl says:

    I voted for Twilighters. Twi-Hards reminds me of the Die Hard movies which i hate.

  22. Evangeline says:

    I like Twilighterz spelled with a Z. Twi- hards is original but i can’t help but cringe when it’s pronounced. It sounds like a little kid saying twhy hard. You know like when a kid says stuwah-bare-wee (strawberry) or puh-wees (please).

  23. I’ve always called you guys and myself Twilighters, it just has a nice ring to it, its the perfect way to sum up what we are, we’re Twilighters 🙂

  24. can’t I just be called a Twilight fan?

  25. victoria says:

    i dont like twi-hard it sounds wierd (sorry mike). i like TWILGHTERS and lexiconers.but i think you r intitled to call yourself whatever you please!:E

  26. EdwArdlOvEr! says:

    EH, twi-hard sounds kind of weird…
    twilighters is cute,
    but it, even though i like scott westerfeld, reminds me of midnighters.
    (ps, stephenie meyer is definetly the best, i just didnt want to sound mean about s.w.)

  27. i voted for “TWILIGHT FANS” and for “TWILIGHTERS”!

    i think that Harry Potter fans (such as myself) were refered to as “Harry Potter Fans”, and i heard theat during the 80’s the HP fandom was refered to as “Potter-Mania”. Wierd! (Then again, maybe in a few yars “Twilighters” will sound wierd too but for now thats my choice)

  28. Edward's # 1 fan says:

    OMG! x { Twi-Hards? you’ve got to be kidding me!!! definetly Twilghters!

  29. I think the only person allowed to call us “Twi-Hards” should be Mike Welch and US –the Twilight fans in general (and im not talking about the country, people). But from the public i still would want to be known as a “twilighter”. idk, it sounds like it has to do with time travel or a vidoegame or something–its cute, i like it.

  30. Bella+Edward says:

    At my school we differenciate as “Edwards”, “Jacobs” or “Undecided”/”Confused”. people just seem to be able to tell which people are Twilight fans!!!!

  31. Why do we even care what MTV thinks? Just because MTV wants to call us Twi-hards, that doesn’t mean that we have to think of ourselves that way. I’m actually a little ticked that MTV holds this much power, since I really don’t care about their opinion. They’re totally just bandwagoning and playing off the movie hype.

  32. i definitely vote for “TWI-HARD”, cause i dont know … “Twilighter” kinda annoys me. i dont know when i say it it sounds like im saying HIGHLIGHTER or something soo .. yeahh dont take it personal. (:

  33. QUEENCROWN says:

    haha. thats funny.


    Better than twihards.

    (No offense Mike Welch – love ya)

  34. Twilighter-Twilightmom

  35. Twilighters, ftw!

    However, the page wont let me post for some reason. =( My post is not showing up.

  36. hehe “twi-hard” totally fits me atleast. “twilighter’ just doesnt display my affection for this series…

  37. Just to explain why i don’t like twi hard.
    It just sounds really immature and I just could never actually say it out loud. Twilighter (though I’ve never used it) I can handle.

  38. urcoolcarrie says:

    i like ‘twi-hards”. it just rolls off my tongue better that “twilighters”. so my vote goes to twi-hards.

  39. umm, i don’t think it really matters. i personally don’t CARE what they call Twilight fans! yes, twi-hard IS cheesy. ugh. twilghters are okay i guess. it’s not going to matterrr, i can’t imagine anyone saying, “twi-hard” with a straight face. seriouslyyyy.

  40. i dont get why people would be offended with the term “twi-hards”.. he’s just acknowledging the fans. i dont really care what we’re called as long as they know we’re here, and try their darnest to fulfill their roles im cool.

  41. Personally, I like Twi-Hards! I’m a (huge) Harry Potter fan, and I get called just plain “die-hard” all the time, so getting called twi-hard kind of brings my two of my favorite fandoms together, which I think is pretty darned cool. Go Twi-Hards!

  42. Twi-hards sounds like “try hards”. Excuse me while I vomit.

    I admit that this whole controversy about a silly nickname that MTV (MTV for Cullen’s sake) calls us is a bit immature and almost makes me think we deserve the name Twi-hards. Almost. I went over and voted for Twilighters because it makes me feel less icky inside.

    Who just said the words “Pot-hard”. I LOVE HP and now I think I will have to call myself in everyday conversation whenever possible. That is the best name ever. Siriusly.

  43. I have nothing against Mike Welch or his calling us twi-hards actually. It’s just when anyone else does it that I get this crazy mental picture of a rabid three year old pointing and cooing “TWWIII-Haaaard” to some wannabe.

    It’s very creepy. ‘Nuff said.

  44. KaY & MeG says:

    We think Twilighters ‘casue Twi-Hards is a little. . . off. . . we guess. . . we dunno. . . . We’ve been called Twilighters, so, why not stick with it??
    It’s not that we don’t like Mike but um. . . Twi-Hards. . . just doesn’t. . . feel/sound right. . . ??
    When we first saw it we started laughing and then we went (?_?) (?_?)

  45. twilightislife says:

    AAAHHHHH i dk what we should be called.
    i have no preferences nor do i have anything against Twi-hards….tho the more i read Twi-hards, it sounds okay…..
    but Twilighters makes us sound like people who like to go watch the sun set or something……

  46. Juliet_123 says:

    “what’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet…”haha…but seriously this is blown WAY out of proportion :)stop being picky with all the little stuff that doesn’t matter…it’s the books you fell in love with and in the end they’re still going to be there, nothing is going to change how much you love the story…not the movie, not the actors, and not the “name” of the fans…so calm down and BREATHE…love you guys.

    personally i’m happy with everything they’ve done so far.

  47. thats stupid, people are actually complaining because they call us twihards? who cares what they call us. twihards is fine with me, twilighter’s good too, but seriously, its not that big a deal..

  48. The Weasel says:

    I prefer the term Twilighter. No offense but Twi-Hard sounds a bit juvenile and goofy to me, I really don’t like it at all, ever since the first time the term was coined. Unfortunately, I don’t think new terms are going to skyrocket. People will continue to call themselves what they want. There’s more than one name for the Potter fanatics too. My friend hates the term “Potterhead” but she calls herself a “Potterphile”.

  49. Watershock says:

    Like Dusk said… twi-hards sounds like try-hards…
    and that is not what we are!
    Twilighters is awesome though.. it makes the most sense.

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