MTV has apparently gotten the messages that a lot of people are not happy with Mike Welch referring to the fandom as Twi-hards.  In fact they seem only vaguely aware that Mike made up that term less than two months ago and it was not in usage before that.  In their infinite wisdom they seem to only have looked as far as the IMDB boards for alternate names, and have included the name of a clique in the IMDB boards as an option.

So before we get stuck with a name you HATE,  Go give them an opinion as to what you would prefer to be called.

On a personal note, it’s always seemed to me that fans have called themselves Twilighters  since the books came out, and then would maybe indicate that they were a Lexiconer, a T&D, a or a MySpacer etc. if they were trying to find other people from the website they most frequently hang out on. 


EDITED:  Nice response time! When I put this up there were 27 responses on MTV, there are now 231, and that was less than an hour ago. Over 200,000 people viewed our blog yesterday. YOU may not be able to vote in the general US election, but you do have a vote in this, so go and be heard with whatever your preference is.


  1. blonde bella says:

    i really don’t care what they call us…twi-hard does sound a little silly but i’ve used it before so it doesn’t matter to me

  2. BoysfromBooks says:

    seriously? first commenter? cool!

    well, I like the “Twilighters” idea
    there IS
    and yea…we are Twilighters

    but why dont they just call us the Twilight Fandom? or fans of Twilight? its not like they never could have thought of those without anyones help

  3. BoysfromBooks says:

    2nd commenter πŸ˜›

    oh yea: PEOPLE! vote so we, like Pel said, dont get stuck with a horrible cheesy name =]

  4. mk, now it’s kinda annoying me that people are like, “Yeah I’ve been a twilight fan longer than you..blablah.” it’s like now there’s competition on who’s a better fan then who and who’s been around longer! it makes new fans seem like stupid fangirls. ackk.

    anyway I voted Twilighters :]

  5. allieimmortal1901 says:

    Twi-hards is ok…kind of goofy though. I like Twilighters best so far but if someone comes up with something better, then, hey, I’ll go with that.

  6. I went and voted twilighters!!!

  7. blonde bella says:

    i’d rather have twi-hard than twilighter idk twilighter just makes me think of somethin tht “lights up” so yea

  8. blonde bella says:

    sorry about that type-o i ment to say that

  9. It really, really doesn’t matter to me. I’m a Harry Potter fan, and it never made a difference to me. Although one of the best things about the Twilight series is that we are the first, we are here at the beginning of the craze!

  10. Twilighters was what the fans were called before the movie hype. I’m a book fan over everything else so I think we should keep Twilighters.

    I feel like the term Twi-hard kinda has a negative connotation, like we’re all crazy obsessive, which may or may not be the case. I feel that Twilighters reflects the overall romantic theme of the books better and sounds a lot more sophisticated.

  11. i don’t understand why “twi-hards” is so bad?
    we’re Twilight fanatics
    and we’re die-“hard” fans, so it does make sense to be called that, doesn’t it?

  12. christina says:

    yeah i agree, i went on that mtv blog and voted “twilighters”. that’s what we were originally called and i think it should stay that way. Twi-hard just doesn’t seem right. It’s not bad, but I don’t think I want to be called that. I agree with ann, it sounds much more sophisticated and not as cheesy or silly.

  13. mysterytay says:

    Twi-hards is just too dumb for me. I voted for Twilighters. What did they call Harry Potter fans? Pot-hards? Why do we even need a name. We’re just Twilight fans. Whatever. If they have to call us something i would much rather that it was Twilighters.

  14. I voted against twi-hards.

    However, I would just like to say one thing. I was aware Michael gave us the name, and I in no way hold it against him. I realize that he didn’t mean to give us a name and have half the fandom backlash at it.

    So yeah…just wanted to make that clear. I really like him, and I’m sure he’s an amazing person. I just don’t like the word he made up.

  15. Wow, this is really a touchy subject.
    I, frankly, don’t care, well, not so much as care, but don’t mind. I just thought that it was funny how Welch had called Twi-fans ‘Twi-hards’ and then everyone gets all offended by it πŸ˜€ . ahaha…

  16. Oh, I don’t want to sound like I don’t like the fact that Michael and alot of the other actors are getting involved in our fandom! I think thats awesome! Its just that I’m not a fan of the term Twi-hard.

  17. i voted twi-hard twice but both times my comment wouldnt show up ! any ideas y not ? πŸ™

  18. Stephanie Flett says:

    haha does it really matter what we get called? it seems like people are taking this a bit too far i like twi-hards though its funny and mike didnt mean to insult us i just dont understand why it bothers people so much? Aren’t we all die-hard twilight fans? not in a crazy obsessed way (well not all of us…) lol i know i certainly am!!! xx

  19. mysterytay – “What did they call Harry Potter fans? Pot-hards?” You just made my day – that made me laugh SO hard!

    “Twilight fans” I like, but looking at the votes, it didn’t seem likely to win. So I voted Twilighters mainly because Twi-hards just sounds awkward, but also because… well, Michael’s… “cute” style of writing just completely put me off.

    … I know, I’m prepared to be dodging tomatoes here!

  20. Personally, I think all three are good. I own my own Twilight site, and I never know which to go by either.

    Twi-hards though, seem singular.
    Twilighters seems plural.

    I read Twilight back in 2005, so I’m probably grouped under Originals. But any of the three are ok with me…I kinda prefer Twilighters though.

    So yeah. Go vote.

  21. Where did all this “Twilight Original” crap come from? I was not aware of that! Why are we being so bratty to each other?? A fan is fan, no matter when you joined the bandwagon! My Goodness. And of course no hard feelings at all to Mike, how was he supposed to know MTV would pin “Twi-hards” on us? We’ve been called Twilighters long before that, not his fault. πŸ™‚ I think Twilighter sounds more sophisticated in a way…idk lol. I just don’t care for Twi-hard.

  22. Faktririjekt says:

    I like “Twi-hards”, actually…but “Twilighters” is alright…

    I believe Potter fans were sometimes called Potterites?

  23. ClumsyLove540 says:

    Hmmm…well, “Twilighters” WAS the first one, but “Twi-hards” sounds cool too…..I’ll have to go with “Twilighters”, just because its the OrIgInAl name….lol actually i never used any phrase, I just kinda said/screamed-with-a-passion “I LOVE TWILIGHT WOOOHOOO!!!!” I just call myself an Obsessed Twilight Fan, or a TwilightObsesser. lol. =D
    “The Forbidden Fruit Tastes the Sweetest

  24. I just posted a few hours ago.
    My goodness I can’t believe how many posts have been submitted since then!!! 😯

    Anyway, I’d be perfectly happy with “Twilighters.” Those of us that have been around for a couple years have been using that term to refer to ourselves. As Pel said in her post on MTV’s blog, why would we stop now?
    I think the nickname Mike gave is just plain corny. A total “Newton” thing to do. Haha!


    Twilighters or just plain Lexiconers. Let’s get rid of the “Twi-hard” nonsense before it becomes permanent. πŸ‘Ώ

  25. Whatever floats anyone’s boat to vote for is fine by me. I just figured that people would actually like to weigh in with an opinion, and considering yesterday we had over 200,000 hits on our front page it would be a good way to get the word out.

  26. i’ve always liked Twilighters but Twi-Hards doesn’t really bother me.
    i consider my self both.
    along with obsessed.

  27. but to those that were giving Mike Welch a hard time about that, remember that he didn’t have to address us at all.
    no one was forcing him to say anything to fans.
    so to be mad about something as trivial as what he called us is petty.
    i could understand it if he was saying something offensive, but he wasn’t.
    he was being fun.
    so all those anti-twi-hards should really just let it go.

  28. I second lyssa. He didn’t know, probably. I think he was trying to appeal to us. =D

  29. TotalEclipse says:

    As you can see from the interview, I am the one who said “there are some of us who think Twi Hards is funny!” What’s the big deal? I am just a fan of a book or 3, call me whatever you want, as long as I get to see the movie!

  30. Twi-lovers!

    haha, my poor attempt at creativity.

    I like twilighters-i dont really care for Twi-hards although i am a die-hard fan.

  31. Thayet1231 says:

    I think “twi-hard” is cute, but i’m open to pretty much anything! just don’t call me a freak…..but i guess I am (even though I don’t hear voices in my head…often!)

  32. Twi-Hards bothers me and that’s not how I want to be refered as. I won’t go as far as to say anything but that but I deffinatly like others I’ve heard. Twilighters is nice and simple.

  33. i cant believe there is a controversy about this…

    i mean i though twi-hards was cute
    but i see how others wouldnt but still.

    sending angry emails and getting mad at mike?

    getting out of hand…

  34. I personally have always called myself a Twilighter or a lexiconer and have been a fan since the twilight series was first published like many of us and will always be one!!!
    My opinion is that even thought i think it was very nice that Mike tired to give us they nickname “twi-hards” i think that he just really confused everybody and now theres a huge mess!!!!
    Over twi-hards and twilighters that wasn’t there before so i go for twilighters because that was are name from the beginning

  35. I don’t like “twi-hards” because it makes us sound like annoying, illiterate screaming fangirls, rather than actual people. It’s not like we talk in netspeak. Although I voted for Twilighters on the MTV article page, I think it would be easier to just call or Twilight fans, or the Twilight fandom, or something like that, because that way, no one will get offended.

  36. Oh, and just something I forgot to put in my post, I don’t hold anything against Mike Welch. It was nice of him to address us at all. The twi-hards thing makes him an even better Mike Newton in my eyes.

  37. OOOPS sorry i forgot one more thing to Mike if you reading this i just want to say no offense in anything i just said but this is my opinion

  38. Claire: I totally agree with you!!!

  39. twilightfan says:

    Okay, people, everybody needs to go over there and vote. This is a rare occasion where we get to help decide something like this. Every vote matters (no matter what you vote for). I personally voted for twi-hards, but it doesn’t matter what wins.

  40. Sweet. I voted Twilighters of course!! :]

  41. saranicole says:

    I for SURE voted for Twilighter, although I’d call myself a Lexiconer before I called myself any other nickname. I usually just say, “I am a HUUUUUGE FAN of Twilight!”

    On a side note, I actually have a folder in my e-mail called “Lexiconers” where I save all my e-mails from the friends I’ve made on here! πŸ˜‰ The Lexicon RULES! πŸ˜€

  42. πŸ˜€
    twilighters all the waaaaaaay :]

  43. Elise Cullen says:

    i don’t know, i like twilighters but twi-hards had me laughing for a full two minutes. my sister says it’s stupid, but i kinda like it.

  44. Oooohhh I like that we’re getting a vote on this. As much as Twi-Hard made me laugh, and as amazing as Mike is, I put Twilighters.
    Do we need a name? Because we’re easily distinguishable from the Edward/Jacob/Carlisle/Whoever! is a babe look plastered on our face all the time.
    I guess a name just makes it more official. πŸ˜€

  45. i think Twilighters sounds more relaxed and romantic while Tw-Hards sounds a bit like we are stalking vampires around screaming at them to kiss us. That was kind of random, but ok. Twi-hards isn’t too bad though, i think its just cool that we have a name at all!

    I agree with Layla about us being at th start of the craze! I live in England and ins not as big over here as being in America. In a few years when Twilight has taken over the world we will be able to look back and say we were there at the start of it all!!

  46. Mary Ann says:

    At 3:44 mountain standar time, there far too many votes for Twi-hards! Come on people. Don’t let that happen. Go and vote to Twilighters.

  47. I voted for Twilighters. I like the nickname Mike gave us but think it should stay as his name for us.

  48. whatever… haha
    now its getting really weird
    making everything a competition!

  49. Twilighters/Twi-hards

  50. twilighters. 200%

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