Edi Gathegi Interview Part Two

As promised, here is part two of the Edi interview. Again the Twilight Lexicon would like to express our sincere gratitude to Edi for taking the time out of his busy schedule to give us such a detailed interview.  Thanks, also to Cocoa, who was our reporter.

Here are some snippets:

"We see each other practically everyday. Rachelle and I had brunch yesterday morning then gorged ourselves on doughnuts. Is that wrong? Dessert after BREAKFAST?! "

"It’s wild to think that all these fans and this amazing story turning into a hugely anticipated movie, began with a DREAM just a few years ago. Quite inspirational. "

"Laurent is a vampire through and through. He is a natural predator. A killing machine. "

To read the full interview part A  click here. You will need Adobe Acrobat to read all files.


  1. twilightislife says:

    first comment!

  2. twilightislife says:

    ‘Quite inspirational’…quite true!
    dessert after breakfast. too right not wrong

  3. black olives!

  4. twilightislife says:

    Film never dies… well, literature never dies either…

    haha…olive colered skin…black olives anyone…that part was soooo funny….
    he seems funny, and Im sure he’ll make a good Laurent.

  5. CoolsocksSam says:

    now i love edi as laurent even more
    i love the black olive thing
    that makes perfect sense!
    and it should definently make doubters think
    and make them realize how amazing edi will be, if he can go this deep

  6. elizabeth says:

    haha i love the black olive comment. sounds like an awesome guy, and i totally support the whole breakfast dessert thing. and pisces unite!

  7. twilightislife says:

    The thing that really stands out about him is his humor, LOLzzz

  8. I love him! He seems perfect for the part (no matter what color olive he may be!) I totally support him and can’t wait to see him portray Laurent in to the movie! πŸ™‚

  9. junesong2113 says:

    Black olives anyone?…he does have a sense of humor. I’m hoping the fact that he can’t tone down his color doesn’t bother anyone…I mean out of all the things to nit pick about, I really hope that’s not one of them.

  10. Black olive. lol. I love it :). He is awesome. I’m glad they’re trying as hard as they can to keep us happy. So excited to see what those scenes that arn’t in the book are. :]

  11. twixlight says:

    i’m so happy that your playing laurent, edi! twilight seems like it’s going ot be a great success and we twilighters thank you for that! all my friends in IL love that your laurent. keep up the enthusiasm!!

  12. Black Olives!

    Class act all the way on explaining his view on what, in my personal opinion, was one of this fandom’s less classy moments! Not that there was a ton of whining here, but around the Internet…yeah. Way to go Edi!

  13. That one guy..... says:

    I like him. He seems like such a fun down to earth guy.

  14. he seems so funny and fun.
    i think hes going to be awesome.

  15. I am SO GLAD he added the part where he sais why shouldnt any human be able to be bitten and that we all have DNA. EXACTLY…It bugged me when people left a comment wondering how they were going to make his skin look for the movie. Is it really an issue?seriously people. anyways i like him even more now, and he seems very perspective and intelligent!!!
    I really wonder what scenes are being put into the movie
    that aren’t in the book that he said he can’t talk about!!!
    Cant wait! I am sure they are necessary and great!!!
    I am glad you got the part Edi!!!

  16. I’m so glad he’s playing Laurent. He is very sophisticated and really funny at the same time. I was reading about the resources to portray Laurent, and I was like “WTH?” the whole time… the Black Mozart… no clue what that is.

    Lol at the black olives. Bahaha Laurent is funny.

  17. Loved the ‘Black Olives’ bit. xD
    Awesome! I think he’ll be great. It sounds like he’s putting a lot of effort into this role, and that’s always a good thing! I can’t wait to see him on film.

  18. Christina says:

    thank you lexicon for doing this fantastic interview! i’m loving all this hype around the movie. and i’m very much looking forward to some new scenes in the movie. i’m glad they are doing that b/c i think it will be a little boring if it was just what’s in the book. i like having surprises and new scenes to look forward to watching. it just makes the anticipation of the movie so much greater! i’m super duper uber excited now. seriously…December? i have to wait 9 months?!?! i’m already losing my mind just waiting around for it.

  19. twilightfan says:

    I love this guy..hes incredibly awesome!
    I’m am SO glad he got cast as Laurent!
    GO EDI! You ROCK!

  20. I think its awesome that he made up a backstory for his character. Ha ha! And that he’s working on getting a French accent! Love it!

  21. He’s hilarious. But he’s so dedicated too. He’s made up a backstory!

    I’m excited to see him play Laurent now. Can’t wait.

  22. btw great job on the Lex for such an AMAZING interview.

    I hope there are more to come!

  23. Black Olives.. hahah. At first I didn’t know for his as Laurent, but now i cannot wait. He seems pretty pumped and into his role and thats all that matter. Go Edi, your going to do a great job as the big L!

  24. We absolutely have more interviews to come. We are by no means done yet. We are just getting started.

  25. elizabeth says:

    oh goodness now i can’t wait! πŸ˜€

  26. Really Pel?!? That makes me really excited! You can’t do that to me!!!

  27. elizabeth says:

    i’m totally with ann! don’t tease us like that! πŸ˜›

  28. I like him a lot! He seems like a sweet guy! I like the comment he made about the olives! Haha!

  29. Danobanano says:

    Who would have thought I’d be getting a Human’s Right discourse from a VAMPIRE!
    Just one more aspect about this fandom that I love.

    Thanks again Edi
    and Cocoa and everyone else at http://www.twilightlexicon.com

  30. Hahaha the “black olives” comment was hilarious! I love Edi!

    But I’m kind of wary about the movie…when Edi said “there are a couple of scenes not in the book that I can’t talk about” I sat up. I was just “wait wait…they’re adding scenes so does that mean they’re not taking any out?” Haha, I have great hopes for this movie so hopefully the movie people don’t mess this up!

  31. Haha, oh and I loved the bit that Edi said about Laurent. It went something like: “So while there are humanistic charming aspects to him…he is still creepy.” I cracked up SO hard there! Edi is so funny! He made my night!

  32. Catherine says:

    I truly love all the cast of Twilight. Every single one of them are soo down to earth and they truly care about the movie. I am really glad because w/ such a huge fanbase the actors will definetly be bombarded w/ interviews and fan-related photo opportunties and these actors do not seem at all like the stuck up “im too good for pictures” type. Congrats on the role Edi and I’m looking towards to seeing you play Laurent. Bon chance!! Au revoir!!

  33. elizabeth says:

    sarah: i don’t think that means that they’ll keep every scene just because they’re adding things. i think they may just have to make it more theatrical. after all, they’re trying to please us, AND the general public who isn’t as unhealthily obsessed as we are (but who’s complaining? πŸ˜› ) they have to find a balance

  34. lunarsoul says:

    Nice…I love how the cast seems to be so enthusiastic about the movie.
    And by the way, for anyone interested in The Host, it says on Stephenie’s site that the tour info is going to be announced on Thursday. πŸ™‚

  35. LOVE this guy!!! He’s so dedicated – perfecting a French accent so that he can then pull back!? That’s incredible! And you have to love his sense of humor.

  36. HAHA! i love the olive bit.

  37. He is so intelligent and has a lot of humor. I really like him and can’t wait to see him as Laurent in the Big screen.

  38. Dessert after breakfast? Pht. He should come to MY house, hahaha

  39. OMG i cant believe hes black! VAMPIRES CANNOT BE BLACK.
    its just like the rules of feminism.

  40. B Cullen says:

    I like black olives! He is so cool! He is fully taking in his character, so he has my respect and best wishes! I you are still single Edi, call me…. πŸ™‚

  41. Thayet1231 says:

    he has made a static character dynamic….this is going to be great! although I do not EAT olives much, I’m willing to try! (good humor about that! But really, I think Mr. Gathegi will be a GREAT Laurent!)

  42. I like the olive parts so that is a perfect come-back to haters

  43. Aha, he seems fantastical! He eats dessert after breakfast! You can’t get much amazing than that!

  44. he is really a funny guy πŸ˜€
    the black olives, the dessert after breakfast. sounds like he´s having a great time making this GEORGEOUS movie!

  45. I love this guy!

  46. TotalEclipse says:

    What a great interview! I like that he’s giving Laurent “layers”… I’d LOVE to meet Edi, he seems like such
    a fun guy!

  47. twilightislife says:

    Well, I guess everyone else is also agreeing that Edi will make a great Laurent. Theres some encouragement, Edi,knowing ya got fans!

    Thanks Lex peeps πŸ™‚

  48. Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!
    ‘There are a couple of scenes that are not in the book that I can’t talk about..’

    I just HATE, when they make up these scenes that are not in the book. And when they think that those few are good, they change the entire book!
    And when they are marketing that movie, ‘from thebest-seller book’ and all the fans are going to watch that movie because they loved, LOVED the book… and then they see that movie where is just few things from the book.

  49. Still cracking up over the black olives comment. Go, Edi!!! πŸ™‚

  50. this guy is my hero in life! he is soo funny!

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